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October 16, 2021



Good Morning!


theres so much else wrong with it, a solution to a non existent problem, like ab 5 burnt the supply chain to the ground,


Found at Ace.

This is not a joke.

Girl Secrets

I am 20 yrs old and still have no idea how girls make hats out of towels after they have a shower.

A comment - One time my brother tried to yank off my towel hat, and was promptly horrified when I yelled out in pain. “I didn’t know your hair was IN there, he cried” boys.


Our two favorite Democrats will fail us just when we think everything is ok.


magic eightball suggests it,



George Takei calls William Shatner an ‘unfit’ guinea pig after spaceflight, By Nicki Gostin,
October 14, 2021 | 12:00pm

George Takei’s decades-long feud with William Shatner is rocketing into space.

The “Star Trek” actor threw enough shade at his former on-screen captain to cause an eclipse, as he dismissed Shatner’s flight this week on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin capsule and described him as “not the fittest specimen.”

“He’s boldly going where other people have gone before,” snarked Takei, 84, when Page Six asked him what he thought of Captain Kirk’s brief trip Wednesday to the edge of space.

“He’s a guinea pig, 90 years old and it’s important to find out what happens,” Takei added, as he spoke at the opening of “Thoughts of a Colored Man” on Wednesday night.

“So 90 years old is going to show a great deal more on the wear and tear on the human body, so he’ll be a good specimen to study. Although he’s not the fittest specimen of 90 years old, so he’ll be a specimen that’s unfit!”



maybe they brought takei over from the mirror universe,


Takei passing as sane in Star Trek is one of the better acting performances ever.


btw i think that is dod pere






its as if the hunger games is a how to manual


Jim Eagle

Clarice knows who I am talking about: Time to bring back Ben Yamagata and the Clean Coal Coalition:)


Narciso. At least he isn't banging his shoe against the lectern.


PS. I didn't look. Is he wearing shoes?


Feel-Good Friday: Chivalry Is Alive and Well in Four Young Men Who Help an Elderly Lady
By Jennifer Oliver O'Connell | Oct 15, 2021 6:30 PM ET.

"...Initially, Castro thought the helpful team of four were local teens from the high school next door, but she later learned the men were employees of Rebounderz Adventure Parks. [On the way back to their hotel after a hard day's work]



'maybe they brought takei over from the mirror universe'

Ol' 'Captain Nim' is jealous of ol' 'Captain Kirk':



FDA panel recommends J&J COVID-19 booster for all recipients who got first shot.

But, will they take it off the market the day after I get it, like they did when I got the original injection?


Time to bring back coal miners--when the mines closed, they left for greener pastures and it's hardly unskilled labor these days,Jib.


'Its not clear where Biden and his crack leadership team are headed with this.'

LOLLOLLOL- 50 years of big government experience equals 2 seasons of 'F-Troop' to be sure!

Given the problem at the clogged ports and rising heating costs, a lump of West Virginia coal may just be the 'hottest' Christmas present this winter!

Wasn't it Hillary's plan to 'pull the plug' on WVa., coal, too? Orderly transition over years vs., sudden withdrawal in months is the wiser move, as ol' Scranton-who-lied-about-family-as-coal-miners-Joe should know.

Or is it Wilmington this week.


'Adam Kinzinger Lashes Out After Democrats Redraw His House District, Likely Ending His Congressional Career'

Cry baby.

‘Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly released a proposal earlier in the day with the proposed lines of the state’s congressional map for the next decade. Their party controls both of the state’s legislative chambers, along with the governor’s mansion and 13 House seats. Republicans hold five. The state is set to lose a seat when the next Congress convenes in 2023, and the new map makes it likely for Republicans to hold just three of those.’ -source, merdiaite.com

He'll blame Trump instead.


Not another one.

Media Outlets Drop Bombshell Report on Trump Sand Dune Scandal, Jeff Charles.

Oh, nooooooo!


damp firecracker, davod


hasnt urban illinois lost the most population?


for someone who is on sick leave?

Since Oct. 7, Buttigieg has appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” “MSNBC with Geoff Bennett,” CNN’s “New Day,” CNBC’s “Morning Bell,” Bloomberg TV’s “Balance of Power,” and the NPR Politics Podcast. He participated in virtual events to promote the infrastructure bill with the Commercial Club of Chicago and the Citizen Budget Commission of New York. He also attended a high-profile meeting with President JOE BIDEN Wednesday on supply chain bottlenecks.

matt - deplore me if you must

I hope Pete is healing nicely. Wouldn't want to rush it. Wouldn't want to push the stitches.

Maybe Kinzinger wants to sue the dems for gerrymandering. Find an amenable downstate judge, if any.

I may have mentioned that that corrupt bastard Dodd has a palace in the ex's hometown of Roundstone, Co Galway. I believe he is hoping they don't extradite him.

matt - deplore me if you must

here in sunny California the state is moving ahead to close down the NG fired power plants as soon as possible. What could go wrong?


matt, they got an extension and exemption even for pollution. They're stupid but not stupid enough to face the voters with state wide blackouts.


