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September 17, 2021


Black Hat

I didn't vote for either of them but, tbh, I'm rather surprised at how poorly the Biden operation has been executing.


The Sussmann indictment:


A public service announcement from Ace:

At the top, a little public service announcement about tomorrow's rally in DC. DO NOT GO. From what I understand, it has neither been organized nor sanctioned by any known MAGA organization so it's not only reasonable to assume FBI plants, Antifa/BLM confederates and Capitol Police will be there to set off another little convenient Reichstag Fire but in fact the entire rally itself is one gigantic set-up. And the timing couldn't be more perfect considering the junta in power is facing the wrath of an increasingly enraged citizenry over the destruction of the nation, whether driven by ideology, incompetence or some combination thereof.


Black Hat.

The real issue is - What they are doing that we don't know about?

Jim Eagle

I knew the 9/18 rally was a setup from the get go. Not how you handle something you want to be big. The planning and publicity was non-existent for something a month or two in advance.


That is an experienced team and well oiled machine. They spent the past 30 years setting up the destruction of America, with speed bumps in Gingrich and Trump. They are doing exactly what any sentient being expected them to do.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I for one am truly disappointed that this Sussman guy let Hillary down by going behind her back to concoct this scheme, or ploy, without her knowledge.

Though I don't know him, I'm sure I'll mourn his impending passage as much as Hillary will.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I thought he brought with him an experienced team that had been together for years and could deliver a professional sheen to the operation.--

That's what happens when you read the Times; the sheen of a well polished turd looks like professional experience.


I don't see how anyone could have voted for the Dem ticket, TM. Look in the mirror

Dave (in MA)
    I did not expect much from Sleepy Joe but I thought he brought with him an experienced team that had been together for years and could deliver a professional sheen to the operation. Ooops.

Step One is admitting you have a problem.


remember this,



Draft editorial:

Headline: Thoughts on political audacity

"L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace." was attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte but it was, more appropriately, French Revolution leader Georges Jacques Danton who advised, “Audacity, audacity, always audacity.”

We say “more appropriately” because in its revolutionary way the Joe Biden administration is racing to refashion America before the midterm elections. They threaten to remove the Senate filibuster, argue with the parliamentarian trying to force unrelated items into the upcoming spending bill, and favor executive orders they themselves think will be found illegal by the court system.

They break American institutions to change the country from what it has been to something the political elite might like better and regular Americans won’t.

What they push will jeopardize peace and prosperity, break the bank, and threaten the standard of living of so many.

Biden’s people and the national corporate media jettison American sovereignty, ignoring laws to break open our southern border. They stealthily imbed sweeping new naturalization rules in what is supposed to be a budget proposal.

They undermine trustworthy elections, bypassing long-standing laws to institute procedures that encourage wholesale cheating rather than protect votes.

They risk our stable currency, pursuing excessive spending that will challenge our ability to cover the debt and likely impoverish those on limited incomes.

They threaten small business, extending benefits that discourage people from seeking work.

They reject our constitutional republic, centralizing education, healthcare, and voting rules.

They don’t believe that peace comes through strength, undermining an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan and putting those under our protection at risk.

They don’t believe in equal justice for all, engaging in selective enforcement that lets criminals go uncharged, imprisons others delaying trials, and burdens still more with charges substantiated by government lies.
They misrepresent facts and law cheapening the common meaning of words of the Constitution, restricting some amendments, and ignoring other clauses.

They have the audacity to take advantage of the American tradition that elections do matter, figuring that those would wait peacefully for the next election won’t pay much attention to who is counting the votes.

matt - deplore me if you must

Any dog face pony soldier will tell you that Joe is the besets preznit ever!

Still trying to figure out the Australian sub deal. First it was off the shelf Japanese subs. Then it was the Baguette Class French sub and now it is what? The Virginia Class? That would be, I believe, a huge step up in performance and cost.

The Chinese have already expressed their pissed offedness at Australia by banning their wine and coal. What next? I expect imports of koala bears will go way down before the Lunar New Year banquets.

