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July 26, 2021



CDC data also show that recent vaccinations are reaching larger shares of Hispanic, Asian, and Black populations compared to overall vaccinations.


Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?


Following along--today's waPo (Style section) has lengthy tale of black women reluctant to return to work where they will face microaggressions--things like having to groom their hair, dress professionally and be nice to coworkers and customers. One says she didn't realize how she was being microaggressed until after George Floyd's death.(I've seen better reporting my middle school kids.)


Here it is--well buried in the online edition:https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2021/07/24/black-women-office-work-home/


Government data...

  • Researchers found no evidence on the timeline of larger than normal numbers of hurricanes forming over the past few decades—instead, it showed that the numbers were on par with prior spikes in the late 1940s and early 1880s. They also found no evidence indicating that modern hurricanes are any more powerful than those in the past.

    Frank S. Scavo @fscavo

    Wait, what? Old-school data suggests hurricanes in the Atlantic are not more frequent than in the past phys.org/news/2021-07-o…


  • Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

    There's a chance this will not build public confidence in our ostensibly fair-minded yet sometimes agenda-driven media.

    Are you shitting me? Sometimes?

    Looney Tunes.



    James D.

    Stephanie @ 10:41

    This is what I simply cannot comprehend about TM (and all the others like him).

    He knows - because he himself points it out often enough - that the major MSM outlets are pretty much full of shit and totally leftist-agenda-driven all the time. And yet, he still respects their opinions and allows himself to be swayed by him.

    I mean, my cat is smarter than that. He stuck his nose in the electrical socket once, got a little zap and some hairs burned off, and he's never done it again. TM seems to keep sticking his nose in that socket time after time, as though he thinks one of these days he won't get a shock from it.

    Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

    Yep. Idiot by the definition of repeating the same thing expecting different results.

    Or Moron...

    Or Blind Man...

    Or ???


    It's called Gell-Mann Amnesia.


    >>>Curt Carpenter was a young and otherwise healthy man. While at home, his mother said, he would spoil her with the “best hugs” and a daily dosage of kindness. Curt was autistic, but Christy Carpenter said he “lived life to the fullest” and had a passion for all things Pokémon, trains, video games and frogs.<<<

    28 ... pokemon ... otherwise healthy ... ok.

    Dave (in MA)

    At over twice this guy's age, I started trying to get the vax as soon as the regime pronounced me eligible, and it took about 3 weeks for me to get an appointment.

    Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

    If you have seen any pics of the dude, he isn't exactly Charles Atlas. I would guess close to obese.


    Dave (in MA)

      IF her son had lived he'd be telling the people that COVID is no hoax and no joke and vaccines are a great idea.
    Kind of like that other garbage newspaper telling us that if Mary Jo had lived, her killer's policies would be providing her comfort in her old age.


    >>>When their oxygen saturation levels dropped dangerously, the mother and son were rushed to Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham. A day later, they both developed pneumonia, and Curt Carpenter was put on a ventilator.

    The constantly changing oxygen levels paired with a pneumothorax — a collapsed lung — were too much for Curt Carpenter’s body. His organs began shutting down. He was declared dead May 2.<<<

    did he have a stroke which made him brain dead?

    Dave (in MA)

    Pics included, but the fact that nobody was deemed vaccine eligible by the regime is not mentioned.


    Comcast seems to have shut down Fox. It’s been “unavailable” Since 8:30.

    Be happy TM leans left. Maybe that will keep us open.

    matt - deplore me if you must

    It's never about the individuals or their personal tragedies; it's about the narrative.

    We are not here to judge, but we are here to expose the douchebags for who and what they are; malignant vultures pushing their agenda.

    Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

    1. Have a greater number of otherwise healthy 28 year olds died of Wuflu after not being vaccinated or died from the Wuflu vaccine? I don't know the answer to that but I have zero confidence we will ever get the answer from the media or the government.
    2. The guy was an adult and presumably able to make adult decisions. If his death makes a case for compelling vaccines or vaccine passports I'm not sure how.
    If the vaccine works then those who choose to be vaccinated are at no risk from other people's choice not to.
    If the vaccine doesn't work then it doesn't make any difference either way.
    If the risk model applied to this disease were applied to everything else in life we would own no cars, eat no sugar, bathtubs, sharp knives, baseball bats, electrical appliances if not electricity itself, scissors, etc, would all be banned. And we'd all be walking around in bubble boy getups.


    If all the aborted babies.....millions of them, had lived, they'd be thanking their MOMMIES and spoiling them with the best HUGS, SAYING.......