Martin Armstrong snippet:

Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, together with the United Nations Agenda 2030 are set to destroy democracy. #EnemiesOfThePeople twitter.com/realmajordan/s…





'Team Cheney,' Liz Cheney’s joint fundraising committee, received donations in the third quarter from Ron Conway, a longtime Democratic donor and angel investor, and John Pritzker, a member of the wealthy Pritzker family. He is the cousin of J.B. Pritzker, the Democratic governor of Illinois, and Penny Pritzker, former U.S. Commerce secretary.

Nothing new there; back in the day Dem., senator JFK donated to Republican Nixon's senate campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas, too.

Which only reinforces the basic axiom of 'The Swamp Set' :

“There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties.” – George Wallace


'here in sunny California the state is moving ahead to close down the NG fired power plants as soon as possible. What could go wrong?'

Look on the bright side- at least Biden isn't a CA senator nor the governor. He can inflict his incompetence on all 50 states, not just one. ;-)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I hope I live long enough [and he does too] to see that anal swab Schwab pulled out of his lair, dragged through the streets and Mussolinied.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--he is firmly against a clean electricity program that is the muscle behind the president’s plan to battle climate change--

There is nothing particularly clean about it, especially if one isn't so stupid as to consider the essential molecule CO2 a pollutant.
And since there is no economical way to store "clean" electricity and the uneconomical way currently consists of creating billions of tons of toxic batteries the only muscle behind it is the small, flaccid one behind Biden's vacant, beady eyes.


there is no magic alien technology like in the avengers, if it did it would just bring jibbering alien hordes to earth,


but magical thinking is apparently a thing


speaking of jibbering, alien (change my mind)



Australia has lost the plot. Don't expect the High Court of Australia to stop this.

New biking laws ~
Bikers can't display tattoos, gather in public, wear their insignias in Australia.
Penalty? 1-5 years in prison.


whats that about?



the morning herald doesn't speak of it, at all, the australian is largely paywalled


I’m thinking there is a fortune to be made running guns to Australia.


Prediction: Trump/Haley 2024 for the win.

Place your bets. Her speech at the Reagan Institute aired on CSPAN today was just stellar-- perfectly upgraded for these times. She’s right for this era: right age, right gender, right racial mix, right-minded and rightly experienced and seasoned with charm and appeal-- quite the opposite of the pants-suited cackling couple with names more appropriate for hurricanes [Kamala & Hillary.] Nikki's a perfect fit for the 21st century to follow along, post-Trump-- after his successful second-win-to-come over the current set of swamp creatures.


I don’t trust Haley. To be fair, I don’t trust anyone else either. But Haley seems to me a groveling front row student mouthing whatever the prof hints at. Sadly most politicians have this trait. I trust a back row scamp like Trump far more. He’s gonna do whatever, he doesn’t give a s*** what you think about it. But the front row snivelers… they want to be liked and praised by profs / media over doing the right thing in the face of a tsunami of bullshit. Trump, yes. Haley, no. I hope Trump finds another that doesn’t give a f*** what the media thinks. Haley ain’t it. Pence ain’t it. Cruz ain’t it. Grenell could be it.


largely concurr








like strangelove they act reflexively,



well them


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Nikki Haley strikes me as the typical Republican heartbreaker.
She talks like a junkyard dog right up to the point push comes to shove and then she folds up like a worn out pup tent.
Trump would be making, IMO, the exact same mistake Reagan did; pick a person who is going to let get undone most of what you just got done.
I'd honestly rather see Diamond, Silk or one of those Hodge twin guys. Outsiders, outrageous, funny and unafraid.
At this point the only platform I'd like to see my candidate run on is The Thing plank - whatever DC wants to do prompts clobbering time.


some who will 'cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war'


henry- Well, Nikki served in his administration and left on her own terms-- wasn't 'fired.' Dabbled i/t corporate world some w/t Boeing board as well.

As VP, she'd audition w/The Donald as his Number Two for any future beyond that-- and she's done well on social and international issues as is.

The camera is kind to her, too- and she speaks in complete sentences w/o cackling. She's a woman who projects confidence and is not afraid to wear a dress as opposed to the pants suited Kamala and Hillary who don't- hence the 'man look.'

Nobody's 100% but for my money she fits well with the flavor, flow and trends of the country today in terms of age, gender, experience and-- and positivity. She'd be a more competent VP than Harris for sure.

For starters--she's been to Europe. ;-)


you didn't see this coming



i'm sure he won't be hanging himself



Iggy- The Donald isn't going to pick anybody who'd draw the spotlight away from him. As a VP, Nikki's grounded enough and has the experience of dealing w/him. She's the right age, the right gender, the right racial mix, comes from the right part of the country and is right-minded w/just enough of the Reagan aftershave on her to make her scent appealing.

And... she's been to Europe.


TheHill: Assistant House sergeant-at-arms arrested on child pornography charges

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

A few questions: cross posted

Can y'all let us know when you are arriving in SWFL? If there are enough of us, we can go out Friday night to Hurricane Charley's or somewhere for drinks/live music / dinner.