The ban on Australian coal during the sub-zero temperatures in Northern China last winter should have been an object lesson in cutting your nose off to spite your face, butt dictators rarely care for the welfare of the proles.


link it when you print it, SBW


but dictators rarely care for the welfare of the proles

See Biden (or is it Pelosi) for a good example of this.


well for him it's rather like breathing



Will do, Clarice.


we're supposed to pretend at many things, the islamic state was jv till they had an arsenal that would rival a bond villain, that an intifadah that claimed 50 cop lives and tens of billions of damages, was 'mostly peaceful' that shambling man, is even slightly competent, 'which from a certain point of view' he is, dismantling every institution, as with a fire axw,


the vaunted commissions of popinjays, are just sinecure for the likes of jamie gorelick, who was a participant in the negligence that enabled the hijackers to slip into the country, but they left out the 28 pages, which was a roadmap to the support structure, the interesting part of the report, re verifiable and regularized legal immigration, is'nt in the narrative, the carter-baker commission, expressly condemned mail voting because of fraud,


to our eternal shame,


Dave (in MA)
    dictators rarely care for the welfare of the proles
I can't think of one damned thing that this regime has done since it took over that doesn't show its hatred for its own citizenry.
James D.

I did not expect much from Sleepy Joe but I thought he brought with him an experienced team that had been together for years and could deliver a professional sheen to the operation. Ooops.


What exactly in his 50 year history of mendacity, grifting, hair-smelling, constant lying and progressively failing upwards led you to think that?

Old Lurker

SBW, that sure does read like the crimes Patriots accused King George of in The Declaration of Independence of 1776.


mayor howdy's handiwork


I guess he was rewarded for allowing the steal in iowa, seemingly aeons ago


I was planning on showing up at the rally.


The Meaning of the FDA Resignations

Considerations in boosting COVID-19 vaccine immune responses


I considered going to the 6-Jan event but had a sense that it was a "pandora's box"


they were 40,000 on the mall, there was a tiny number, who even was in the capitol building, but it's a black box as to what actually went on, because they won't release the 14,000 hours of video,


maybe this was the reason for the snub



that shows the flaws in the vaccine regime




If you want to attend an event where costumed bad guys shoot the other costumed bad guys, go to a Civil War re-enactment. Much safer as a bystander.

The news cycle requires recapture by the other side. There will be innocent blood spilt.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I don't see how anyone could have voted for the Dem ticket, TM.--

Voting for any Dem meets Dr. Johnson's definition of a second marriage.


yes, that wasn't anywhere, but the notion that justice would be discussed in any public venue, that was the crimethink, the Jan 20th scourge, could burn a limo in the middle of conneticut avenue, and that was fine, because orange mad bad,


George the 3rd was thirty eight, he may have been mad, but more likely he relied on the advice of Lord North, over Lord Grafton, the American crisis was not necessarily a fait accompli, one had to deliberately bungle it,


I've posted this link a couple of times since Rich first posted it in 2016. It concerns the origins of the Alpha Bank story.

Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?

This spring, a group of computer scientists set out to determine whether hackers were interfering with the Trump campaign. They found something they weren’t expecting.

By Franklin Foer

“We’re the Union of Concerned Nerds,” in the wry formulation of the Indiana University computer scientist L. Jean Camp.

In late spring, this community of malware hunters placed itself in a high state of alarm. Word arrived that Russian hackers had infiltrated the servers of the Democratic National Committee, an attack persuasively detailed by the respected cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike. The computer scientists posited a logical hypothesis, which they set out to rigorously test: If the Russians were worming their way into the DNC, they might very well be attacking other entities central to the presidential campaign, including Donald Trump’s many servers. “We wanted to help defend both campaigns, because we wanted to preserve the integrity of the election,” says one of the academics, who works at a university that asked him not to speak with reporters because of the sensitive nature of his work.


Busy weekend ahead, my youngest is finally getting married. Rehearsal dinner tonight at The Wayside Inn and wedding tomorrow (small, planned during covid restrictions)

I swear the birth of his daughter woke him up and forced him to grow up but marriage wasn't part of his plan at the time. Even though he asked me to attend RCIA classes with him to convert. At the time, I figured he was converting to marry this wonderful young woman. Six years later, his daughter asked him why her mommy had a different last name and he finally proposed.

