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September 01, 2021



the only way this can be considered a 'success' is if the script is in urdu or farsi


i guess we are going back to the era of trepaning,



which i'm not ruling out,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Out of the "120,000" people the Biden admin says were evacuated from Afghanistan, only about 8,500 were Afghans, @NBCNews reports. That means tens of thousands of Afghans got left behind. Disgraceful.--

NBC later corrected the report to say 60,000 Afghans were evacuated.


A woman can’t get an abortion in Texas but she can force her ex-husband to give their son female hormones, who then will be unable to get an abortion because…you know the thing.


we know the shorthand, the preferred ones with the visas,


what earth are we on, certainly not 616


you know ctluthu should stop being coy,


yes I know R'lyeh is on the opposite coast


If you think for one minute that some doctor wouldn’t smother you with a My Pillow because you aren’t vaccinated, just think about what they do every day to kids. Things that would land you in prison for years if you did them to animals.


A woman can’t get an abortion in Texas, GREAT POINT PIN. But a MAN CAN. SCIENCE.
2 THINGS SCIENCE and FACTS. We must get a vaccination so we don't have to wear a mask. Until the VACCINATION doesn't actually vaccinate you, and the MASK does JACK DIDDLEY.



Pin, it's the GUBMINT DEEP STATE DOCTORS BEEEEEEEEEEG CHANCE TO BE A HERO. Masks are not necessary, then they are necessary, then 2 masks are needed, 2 WEEKS TO BEND THE CURVE, THEN More masks are needed, then THE JAB. The FUCKING JAB.
Wasn't The Jab a British MEDICAL PUNK ROCK GROUP in the early 80's. Then more GROOVY JARGON. LIKE.....

Young Lurker

Hi! I'm still here. Have been very preoccupied with an overseas move (more on that later, but for me, it's daytime!) and therefore not posting, but i've been lurking on and off. To OL's post #1 and Narciso's 12:14am:

I wasted my customary first hour (ok, 2 hours) of my work day while i wait for the coffee to sufficiently kick in by reading all of the covid related science news instead of "doing something useful that you can actually bill your clients for" as my husband likes to say.

notably, today we see a preprint from a major study in india that randomized use of cloth masks, surgical masks, and nothing across hundreds of thousands of people, village by village in India. the mask groups also got instructions on social distancing and other ways to prevent viral transmission (but not the controls). the takeaways I got from the paper itself were 1. cloth masks didn't work at all 2. surgical masks worked a little bit but 3. only in people over age 50 and even that's debatable since those people also happened to physically distance more than the control group. another study showing that mask hysteria is completely unwarranted, i thought.

see here, no decrease even with surgical mask use when you get to <50 years old.


so imagine my surprise when i see a washington post article about it saying loud and proud that "Massive randomized study is proof that surgical masks limit coronavirus spread" and "“I think this should basically end any scientific debate about whether masks can be effective in combating covid at the population level,” Jason Abaluck, an economist at Yale who helped lead the study, said in an interview, calling it “a nail in the coffin” of the arguments against masks."


You have to read 90% of the way through the article to get to the pitfalls and the comment threads are even more depressing.

I'm just about losing my mind over the complete breakdown in scientific rigor and worse, the reporting of it, as it relates to covid. And I have to actively restrain my anger over my little kids still being forced to wear masks at school despite everything, EVERYTHING we now know about covid in little kids and masks in schools.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That study found pretty much what the CDC did about mask mandates in Feb of this year; no benefit for those under 18 and over 65 and "maybe" a 5% reduction in cases for those in between. But since it was a short study that benefit might very well disappear over time with more exposure.
Of course that study was buried and almost immediately followed by "double mask!" a week later.
We're basically at the level of science the Nazis were performing on Jews and other groups, except I think they might have been a bit more honest about their results.


