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August 01, 2021



Speaking of water...Yay!



seems fascist.


New York Gov. Cuomo asks private businesses to require Covid vaccination for admission cnb.cx/3Ch54aP



My best friend from law school lives next door (next door is about a mile away). I told him to put out a for sale by owner sign and increase the price by $2million!


A giant Tesla battery pack burst into flames during testing, and it took 150 firefighters 4 days to put out

Jack Lillywhite

"A giant Tesla battery pack burst into flames during testing, and it took 150 firefighters 4 days to put out"

Elon, like Texas, does everything BIG!


You don’t fight Pelosi, Schiff, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, the mainstream media gang, the Marxist professorate, Hollywood (need I go on?) via “business as usual.” They are about as interested in “business as usual” as most of us are in stomach cancer.



Similar to 1978, you say? Cold weather returning?

Told ya!




That catch me if you can thing…


Biden Administration Defies Federal Court Ruling, Processes DACA Applications Anyway


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
In response to a question this weekend on ABC’s “This Week” about Republican governors saying masking is a “personal choice”, Saint Anthony of Fauci had this to say:

I respectfully disagree with them. There are things that are individual responsibilities that one has, and there are things that have to do with you individually which also impact others, and the spread of infection that we’re seeing now … is impacting everyone in the country. Although you want to respect a person’s individual right, when you’re dealing with a public health situation, and we are in fact in a very serious public health challenge here … a person’s individual decision to not wear a mask not only impacts them … but you very well may infect another person who may be vulnerable.”

As the Church Lady would say, “Isn’t that special?”

Neither you nor I have a constitutional right to not be sick. Even though flu kills tens of thousands of people in the US every year, we don’t force people to lockdown or wear masks, we don’t even consider it a crime to knowingly pass on a STD. Even when serious diseases like HIV are considered, many states, California among them, have even reduced the penalty for knowingly passing the disease from a felony to a misdemeanor.

I get that HIV is not the death sentence it once was, but when it was, sex was not made illegal, weekly testing of healthy people was not mandated, nobody required an HIV Negative card, HIV positive people weren’t forced to stay at home nor were they made to wear a condom or a chastity belt all day long.

And by the way, Fauci was driving the American HIV response back in the 80’s. He wasn’t viewed as much of a saint back then.

How is it that Fauci, if this situation is so dire, proposes to control people who 1) may never contract Covid-19, 2) may have had it and are now have T-Cell immunity, 3) may have it but are asymptomatic or 4) have been vaccinated?

Those four conditions describe the vast majority of Americans, 295 million who have not been reported as a “case”, to be exact.

The longer-term implications of this thought process, that people have a right not to be sick, is a dangerous concept, especially if someone can have a particular disease and not even know it. Fauci speaks as if we are all human bioweapons, walking about with the explicit intent of killing other people.
The possible endpoint to Fauci’s way of thinking is total control.

From the reports I have seen, Australia is there – their military is enforcing the mandates.

I once would have said this couldn’t happen here, but that was before our country turned upside down.



Thought this might interest you. https://www.uclg.org/sites/default/files/5th_report_gtf_hlpf_2021.pdf

It was Man Tran who first directed me to iclei years ago. I think of him each time I get that monthly newsletter. This agenda was what julian castro was pushing at hhs and what biden has now reverted to.


Damning Republican report into Wuhan lab claims COVID LEAKED out in September 2019 shortly after it tried to improve air safety and waste treatment systems

- An addendum to a report being compiled by Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs committee adds further questions to the Wuhan lab leak theory
- It says that months before the Covid-19 outbreak a Wuhan Institute facility sent out a request for bids for ventilation and waste management system renovations
- The facilities were less than two years old, raising questions, the report says about how effective they were
- The report also says traffic at local hospitals surged before the accepted start of the outbreak
- It is part of a larger report due in September, in which Republicans on the committee seek prove the coronavirus escaped from a Chinese lab
- The report also claims an earlier timeline for when the virus first began to spread, and that various measures were undertaken to cover it up

Dave (in MA)
This is being reported by several MSM outlets as "dozens" of guests.