Now if only my oldest would settle down! Later all.




congrats rocco


The indictment says the server did not belong to the Trump organization but rather a mass email service that Trump and 95 other companies used (in a tiny building in Litiz PA)

matt - deplore me if you must

Felicidades Rocco! Wonderful news!


might as well v be the funny pages



Congrats Rocco!

I’ll be thinking of both of you tomorrow. Have a blast!


Congrats Rocco and son!


These globalist like Biden always are offshoring their problems ...
Dutch foreign minister, defense minister resign over failings of Afghanistan withdrawal


Judge: blacks too stupid to get ID.


North Carolina judges block voter ID law, saying it discriminates against Black people

Jack Lillywhite

In Re: The Dutch,

One of my last projects before retirement (actually pleasure versus torture) called was the Dutch High Speed Rail project or known as HSL-Zuid (zuid being south). I am 6'2" and by 4 inches the shortest person in a room of 8 for our first pre-bid meeting.

For lunch they brought in sandwiches and butter-milk.

Could butter-milk be the exilir to height?


Keep voting until they get the correct answer...




J.E. Dyer
Note that there is not one scintilla of evidence that Trump was going rogue.
There's only a repeated refrain from media, uttered without evidence or even substance. No one can describe any particulars for the implied (never articulated) "rogue" behavior.

The Daily Beast @thedailybeast
"Trump hasn’t just tarnished the presidency or the GOP, he has compromised many of our democratic institutions and the professional political and military class," writes @mattklewis trib.al/lDTuR2j



Therapeutic Advances
Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines
Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.


BrunoCanard Virology @canardbruno
Major paper on the origin of SARS-CoV2. A Bat CoV found in Laos, only 2 RBD differences with SARS-CoV2, no furin cleavage site. Bravo Institut Pasteur teams! @SFV_France @Ayjchan @Dj0gil @DecrolyE @FRM_officiel @sfoucart @jbloom_lab @ProfPaulYoung @yvessciama @ydeigin

Replying to @lab_leak @canardbruno and 11 others
This is a so-called Spillback infection, where human strains of SARS-CoV-2 infected bats and recombined with native viruses there. Sampling is too late (between July 2020 and January 2021 (Fig. 1A, Tables S1 and S2).) to exclude this possibility.


Wrap:: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1438901149352935430.html


how much ergot do the pass around at the basilisk,
there's only so much idocaine I can consume safely


FDA Advisory Panel Rejects Pfizer Booster Jabs Scuttling Biden Administration's Plan


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Note that there is not one scintilla of evidence that Trump was going rogue.--

The write up I saw indicated the concern was the Chinese were working themselves into a state by believing their own intelligence/propaganda, not that Trump had done anything overt other than not kiss their asses.


United States News Block
BREAKING: Two confirmed explosive devices were found inside of USPS Priority Mail boxes and left at two cellphone stores in Northern Michigan. The FBI and Michigan State Police are investigating. A threatening note was also found with both explosive devices.

1:04pm · 17 Sep 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
Reply to @USNewsBlock
USNewsBlock's avatar
United States News Block @USNewsBlock
FBI Detroit Tweet

FBI Detroit @FBIDetroit
#Breaking: The #FBI is asking the public to help identify the person(s) who placed two explosive devices outside cellphone stores in Northern Michigan. Anyone with info on the devices should call 1-800-CALL-FBI. Read the full release for more details: ow.ly/rHVf50Gc1dA



yes a variation on able archer, it was gordievsky, who told the brits that the Soviets, that they had taken the above named maneuver, as prologue to a first strike,


Congrats, Rocco!


how about the process that got you there,



matt - deplore me if you must

So Milley admits it and on the same day they admit they droned 10 innocent people on the streets of Kabul. Who gave the order to fire?

This is worse than any of the so called war crimes of NCO's or other personnel in the Long Wars.

And Biden is all for Milley's violation of the chain of command.

We're screwed.

matt - deplore me if you must

Re the purported bombs in Michigan, I guess someone was asking "can you hear me now?"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--BREAKING: Two confirmed explosive devices were found inside of USPS Priority Mail boxes and left at two cellphone stores in Northern Michigan. The FBI and Michigan State Police are investigating. A threatening note was also found with both explosive devices.--

Oh crap. Another FBI guy freaks out after his wife didn't want to go to a swinger's party.


don't you hate it when that happens?

matt - deplore me if you must

anyone have a problem with their HP printer error code "the printer is not designed to use continuous ink systems. Replace with HP cartridges"?


ive never had that problem



wait I thought prince islee was all knowing;




That's what nightstands are for, not explosives.


why is that?