YL. Academic Rigor, is 100% necessary, where the STUDENT and the PROFESSOR, are both locked in on TRUTH, SCIENCE, and the HONEST RESULTS of any issue, in which, the TRUTH can lead to success and break throughs that are not CORRUPT.
Lil Benito FRAUDSKI, has over 40 years in the NIH and CDC, and FRAUDSKI has NEVER been honest honorable, nor successful, when it TRULY MATTERED.
YL, you were raised very very well. Your Father, your Parents, have ALWAYS been intellectually honest, and have always put, YOU and TRUTH before profit and free shit from GOVERNMENT.
Throughout this COVID SCAM, and the UNCONSTITUTIONAL POWER GRAB of the CDC and the RAPE of your FATHERS LIFE LONG WORKS and your Dad's decency as a property owner and a gentleman. I have on a daily basis thought of your FATHER. He has been steadfast and has never bitched nor lashed out at what AMERICA has become. He is a very very very good man.
And he raised you to be an exceptional person.
GOD BLESS YOU. Say hello to your father from me.



Young Lurker

thank you for the kind words GUS and I will make sure OL sees your message.

Iggy, you make a good point about the effectiveness disappearing over time. This is why I've always thought that while probably a mask is protective in particular instances (I'm supportive of their use in hospitals, public transport etc.. though that's NOT to say their MANDATED use), over time there's no epidemiological benefit detectable. Why? You can only get infected once (for the most part) but you have endless opportunities to get infected. No one is wearing a mask when they eat with someone else, or when they visit a friend, or perfectly 100% of the time. furthermore, masks just help, they don't stop the virus. So maybe the person who wears a mask less often will get infected sooner than the person who wears it more, but ultimately it's irrelevant that you avoided getting infected 999 times if you still get infected on time 1000. perhaps this can somewhat help "flatten the curve" but it's not going to "save us all" or anything like that.

If you use a condom 80% of the time you'll get pregnant the same number times per year (that would be once...) as the person who never used a condom all year, right?


Why don't you just give the R's a fool proof majority in the House in 2024 and then you can impeach both him and Harris.

So funny, pretending the Rs would have the resolve to do that!

Jack Lillywhite

Goede Morgen, Dark, cloudless sky, no breeze, very humid. Just a typical day o the First Coast.

On my first cuppa, planning another busy day getting Frederick all kitted up for his eventual return to the U.K. And last year at Stonyhurst but he will have do virtual learning until his student visa comes in.



Ana Cabrera
NEW: Liz Cheney named vice chair of the January 6 select committee




Nice to see you! Where are you?


The intense downpour caused flooding throughout the city, as well as the first flash-flood emergency ever to be issued in New York City.

We were in midtown last night at a friend's 70th birthday party, it took us two hours to get home, sloshing through the streets, eventually getting a bus that would stop (a couple buses passed us that were presumably too full). Probably ruined a good pair of shoes, though discovered a use for the NYT: Apparently if leather shoes get wet you should stuff them with newspaper.


perhaps this can somewhat help "flatten the curve" but it's not going to "save us all" or anything like that.

Exactly, YL, and there's no real benefit from flattening the curve unless hospitals are really overcrowded, which they're not. All it does is prolong the period in which politicians see themselves as having unlimited dictatorial powers and pretend to be helping us.

Young Lurker

Hi Jane! We've moved to Singapore! We wanted stricter lockdowns, more aggressive masking practices, and a complete lack of liberty, so it's been the perfect fit! ;-)


Hi, YL. Settling in well?

You can tell your spouse that Dick's Diner appears firmly closed, for the duration of hostilities. We drove past it two weeks ago, on the way to PIT from Johnstown.


Heh.OL. OTOH Singapore has great food, is clean though rather dictatorial


Make it happen!

Stephen Moore
A Democratic governor said what?

Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado, said his state should join the no income tax club and abolish its 4.55% state income tax.

I guess they want the economic success of Florida and Texas.



Going to cross post this one....

I’m going to go out on a limb here, be generous, and assume good intent.

Perhaps the utter demonization of IVM as “just a horse wormer” is because ppl are afraid that if even *partially helpful* treatments exist, fewer ppl will get vaxxed.

So in the zeal to get ppl vaxxed, all treatments are poo-pooed.

Here’s the thing, though: When you lie and distort to accomplish that, you end up with ppl noticing that the ones telling them to get vaxxed are the same ones lying to them on other matters.