A close associate of liberal billionaire George Soros has found himself in hot water. Six women have accused former Soros money manager Howard Rubin of taking kinky hobbies too far.

The Daily Mail reported that Rubin, “is being accused by six women of beating them during sadomasochistic sex sessions at a specially constructed 'sex dungeon' in his Manhattan apartment.” The “right-hand man” of Soros, was “blamed for incurring $377 million of losses at Merrill Lynch in 1987,” is now being “accused of paying women up to $5,000 in order to take part in BDSM sex,” the Daily Mail said. Several of the women have accused Rubin of abuse, “ignoring safe words, going beyond the BDSM boundaries and agreements they set before sex, and physically hurt[ing] them.”


If you can't trust paying BDSM ers who can you trust?


Thanks, rse, nice little Reset roadmap there, with fresh acronyms galore!


Biden Administration Defies Federal Court Ruling, Processes DACA Applications Anyway

Impeachment article #1 when Rs take the House and Senate in '22.

Yeah, I know, "That's not who we are."


Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸
Senate Armed Services Committee approved the NDAA, which includes the language, “Amends the Military Selective Service Act to require the registration of women for Selective Service.”

I’m opposed to drafting our daughters.



Jeremy Redfern
Because you’re comparing last year’s dataset to this year’s data set.

The HHS reporting requirements changed between then and now.

You being a liar still holds.

Nikki Fried @NikkiFried
We reported this yesterday and the Governor’s office called me a liar.

Ron DeSantis is the problem. twitter.com/mikedelmoro/st…


Dano @Kamikarainmo
Replying to @JeremyRedfernFL
What changed in the reporting requirements?

Jeremy Redfern @JeremyRedfernFL
Replying to @Kamikarainmo
The total now includes patients that are “under observation” instead of patients that are officially hospitalized.



Epoch Times:

Trump Amends Big Tech Lawsuit as 65,000 Americans Submit Censorship Stories


Lindsey Graham has tested positive for Covid 19. Yes, he was vaccinated. He has symptoms, prompting his doctor visit.

Negotiating a infrastructure bill will do this to you .. and maybe a bunch of Democrats

matt - deplore me if you must

So Mel, how does this affect orange juice futures? Asking for a friend.

Speaking of disease, a friend of mine died of cancer today. She was 58.

Fürsten Tatjana von Schaumburg-Lippe. RIP.

There are no guarantees. There is no get out of jail free card. We are here and now. Make the most of it and don't give in to the fear mongers.


Matt, this is not your best year. I'm so sorry.


Judge Nap getting a Wrap Up smear of his own? And a SLAPP suit in NJ.



From @WSJopinion: Americans may be richer than they think and less unequal than they’ve been led to believe. That’s the takeaway from a recent working paper by five economists from the University of Wisconsin and the Federal Reserve.


Can NOT make dis chit up.

b-boy bouiebaisse
ah, the maverick two-step of demanding a long, drawn out bipartisan process and then refusing to commit to actually passing the bill you allegedly helped craft

Josh Marshall @joshtpm
If passing both infrastructure bills requires delaying the Senates august recess @SenatorSinema tells @chuckschumer she won’t change her vacation plans and won’t be available for any votes, according to Politico.


Dave (in MA)


jim nj

I don't remember seeing this last November.

“Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR)” Status Determines Mortality in Patients with COVID-19

This is a retrospective, observational cohort study of all patients admitted to two New Jersey hospitals between March 15 and May 15, 2020 who had, or developed, COVID-19 (1270 patients). Of these, 640 patients died (570 (89.1 percent) with and 70 (10.9 percent) without a DNR order at the time of admission) and 630 survived (180 (28.6 percent) with and 450 (71.4 percent) without a DNR order when admitted). Among the 120 patients without COVID-19 who died during this interval, 110 (91.7 percent) had a DNR order when admitted.