Dougie Kass
I don't know what the hell is going on or where, but if you have a commodity screen up as I do all the time, you would be witnessing a near 100% selloff in every listed commodity and major foreign currency. This is indicative of an across the board deleveraging and is being e

executed in many commodities in a GET ME THE F>>>OUT manner.
Somewhere, a butterfly has flapped its wings and an asteroid is creating another financial Yucatan peninsula ... maybe this near $trillion reverse repos really were a warning. Enjoy the weekend! @FerroTV





Jack Lillywhite

They dark club strikes again.


Mr Producer
Pelosi Bashes Capitalism: It Has NOT Helped US Economy ‘As Well As It Should’



In better news::

Front Office Sports
The Durham Bulls put a GoPro on their bat dog, Ripken.

Of course, it's must-see content 🐶 pic.twitter.com/LN7gq5g5DY



Something's not priced right. Either the tankers aren't, or crude isn't.


And most people put their money where their mouth is, so I bet it's crude that has to play catch up.


Fox News helicopter vid of TX border. Long line crossing the Rio Grande over a shallow spillway.

It’s tougher to get into a movie than into the US.








Senate will grill tech execs after report that Instagram can harm teens' mental health


Thread. Yeah, Durham is gonna save the universe with this guy handing out ice cream cones to fellow coup plotters and fans.


The judge on Sussmann’s case was a parter at Covington & Burling LLP and served on the Obama/Biden transition team as an advisor on Justice Department issues. Seems totally fair.



Hmmm. Kenosha judge won’t let prosecutors make things up… refreshing.

“There is nothing in this evidence that would support that the shootings were race-based,” Chirafisi said. “We are hoping to try this case on the facts."



“I certainly would keep the door open if you can show that there is any connection between the defendant on the day in question and this organization,” Schroeder said. "But as I said before, if this this this organization embraces the defendant after the fact because he’s lionized because of his behavior, that is not something that the jury can make anything out of that would be lawful.”

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Didn't Rittenhouse shoot white guys?


EXCLUSIVE U.S. shale oil firm Pioneer Natural launches land sale - sources



i was struck how a naval contract, not the ruinous retreat from afghanistan, was the last straw for the galls, but yes we have segued back to 1797, good job everyone,


what does he thinks planes run on?



Iggy, the judge did mention that.


Melinda. Thanks for the suggestion. I decided not to go as soon as I started reading about the people warning about it not being Kosher. However, I agree that it doesn't matter who protests, it will be blamed on Trump and conservative.


Davod, everyone but FBI is on record telling Trump supporters it’s a trap. Including Trump.


ok then



Makes me expect a federal agent plus informants convention of some sort is going down.


Looking for a Google sponsored study for Agenda 2030 that Typhuspad won't let me post on Annual Carbon Allowances.


Saw this on Facebook:

Someone asked me if I had plans for the fall.

It took me a moment to realize they meant "autumn" and not the collapse of civilization.


Ah, here we go, Harsanyi has some of it:






EPA back door carbon regulation to coincide with the Glasgow climate frenzy. That was in Wattsupwiththat recently. Has all the links you seek.


Here Melinda:



the skydragon is a fearsome thing



what kind of question is this:



words to that effect




TM admits he has been an utter moron.
(I was too, til I was 45. It happens.)

Every bit of what we are seeing was completely obvious to every poster here, and every poster who has bailed, from the moment the SC primary was thrown to Old Joe. Like, almost two years ago.

Wake up and smell the coffee Tommy . We've been trying to tell you for years that you are being led by the nose ring.

NYT is NOT your friend. We finally canceled after forty years--life goes on. Really--it's a propaganda piece, and you embarrass yourself by giving them any credence.
Time to stop.


but the journal isn't appreciably better, the bezos worst, gannett seed pods don't ask,



I wasn't keen on nicki minaj, but I'm even less on 'lorraine hobbs* reid,


*she was the angela davis manque in network


Fauci (45 secs.)

Best, lo-tech things are the best.

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