    Thank you oh thank you Mommie the FORCEPS TO MY BRAIN didn't kill me, and they allowed other WYMYN XIM XERS to be to KILL THEIR BABIES.


    matt - deplore me if you must

    So if there's a copper shortage and an EV materials shortage how come the Big Two and 1/2 are betting the farm on EV's? Seems like a really dumb bet to me.

    Bubble boy getups require large amounts of bubble pack, which is made from dangerous petrochemicals that may or may not be present in sufficient quantities to cause heartburn after 178 years of exposure.

    The moral of the story is that life has risks and we're all gonna die of something.

    The live forever/Peter Pan syndrome that has enraptured so many is a shibboleth.


    Following along--today's waPo (Style section) has lengthy tale of black women reluctant to return to work where they will face microaggressions--things like having to groom their hair, dress professionally and be nice to coworkers and customers. One says she didn't realize how she was being microaggressed until after George Floyd's death.(I've seen better reporting my middle school kids.)

    Big fat black bitch that is the receptionist at my PT facility can’t have a civil conversation with anyone white, which are probably 99% of the clientele.

    Flat out macroaggressions.

    I make a point of complicating the scheduling conversation, just to eff with her.


    Tom Nelson

    PeterSweden @PeterSweden7
    Have you ever noticed this?

    All of the rules and regulations in the name of stopping climate change all take away more and more of our freedoms.

    It is not a coincidence.

    The roots of environmentalism comes from Communism.



    All you really need to see about 1/6 lies:

    I saw this article on Jan 6th, it was immediately taken down since they realized they were a little too early to publish the story. I can vouch for this - been looking for it, happy to have come across this tweet.

    Someone has some explaining to do



    Anecdotes arent we told this again and again


    Ventilators what is this groundhog day.


    Nicki Clyne
    Gell-Mann Amnesia

    Edmund J @EJakopchek
    Replying to @nickiclyne
    There is a name for what stuff hits the news. When your in the news, you know the wrongness, but when someone else is in the news you believe it.


    Dave (in MA)

      28 ... pokemon ... otherwise healthy ... ok.
    A friend of mine was telling us a couple or three years ago how he was briefly detained by a cop in the cemetery the next town over, around midnight. The answer to the obvious question? He was playing that version of Pokemon that required going to various places indicated by your phone. He's 62. I seem to recall him mentioning that the cop was amused.


    Its called laphamization or time travel take your pick.

    Comanche Voter

    The Los Angeles Times (my local morning paper) is firmly in the Washington Post camp. The aroma of BS coming off the Times is so bad that I need to wear a gas mask and protective gloves while reading it. On a good morning (where the aroma is relatively low) I can spend as much as two minutes reading the "news". On a bad morning--15 seconds tops.


    Is the LATimes still owned by ChiTrib , CV?


    Isnt it the soundalike to oliviers character in marathon man, sam zell.




    Thats quite pathetic.

    Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

    Yep Mel... I always remember the Gell and can't remember the rest of the name.


    Disclose.tv 🚨
    JUST IN - Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube, and other Big Tech companies will now add content to a shared counterterrorism "key database," aiming to crack down on material from "white supremacists and far-right militias" (Reuters)



    Just think of Michael Mann and you'll never forget it again.


    I still don’t know what a “white supremist” is. Anyone know any?


    After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only. CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives.


    Anyone with a lick of common sense jane


    It censored when I included the link to the CDC


    "Talks in precarious state"  

    Republicans Tell Dems To Pound Sand Over "Global Offer" On Infrastructure


    Jack Posobiec
    Just In: The White House knew about the Tucker 'confrontation' and the entire set-up was planned out in advance, per WH official


    BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Moving one step closer to confirming rumors running through the state of Maryland, former lieutenant governor and Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele formed an exploratory committee ahead of a possible run for governor.


    Just rename Big Tech to Big Bother. (Or go full Orwell and include an “r”).

    Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

    Michael Smith
    Let me begin by saying I do not understand the vaccinated people's paranoia about unvaccinated people. If you are vaccinated - and the vaccines actually work - then you have nothing to fear from unvaccinated people.

    Isn't that right?

    Haven't we been told that if we take the jab(s), we are good to go?

    Now Saint Anthony of Fauci is saying, maybe even the vaccinated have to mask up.
    I can't imagine why the Biden administration can't figure out why people are skeptical about vaccinations or the directions coming out of the CDC.


    But is this really about unvaccinated people or just another power trip?

    I was thinking about this subject this morning and thought it was time to share another tactic I use when breaking stuff down so my simple mind can process them.