Deceased positive SARS-CoV-2 patients were significantly more likely to have a DNR order on admission compared to recovered positive SARS-COV-2 patients (p < 0.05), similar to those who tested negative for SARS-COV-2. COVID-19 DNR patients had a higher mortality compared to COVID-19 non-DNR patients (log rank p < 0.001). DNR patients had a significantly increased hazard ratio of dying (HR 2.2 [1.5-3.2], p <0.001) compared to non-DNR patients, a finding that remained significant in the multivariate model.

The risk of death from COVID-19 was significantly influenced by the patients’ DNR status.

jim nj


I found the above from a link to a link from here.


Feisty Cat🌹 (LOVE https://www.donaldjtrump.com)

We've been saying this since the shit show started last year!

Clay Travis @ClayTravis
Joe Biden’s top covid advisor just went on CNN and admitted the masks people are wearing don’t work against covid. As I’ve been saying, this is all just cosmetic theater. pic.twitter.com/bB58Up5GXN


It's all coming undone.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
As the left continues to remove the joy from life, taking the fun out of professional and college sports, the Olympics, movies, television, comedy, art and theater, what remains is what will focus the mind.

If you have watched any TV lately, you rarely see a traditional family, and even rarer is one with two parents who are white (or even two parents of the same race at all). We watched a few minutes of the various swimming competitions on Saturday and it only took about three commercial breaks before the moralizing, proselytizing, and preening commercials made me want to turn it off.

But their jihad on joy goes beyond the boob tube, they now want to end the joy of reading, conversation and learning by banning information they find problematic to their agenda.

It is not enough they have the freedom not to see, hear or be exposed to anything they find distasteful, they must make sure you aren't allowed to know about it.

When all is stripped bare of joy, the human mind will inevitably return to an analysis of "How did we get here, to this point where everything is met with anger and harangue?"

That will be followed with "Who did this to us?"

The finger will wabble, then point to the joyless scolds who are addicted to taking pleasure in the unhappiness of others.

And then the scolds will seek to shift blame.

Kind of tells us we are in late-stage scold when the Democrats try to sell the idea that it was REALLY the GOP that wanted to defund the police. Or that "misinformation" is a problem of the right, even thought the left changes direction more often than a shuttlecock in a Thai badminton tournament.

But only blind partisans are buying that load of manure.

Our reality is analogous to two people lying on a hill watching the clouds float by, while one person twists their head and sees a bull, the other just sees the bullshit.

jim nj


India will have its revenge.


The Chinavax scam comes home.


You will continue to vote until you arrive at the proper answer.

Ezra Kaplan
BREAKING: An federal officer has recommended a new union election at Amazon in Bessemer, AL. The e-commerce giant is accused of illegal interference in the mail-in election.



“Tell me this: am I evil because my skin is red? Is it a wicked thing that I was born where my father was born? Is it a bad thing that I would die for my people?”—Crazy Horse, “The White Buffalo”


“The White Buffalo” … obvious white supremacist.

John S

is "Crazy Horse" a good movie?


Got this message from my brother …
My old company just sent me an agreement that they want me to sign for $100. It assigns all intellectual property rights for anything I worked on to them. And it gives them my power of attorney. It also gives them a right to sue me if I breach the agreement. I don't think this is worth signing for $100.

This is a tech company, what do you think ?


Sounds like the exit interview was handled in great haste.



As a tech company owner, a couple thoughts.

1. My understanding is work you did under their pay, they already own the IP under US law. But details matter. What you worked on during paid time at their direction? They don’t need to ask. What you worked on in your own time while employed by them? Nice try, asshoe.

2. I wouldn’t give power of attorney to anyone, especially anyone asserting ownership to IP.. (Just my paranoia).

3. I believe a competent attorney would charge more than $100 to sort it out. So I’d ask 2x actual attorney fees (they are wasting your time too).

4. If you are a “contractor” rather than an employee… they f’d up the contract. Should have asked the first time. Such an education should be expensive for them. Very expensive. What IP of yours are they selling? What are the license fees? Think treble damages. This is the only mistake that I could imagine a sleazy Corp lawyer trying to cover with that ask. Make it hurt them.

5. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t my firm. :)


Thanx henry
That’s pretty much what I told him



My opinion is that is negotiable.

what’s the potential value of what he’s giving up? Does he want to give it up? Like Henry I would never give power of atty.


At least the CDC is looking out for us…



Thanks for asking Iggy, noggin is doing ok (last night was the first migraine in 3 weeks). I went AWOL on some of my meds in June, just couldn't stand taking so many and would just barely make it through the workday. Since then, I have been rocking at work doing IT Security Architect work for a couple cloud projects and at home with EVERYTHING.


Catching up--I swear I read everything by roughly now in the evening, but then poop out before posting anything!

PD (and Mrs. PD)--wonderful garden. Pin, I will be planting, I guess by the end of this month, some miner's lettuce--sounds easy.

Here are the Horde, having more fun than they ought over Judge Napolitono: http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=395020

jim nj


Incompetence + Arrogance = Woke
Politically correct ideology is masking and contributing to the widespread failure of our institutions.




Have you seen the white paper tying migraine to glutamate “storms”? I’ll see if I can dig it up. MSG sensitivity would naturally tie into that, which is where a client falls into that trap.


ROFL….. Bernie fundraiser.


John Pierre Dupont had been charged with defrauding thousands of donors between 2015 and 2019 through sham websites he ran that purported to be raising funds on behalf of several presidential, senate and gubernatorial candidates, federal prosecutors said.



He has a point



I’m quite comfortable predicting that he’s not an outlier, but dead center in the bell curve.


About the garden... Mrs PDinDetroit found the following article and we went with it (not just for tomatoes):


We used Miracle-Gro Garden Soil as the base and mixed in "extras" as needed: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Miracle-Gro-Moisture-Control-1-5-cu-ft-Garden-Soil-for-Vegetables-and-Herbs-73759430/206553426

We used the VIVOSUN Grow Bags as they were available and looked like they would work.

The 5 gallon ones we used for the peppers: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I1D9OOU

The 10 gallon ones we used for the tomatoes: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I1D9IF0

The 25 gallon ones we used for the corn, squash, and zucchini: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0885SVNRQ

Here is the South garden: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqD0lh8c9RwVgYFO9rGfhiP0D8Xx8g





Water Spinach is kind of illegal in the US, but I like vibrant food and the seeds are cheap. A coyote brought them across the border, handed off to an ICE agent who put them on a bus to Nashville. A DHS agent disguised as an Amazon driver delivered them this AM muy temprano.





I find gardening here difficult--I get enthusiastic early every spring but within a few weeks it's pouring rain and 100 degrees and because of the pool I don't use insecticide. My yard is now very shaded.My best luck is with hydrangeas, hosta, coleus,huechera, azaleas,boxwood, begonias, chives, mint, oregano, parsley and sage. I have to grow basil indoors as something out there just chomps it up. As for figs and tomatoes, the little critters always got the fruit first.



The people with common sense are warning about global cooling. I think the warning about tomato products that clarice talked about this morning was very important.

That south garden looks great!

I am off to bed.

Good night, all!


Ah, here’s one of them:



PD, I'm afraid I cheat with three earth boxes, but there are more tomatoes than you could shake a stick at out there. I just have to mix dolomite in every year, amply, to stop the end-rot thing.


More specifically, this study:



Melinda - I have not, always good to have additional info on migraines.

One of my triggers are barometric pressure changes and specific levels (<29.70 inHg, >30.20 inHg, sharp rises and falls >.35 inHg). One of the doctors at the migraine clinic said "we can't cure an ill wind", which is true but we can lessen the effects.

I have had 2 lumbar punctures and each time the pressure ratings were higher than normal. With removal of fluid, this stopped migraines for a very short time (caffeine helps make more!). I take Diamox 3x per day and working at losing weight (down 10 lbs since June 16th, 2021).