Even if you want everyone to get vaxxed (which may indeed be your sincere and well-intended goal), stuff like this undermines your own goal, dummies.



Singapore has great food, is clean though rather dictatorial

So the difference from NYC is the "clean" part. And maybe the "rather."


Orderly,jimmy,too. You won't get your head bashed in by roving psychotics there,


Don Draper @DonDraperClone

Fascinating: New York - world-famous for its long history of major black-outs - has “reliability requirements” for its grid. Energy wonks are quickly discovering that those requirements are totally incompatible with its green-energy objectives.



Good morning!

I will not bore you all by describing how I FINALLY found a workaround to get here, but I managed it!

Now, for those of you who also post on JOM2, I cannot post there! I get a post when I type in "testing," but anything longer disappears!

I am beginning to wonder if there is a drone interceptor screwing up my computer.


MacIver Institute @MacIverWisc

Husband and wife cut their ankle monitors and go on run ahead of sentencing for defrauding PPP loans: Total of eight LA scamsters blew $18m on jewelry, homes, imported furniture and designer gear
via dailym.ai/ios mol.im/a/9949647



Miss M, try page 2 of the thread. new pages sneak up on you in JOM2.

Young Lurker

the problem with NYC is they take all your liberty but they don't give you any safety in return. just like ben franklin warned!

in Singapore, you give up your liberty, but you absolutely get a very safe and orderly existence. this is not a trade I want to make in the long run, but while we are here i AM enjoying the order and cleanliness.. though the covid element adds a layer of control that's simply too much for me.

for example. in order to go into restaurants of a variety of other public places, you must be vaccinated. and they aren't falling for any of this black market forged certificate from another country stuff. we had to go to a government-sanctioned clinic and have a blood draw to confirm we have antibodies consistent with an mRNA vaccine. once confirmed, the information was updated in my profile in the government database, and my government issued blue tooth contact tracing tracker dongle will now allow me to swipe in to the buildings I want to enter.

deblasio, you're doing vaccine passports wrong.

on the other hand, they apply this same outlook to immigration. you can NOT be here without a job. if we lose our job, we need to leave within 2 weeks. and your job needs to pay a certain amount for you to qualify to bring your dependents in. this very much changes the dynamic. but there's no "i've come to singapore with the clothes on my back and my baby in my arms looking for a brighter future"

we like to think of it not as a country, but as an amusement part. we're at adult asian disneyland. sign a waiver, follow ALL of these rules, and you will have a very good time in our very safe and clean park! and when you're ready to leave... goodbye!


Left unsaid is the obscene amount of money they launder in the process....

Pradheep J. Shanker
Well, at least they are honest about their quest for eugenics.

Richard Hanania @RichardHanania
You can’t screen for Down syndrome before about 10 weeks, and something like 80% of Down syndrome fetuses are aborted. If red states ban abortion, we could see a world where they have five times as many children with Down syndrome, and similar numbers for other disabilities.


Thomas Collins

There is an interesting discussion at reason.com/volokh on the issues involved in the Texas law granting private individuals the ability to sue to restrict abortion.


Jack Lillywhite


I lived in Singapore and Indonesia back in the day.

Suggestion: First thing to do is join The American Club.


Terrific for kids.


Bas Houtman
Replying to @RWMaloneMD
Demanding vaccination from people who do not want to be vaccinated is not without consequences.

Justin Trudeau afraid to leave his campaign-bus....





I know. I don't know why, but although this morning I got a small post on but then nada (and I know about the pages sneaking up on you).

Yesterday I lost 3 long posts and couldn't get on here, either. So I watched 3 A-Team episodes in between cleaning and cooking (which shows you how bored I can get).

A-Team episodes included one about diamond mines in South Africa (which I happen to know about), one about smuggling illegal aliens across the border, and (get this) a cook at the prison camp they escaped from who showed up as a pastry chefin Los Angeles who had saved their lives by smuggling food into the prison camp.

The last one's villain was a traitor navy lieutenant who was in the same camp and was distributing drugs smuggled over the border from CHINA. The cook wound up here because he had been caught and was offered his freedom if he would take a letter to the drug dealer so it wouldn't get intercepted by wiretapping.