    Now we are up to five rules I use in considering problems in the political realm:

    1. Always ask "Who benefits?"
    2. Always look for the contradictions.
    3. Always look for examples of magical thinking.
    4. Has the problem or issue been defined correctly?
    5. Beware the emotional reasoning.

    Now time for #6:

    Use the Substitution Test.

    In language, if a word or phrase can substitute a word or phrase in a sentence; that is, the sentence is grammatical with the substitute, then the substitute has the same or similar function to the word substituted in that sentence.

    If you have a question whether you can support a given action, policy or statement, try substituting another person, group or entity for the target of that policy or statement.
    For example, let's try this with this CNN headline from a couple of weeks ago"
    "Unvaccinated people are ‘variant factories,’ infectious diseases expert says"
    Now, for "unvaccinated", substitute "Jewish", "Negroes" or "LGBTQ".

    Here's Kay Ivey, hopefully the one term "Republican" governor of Alabama, for goodness sake, who said:

    “Folks are supposed to have common sense. But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,” Ivey told reporters in Birmingham.

    Now do the same as above, for "unvaccinated", substitute "Jewish", "Negro" or "LGBTQ".

    People on the left love to hit Reagan about the failures of the HIV epidemic back in the 80's, but even then, there was no government actions to force gays to do anything they didn't have the freedom to do. There were no gay lockdowns, gays weren't disallowed from attending schools or any public facilities or transportation and they weren't rounded up and quarantined.

    And guess who was spearheading AIDS research for the government - why it was Father Athony Fauci, long before he made Cardinal and was canonized.

    Some will say it is because the public saw HIV as a "gay" disease or God's punishment for homosexuality and those people hoped the gays would die out - but even after it was discovered to be transmissible between heterosexuals and through infected blood, still nothing changed.

    As for substituting for Jews, it will probably sound better in the original German and for Negroes, in the original Jim Crow dialect.

    But understand, you need to check your hypocritical privilege if you think those statements are acceptable for "unvaccinated" but not for Jews, Negroes or LGBTQ.

    Dave (in MA)
      BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Moving one step closer to confirming rumors running through the state of Maryland, former lieutenant governor and Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele formed an exploratory committee ahead of a possible run for governor.
    What party?
    Dave (in MA)

    Posted by: Neo | July 26, 2021 at 01:31 PM

    I couldn't see where he provided any evidence for that claim, though others had dug up info on how Mr. Karen had done overseas work for environmental projects that were supposedly tied to organizations that were also tied to the CIA, if the annoying multi-part embedded screenshots in some tweets were accurate.

    Dave (in MA)

    I would find it hard to imagine that an undercover CIA op would involve pestering a guy at a bait shop to gain cellphone footage of an argument where it was impossible to hear what anybody was saying, but stranger things have happened.


    Dave, it’s so crazy that no one would suspect the CIA would do it which is why the CIA would do it because it’s so crazy no one would ever suspect that it makes perfect sense because it is so cunning.

    Jack Lillywhite

    Turn Tucker loose!

    Name names, associations, degrees of separation, biographic material, past performance as a left-wing nutcase. But don't sit back and just say its part of what I do.

    matt - deplore me if you must

    So why hasn't Georges Soros been eliminated yet? he is responsible for physician assisted suicide, abortion on demand, marijuana legalization, Defund the police, the gay marriage agenda, the leftist DA's, etc

    Notice a trend there?

    I was listening to the news yesterday talking about how new cases have skyrocketed to 3,000/day in LA with hundreds, count 'em, hundreds hospitalized and @ 400 in the ICU's. Deaths are at 1-3 persons/day due to Covid.

    Doesn't that sound odd after what we have been through?

    Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

    Most likely it's not a CIA dude at all but it is the CIA filtering the claim out there that he is CIA to get the yokels chasing their tails.
    They may be useless at their real jobs but they're pretty good at effin up the USA.

    Tom Bowler

    There's a chance this will not build public confidence in our ostensibly fair-minded yet sometimes agenda-driven media.

    Gotta love TM's sense of humor!

    matt - deplore me if you must

    What blows my mind is that the national polls all indicate that trust in the media is down in the low double digit range and yet somehow the elite seem to believe ever more in the message that is being sent.

    Same with Congress. Trust is at an all time low and yet Pelosi & Company peddle wilder and wilder aluminum foil hat policies.

    We need a new ad campaign:

    This is your brain.

    This is your brain on Liberalism.


    “Take the shot!”

    That’s what she [Hillary] said.