We have been blessed with the gardens and critters staying away - the fences seem to keep things "out". We feed the birds, which gets the skunks and squirrels and chipmunks and deer and and... Maybe they think they have it too good and don't chance it! Maybe they know the turrets are always "training"... ;)

We just re-did the bird feeders tonight after work: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqD0lh8c9RwVgYImsLjwd1T-f6cKvQ

We have Ring Spotlight Cams up all over (on a separate IOT network) and I have fun with the raccoons that come by (Frick and Frack are too funny). Next time they come by, I will have to save and post the video of them. To get the cat food we put out for a couple strays, one always grabs the bowl and the other "backs into" the bowl.

Speaking of strays, this is Maxie who we rescued as a kitten in FEBRUARY 2021 off the front porch. She is coming out from the catnip and she is quite the character!



Maxie is gorgeous.


Eye worms from raccoons might warrant your attention and harsher mitigation efforts.


catsmeat - the grow bags have been FANTASTIC this year. They air-prune the roots and do not hold too much water (we added straw to them to help keep moisture in).

We have had WAY TOO MUCH RAIN THIS YEAR, but everything is going well so far (2 weekends ago we had 3-4" in 45 minutes). Some may have seen the news about tractor trailers (18 wheelers) floating down I-94 or maybe the 5-7 tornadoes with torrential rain. One street over and in many other places, they were out of power for 3 days due to the storms (Farmington/Farmington Hills, MI).

I try not to get too bent out of shape about things lately. My wife was the one who pulled us out of the garden and into the basement with the latest tornado warning. The stupidity in the world simply cannot be fixed.


Now, Mel, how am I supposed to sleep after reading that?





2 LARGE DEER, between me (in the car) in driveway, and house. Eating hostas like they were going out of style. I just stop with the window down. They look at me, take a few more bites, realize I'm a predator and take off in opposite directions.
Wife is looking out the kitchen window laughing.


Yes that would make anyone uneasy yikes


It’s a thing here.

Have at it, and make sure you bleach the rooftop latrines. It’s the neighborhood signal of good chow to be found, here. The latrines are Always on the roof. Always. Clean up with disposable gloves, only.



The windy city might as well be skull island alsp sprts of creepy crawleys on two as well as four legs.


A third capitol policemen commits suicide thats what they are going with?


Actually, it’s nationwide, the worm thing. Just something to keep in mind. Don’t let pets eat raccoon poop when they find it.


I think eating poop is automatically a proviso somewhere.


Except san francisco and la prpbably.


Capitol Police killing themselves. Could it be that AFFIRMATIVE ACTION LIBTARDS are not cut out for policing?? Just a thought. I mean several of them were in tears because they and their colleagues waved dozens of protestors into the building. Does that seem like a wise idea to you??? I mean these white supremacist insurrectionists, were armed to the teeth with flags and hats. And one of them had HORNS. They came really close to taking down our DEMOCRACY.

Who the FUCK are these people kidding.


GUS - try DEER OUT, only thing that works we have found. We have one deer that is immune to it this year, I chase her off regularly. Too bad they don't make a LIBTARDS OUT version!

Melinda - we don't have trees close to the house so raccoons are likely not up on our roofs. The Ring Spotlight Cams pick up EVERYTHING, a single mouse on the front porch sets them off. The raccoons have a pattern and come from the woods and go right back there when done. We put out food when White Paws Tabby comes and pick up when he leaves (will get him TNRed soon like we have for others).


PD, so good that you are here. I hope your health is good, and improving.
I see wildlife in my yard all the time, but the 2 large deer from today, were between my driveway (me in my car) and the house. There are a couple dozen arbor vitas, an enclosed garbage and recycling hut, and an out building. Their only real escape was to run south, past me, and to jump a fence that separates my property from I-94. It crossed my mind that one or both might run smack into my car.
I've never hit one. All of my 4 brothers/sisters and my Mother and my wife and each of her 3 siblings have struck, or been struck by deer.
Karen hit a deer while pregnant with Mickey.
"Gus, I hit a deer tonight, but I don't think there is any damage to the car!!!" Headlights smashed, hood of car with HOOF DENTS, hair and blood all over from front to back, and my pregnant wife uninjured.


Nope. Just toss in everything including the kitchen sink and model the resulting stats.