So THAT got me pondering about Biden's comment that he communicated with the military who agreed with him by LETTER.

I really do wonder about that series. It seems spookily prescient.

Anyone interested can watch it for free on the Roku channel.

Thomas Collins

When SCOTUS gets to the merits, unless SCOTUS overturns Roe, Doe and Casey, I think SCOTUS will hold that while the law in itself is not unconstitutional, court enforcement of the law would be. If that result sounds odd, see Shelley v. Kraemer, 334 US 1 (1948).



yes the a team was good on that, airwolf showed the perfidy of the deep state, the company, called the firm, bellisario probably dealt with some of these operatives when he was in the marine corps,

Shambling man, makes his support of moloch quite clear,



Emerald Robinson ✝️ @EmeraldRobinson

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
Rachel Maddow, as a reward for feeding liberals demented conspiracies, was just rewarded by Comcast with a contract for $30m/year: $2.5 million/month.

Yet few journalists object or call her a "grifter". Why? Because she works for a huge corporation, so they see it as legitimate.



I wasn't the only one that noticed,



and a judge says her lies, are not 'fighting words' i'm shorthanding


Link to Bannon's WarRoom.


Frank Gaffney said on there a couple of days ago that he no longer believes all we are going through is NOT incompetence, but a deliberate attempt to destroy the nation. Gaffney is not exactly a conspiracy theorist.





look at this way, all of the key players at foggy bottom, the company et al, all agree on the strategy, and they carried out steps to bring about the goal,


https://justthenews.com/#google_vignette oh noes snake people, sarc


China bans 'sissy men' from TV in new crackdown
China’s government has banned effeminate men on TV and told broadcasters to promote “revolutionary culture,” broadening a campaign to tighten control over business and society and enforce official morality


they are using snake venom, to treat covid,


speaking of nasty critters



interesting distinction


Rick Ballard


I believe you have correctly identified the rationale for the CDC failing to conduct true studies of the relative efficacy of carrying a cottontail foot versus a jackrabbit foot (as well as actual studies of Ivermectin as a useful therapeutic).

Their hobbyhorse is masked and vaccinated and they know full well there is no finish line in a race with an endemic respiratory virus with a full animal reservoir. Wait 'til they start testing dogs rather than whitetail deer.

The data torture makes the SkyDragon nonsense seem innocuous.



I’m starting to believe it’s all deliberate.



Devine was just on Bannon's show and discussed this plus also talked about what a terrible person Biden has ALWAYS been from the minute he showed up in DC, and what a terrible father he is, based on the Laptop from Hell.



It sounds like a spectacular exp[erience! Keep us posted!


Rick Ballard,

They are already ramping up the "pets are carriers" line. I have seen it show up in stories on Twitter. Daughter is already PO's that it takes over 2 years to get a pet into the US, PRIOR to the Covid hysteria. We were discussing the abandoned dogs in Kabul and she said that it wasn't military dogs according to DOD.