    Did anyone else get an email about a $3.06 check for a Grace Class Action Lawsuit?


    Conflation is indexed to the current White Population:

    I still don’t know what a “white supremist” is. Anyone know any?

    Posted by: Jane | July 26, 2021 at 01:19 PM


    The problem is the asia society has a yen for dragon, maybe it always did.


    Good afternoon! President Trump will be on Howie Carr's show around 5:30. He's asking callers for question ideas. One of the questions he received..."if the Capitol hadn't been *breached* would VP Pence have certified the election?"



    Why are so many of you tweeting the same thing word for word? twitter.com/em_resus/statu…



    Didn't see that one coming....

    Real PETE (ESG Chancellor)
    Gunman Beaten to Death With Bricks After Deadly Shooting in Fort Worth Neighborhood – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth nbcdfw.com/news/local/gun…


    Jack Lillywhite

    Feeling lonely? You're not alone:)



    Been gone all afternoon. Went to my sister’s while my daughter set off flea bombs. The cats and her dog are camping out st her place. Then she called me and said that the police were down at the same housr as the kid photo taker. Shouts of things like “I’ll kill him myself!” Four cars.

    Finally left sister’s and headed to the Kroger pharmacy , and they were missing an entire shipment so they were short 2 of my meds. Double checked when I got home and called Kroger after I figured out what I was short.

    The AC in my car needs to be charged so it ‘s hotter than heck. I also got stuck waiting for a train. When I got home I also had to plug in the stove, fridge, and dryer. I am hot and tired so am going to watch some TV.

    Dave (in MA)

    matt - deplore me if you must | July 26, 2021 at 03:31 PM
    The folks doing the actuarial analysis probably all concluded that he's more likely to croak by the time they got around to it.


    Leave New York immediately


    — Jon Robberson (@RobbersonJon) July 26, 2021

    One minute Cuomo video at the link. Yikes!

    Dave (in MA)

    They have put up the recording for the hour of the Howie Carr show with Trump's appearance during the 2nd half:


    Ruh roh



    Couldnt happen to a nicer gal






    Winning the future


    Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

    To Defeat Delta Variant, Experts Recommend Doing All The Things That Didn't Work The First Time


    Wheres the satire?


    Deep research



    Even France knew better, warned US about Wuhan in 2015.

    ” The Chinese basically sucked State into its honey pot operation to gain access to U.S. technology, knowledge, and material support. Classic. Just as they have done in every sector," said Asher.



    wow, henry!


    Contemporary record



    From an internal link in the piece


    I think i can grok most of this



    Those safety measures left something to be desired.


    That's from a year ago May.


    Covering their culottes i think is the phrase.


    Oh snap



    Well it would be embarassing if you did



    Sids kid is still (redacted)



    Papa was paired up with dgi agent phillip agee in the 70s


    "So if there's a copper shortage..."

    I spent a three day weekend this past week at beautiful Lake Palmer in Michigan were my SIL and her hubby have a cottage, boats, jet skis and a Traeger.

    Lots of smoked meat, beer and boat rides.

    He is a co owner of an electrical company. He said in January he was paying $170 for a thousand feet (?) of electrical wiring at Mendards. Got up to about $900 in May/June and has now 'come down' to about $700.

    He said he's never had so much work but can't find workers and wire costs have gone thru the roof.

    He thinks both issues are directly tied to our present national leadership's policies.

    He's down to pulling wire himself again and ain't happy about it at all.


    Ah professor


    They cant even pretend


    jim nj


    2nd QTR GDP estimate comes out Thursday.


    When you put the pillow over the head thars what you get


    jim nj


    Tense U.S.-China meeting ends, Beijing official says relations are in a ‘stalemate’

    State news agency Xinhua said Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng subsequently told media the Chinese side presented the U.S. with two lists, one of “errors” it needed to address, and the other of issues Beijing considered important.
    When asked about the lists, senior U.S. administration officials did not name the items but said generally that both sides raised concerns.


    One reading



    What a schlemiel (is that the right word)



    Pupils are using FRUIT JUICE to get false positive Covid test results: Schools warn parents to be 'vigilant'

    The World 'on fire' because of fruit juice

    Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

    Can't agree with Gordon Chang completely.
    CCP may be in turmoil at home, but mostly they're just arrogant, have taken the measure of Biden [with a micrometer] and not only don't care if they humiliate his regime but are daring the little pizmire to knock the battery off Xi's shoulder.


    Well thats a crappy test if thats all it takes


    Maybe they realized the grovel at anchorage was not a good look.


    It was getting ridiculous


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