A funny thing happens among engineers and researchers who build AI once they attain a deep level of expertise in their field. Some of them conclude that there’s nothing “intelligent” about AI at all, columnist @mims writes.


And model out inherent bias?

Good luck with that....


You get the bias of the person creating the training data. A feature, not a bug. (For the censors).


Starting to call this a rash of Arkancide.

Doodles 🇺🇸
Fourth Capitol riot cop,26, commits suicide six months after January 6 mol.im/a/9854627 via dailym.ai/android



Dirty Texas Hedge

1. Never conduct business on a personal device
2. Never conduct personal matters on a business device
3. Duh, this means roll with two bricks in the pocket

Bloomberg @business
JPMorgan, which rattled employees earlier this year by ordering them to save work-related messages on their personal phones, said regulators have been asking questions about how it preserves records trib.al/KPUXGjm


[Now do RobinHood....]


Slush Funds, Inc.

Jay Caruso
While Congress and the WH fight over the eviction moratorium, states are sitting on tens of billions they've been given to help people pay back rent.




Jack Lillywhite

I don't know if it is still this way but back when I was in DC, the USCP were political patronage positions. Which party controllled the house and Speaker's role also controlled the USCP recruitment, promotions, discipline, etc.

Now line up those 4 who testified and find out when they joined the USCP and see which party was in control of Congress and the Speaker.


How to create a new Uniparty fundraising arm in one bill:

Phil Kerpen
Republicans are going to vote to shift transportation decision-making power from states and localities to Pete Buttigieg?




This is messed up.

The Boston Globe
Natick resident David Steiner was puttering in his garage one morning when a neighbor called out: “Hey, your fence has been tagged.”

Steiner, who with his wife, Ina, publishes a news website about the e-commerce industry, thought it must be a joke. bos.gl/ICZAGnI




Armored $600K Mercedes-Benz S-Class Guard can withstand assault weapon fire
Hmmm. One wouldn't think there was a market for this, and yet Mercedes seems to think so.



Maybe the former head of eBay can order one of those armored Mercedes with some of his $57 million severance package.



MacIver Institute

.@UMich has 163 diversity, equity, and inclusion personnel; other schools have similar numbers. Such offices primarily are "jobs programs subsidizing political activism without improving campus climate," says one study. via @JarrettStepman @DailySignal dailysign.al/2VgyYej



Steve Herman

The head of Belarusian House in #Ukraine, "was found hanged today in one of Kiev's parks, not far from his place of residence," according to @NPU_GOV_UA. "Vitaly's mobile phone and personal belongings were removed from the scene." https://npu.gov.ua/news/Informacziya/zayava-gunp-u-m-kijevi/



I bet they all have one of those degrees in complaining, too, like gender studies, diversity studies, etc.


Posted by: MissMarple2 | August 03, 2021 at 08:41 AM

Any major city, any day now...



"Any major city, any day now..."

True. However, while I am certain mayors and other officials would like to have one of these, expenditures of $600,000 would probably show up in public records, even if disguised as "diversity studies".

I am more concerned with CEO's running their own police/intimidation force like that Ebay guy or Nosering Rasputin or the Zuck android. Al Capone didn't act half so thuggish.



Disclose.tv 🚨
JUST IN - Twitter announces "expansion of the collaboration" with @AP and @Reuters to identify and elevate "credible information" on the platform.



Weird story of the morning:


After an ICEBERG wall collapses.

Dave (in MA)

Melinda | August 03, 2021 at 08:37 AM

John Henry can't stop me from reading this version,



More on that guy found hanged in Kiev:




Rudaw English
Over 17,000 looted ancient artefacts recovered from the United States and other countries were handed over to Iraq’s culture ministry on Tuesday, a restitution described by the government as the largest in the country’s history. rudaw.net/english/middle…



Erick Erickson
This is a hell of a thread on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Go for the invasive plants. Stay for a requirement that all new cars have a breathalyzer installed.

Oilfield Rando @Oilfield_Rando
Already found $250 million for an invasive plant species removal program lol.



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