I told her about military contractors and embassy personnel, as well as NGO's and missionaries. I also told her not to believe anything from MSM.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
If Americans are confused about vaccinations and masking, it isn't due to "disinformation" from the Internet, the confusion is generated by the disinformation spewing from the government.
- If you get vaccinated, it protects you - maybe. As long as you aren't a "breakout" case, that is.
- If you get don't get vaccinated, you are a threat to vaccinated people - wait what? I thought the vaccines protected the vaccinated?
- You must wear a mask inside, but a mask only prevents you from spreading the virus, it doesn't protect you from getting it if someone else doesn't wear it. How does that work?
- For masks to work, everybody must wear one. OK, this one gets me - if it takes two layers of mask to prevent both transmission AND reception, then why don't those concerned about the virus just wear a double layer mask and leave the rest of us alone?
Masks work - when they are of a proper grade and are properly fitted and worn, but we expect kids who pick their noses and eat boogers to wear masks 6-8 hours a day?
The fact is that both vaccines and masks work - in certain conditions.
The issue is that these particular vaccines appear NOT to be as effective or long lasting as promised, rendering them into therapeutics rather than actual vaccines. Alex Berenson, a journalist who has been on top of the numbers since the pandemic began, has just been permanently banned from Twitter for saying just this. He never said the vaccines don't work and isn't an anti-vaxxer, he is just reporting that the numbers don't bear out the promises.
There are NO long term human studies of any of these particular mRNA generated vaccines - only models. And we all know how accurate the initial models predicting the progress of the virus were, which is to say, not accurate at all.
The fact also remains that people who have had Covid and recovered have up to 27 times the durability of immunity (due to stronger antibody count) than those who get the jab - and yet the demand is that they get vaccinated as well.
Masks work only under near perfect circumstances - nobody is arguing that they don't - but there is a huge difference between a surgical team wearing masks in a sterile surgical suite and a second grade kid in Miss Ruth Jones' class wearing one for an entire school day. School Boards all over this nation are acting on conventional wisdom, paranoia and hysterical anecdotal evidence to mandate mask wearing, even though the most recent CDC study, which they tried to bury (called "file drawering"), found there was NO CLEAR BENEFIT in masking vs. no masking.
As I pointed out last week, the FDA labeling requirement for non-surgical (and in many cases, non-medical) grade masks commonly available from Amazon and retail/discount outlets is that they state "This mask is not proven to reduce the transmission of disease."
That more or less makes the masks that are generally available to the public nothing more than placebos.
It hasn't been many months since the Biden government said when we get to 70% vaccination, it is all over - we can go back to normal life.
That was a lie.
Schools are still requiring masks, we are being told that even if we are vaccinated, we still must wear masks and social distance (even those two things have been statistically proven to be totally ineffective).
I can't believe we are still talking about implementing the same lockdown, social distancing, masking and restrictions that didn't work in 2020, and yet here we are.
This whole episode has made a mess of medical, scientific and public health information. It was politicized to win an election and now they don't know what to do, they can't keep lying and they can't tell the truth. Both engender negative consequences.
This entire sordid episode is as much a catastrophic success as Biden's exit from Afghanistan. Both follow the same pattern, they can't keep lying and certainly can't afford to tell the truth.
Both are more likely to blow up than blow over.

Old Lurker

Gus, thanks for the overly kind comments about my parenting skills. With YL it would have been hard to screw it up.

Are you guys not impressed with my discretion this past year in not leaking their impending move? Only Mel and A-mom were in on it.

YL, tell the story of the justice delivered to those ladies in the bar a few months back. Or what happens to drug dealers and how fast?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Jenna Ellis:🚨BREAKING: Supreme Court denies request to stop Texas 6-week abortion ban, with John Roberts and liberals dissenting.
Thank you, President Trump, for a 5-4 majority.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--even though the most recent CDC study, which they tried to bury (called "file drawering"), found there was NO CLEAR BENEFIT in masking vs. no masking--

Glad somebody besides me actually saw and read that thing.


I am not taking a position on Roe v. Wade, just pointing out the complexity of the issue.

Touring a research lab w/in the last five years they were researching how to improve heart health—they have added significant value to heart health before.

In one experiment they had heart muscle cells about the size of a quarter that were beating regularly.

That means a heartbeat is not itself a useful indication of "life" or the proper ruler to use making legal decisions.
Whatever one’s position on Roe v. Wade, it was what legal scholars call "good law" in the sense that it allowed a court to pass verdict on the different interests of a parent, a fetus, and the state for different periods of time.




Biden aims to sign on to UN’s global gun registration treaty (that Trump withdrew from)





How rude to keep secrets from us! But thrilled to see YL back!


I'm not allowed to talk out of school. Expensive.


What's all this talk about the war has ended? Has it?


I think the word hudna, is the operative word, a pause while they regroup, my recollection is bin laden's first fatwa, came before the fall of kabul in 96,


RIP Prince Philip


prince phillip passed 6 months ago,


Why did that pop up in my feed again? Sorry. Busy packing....




Hmmm. And Xiden wants to send them money.


#Taliban fighters send audio recording to Afghan civilian allies:

“We received every single list of the Americans. Should we gather all of them and kill them, hang them or expose them to the public or stone them to death—what should we do?”


say goodnight larry


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