Does anyone need transportation from an Airport? If so, which one and when is your flight landing? We can get you from an airport to a hotel/condo/ air bnb or whatever and back as needed.

The party is BYOB, and there is a new Total Wine around the corner from me that has an awesome selection of wine/beer (1200 choices!) /liquor if you want to swing by there on the way to our house. It is on Cochran Blvd near the Home Depot. 19400 Cochran Blvd Suite 160 Port Charlotte, FL, 33948

Anyone have any specific allergy issues wrt food? We don't want to send anyone to the hospital.

Can't wait to see everyone in 3 weeks



Peter Navarro spent a lot of time on Bannon's show this morning discussing the "Just in Time" problems and their relation to the shipping back-up. as well as the prohibition of older trucks entering California, as well as the truck drivers leaving for other jobs.

It was really enlightening. Navarro said he and Trump had discussed the approaching problem many times but California wouldn't budge.


The person we need in the WH is DeSantos. He’s as smart as Trump and just as tough. He puts up with no BS. And young. After the Biden debacle the dems will run against age. DeSantos does t play the alienating games Trump plays. I I’d be perfectly happy with DeSantos coming after Trump’s second term - or instead of.


William Shatner Says Duke of Cambridge Has ‘Got the Wrong Idea’ About his Space Flight

"...While appearing on “Newscast” prior to the first Earthshot Prize being given out, which recognizes those who are making a positive impact on environmental issues, the Duke of Cambridge noted that “we need some of the world’s greatest brains and minds fixed on trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live...”

"...“He’s a lovely, gentle, educated Englishman, but he’s got the wrong idea,” Shatner told Entertainment Tonight.

The star explained what he meant by noting that the “idea here is not to go, ‘Yeah, look at me. I’m in space.'” Instead, he said that “the prince is missing the point. The point is these are the baby steps to show people [that] it’s very practical. You can send somebody like me up into space...”



The Biker legislation has been enacted in Western Australia. Only outlaw gangs, of course.


I'm not too keen on Cruz.

With apologies to the great Tom Lehrer:

'Gather round while I sing you of Canadian Cruz,
A man whose allegiance is ruled by expedience;
Call him unprincipled for changing his views,
"Principles, schminzables" coos Canadian Cruz

Don't say that he's hypocritical,
Say rather that he's quite political;
"So I flew to Cancun, by next week it's old news!
Memories are short," coos Canadian Cruz

Some have harsh words for his bait-and-switch ruse,
But some say their attitude should be one of gratitude;
Like the wife and the father; their honor abused,
So easily betrayed by Canadian Cruz

"You become a conservative hero;
Fleeing Texas when the temperature's near zero;
In Calgary 'oder' Houston, its my friends I have screwed;
And I'll screw'em again," coos Canadian Cruz.


I assume that there will be flour shortages this winter. I ran across this on Twitter, and rather than he shortage they are figuring out ways to convince us it's no big deal:

Carl Beijer
· 5h
It’s funny how ignorant Americans never ask folks from the Soviet Union what they thought about breadlines. In my experience, there’s a lot of nostalgia for the sense of community they fostered. The bread shortages themselves were nbd.


Oops! That should read "rather than avoid the shortage".


Thanks goodness they avoided the Hollywood film and TV crew strike:



MM2. They will get away with it as well. Mind you. I don't think there will be flour shortages per se. Because the 'flour' will contain the sawdust that Russia supplies to its very best allies.


Insider Paper
ALERT China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile that circled the globe before aiming towards its target, demonstrating an advanced space capability that stunned US intelligence. 1 of 5 people familiar with the test told FT, “We have no idea how they did this”


I think I will head to bed.

Good night, everyone!


Finally, something worth 3 minutes of your time.

The origins of National Cheese Curd Day. Because it's never too late to expand the mind.


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Woo woo woowoowoo!

That ninth inning was awesome.

Go Braves!


Been waiting for this.

Ex-SpaceX Engineers Are Building a Cheap, Portable Nuclear Reactor


Dave (in MA)
    The party is BYOB, and there is a new Total Wine
Dubbed "Comprehensive Intoxicants" by Lileks.

Trump has surely learned a thing or 2 about governing and having a WING MAN/WOMAN.
Trump will only serve on more term, and will need a ROCK SOLID partner to help shovel the coal. Heh heh. I would choose DeSantis or Pompeo. Either would gladly take the second banana, and both would be in their "element", knowing that Trump has "THEIR" backs. I don't dislike Haley, but I also don't find her as strong as I'd like.
NO RACIAL/GENDER/or other Demographic polling would influence me. Noem of S.D might get my attention. Whomever DJT would choose, would have their PLATE full.
KAMELTOE is not up to being a bartender.

jim nj


We Got Here Because of Cowardice. We Get Out With Courage
Say no to the Woke Revolution

"A lot of people want to convince you that you need a Ph.D. or a law degree or dozens of hours of free time to read dense texts about critical theory to understand the woke movement and its worldview. You do not. You simply need to believe your own eyes and ears.

Let me offer the briefest overview of the core beliefs of the Woke Revolution, which are abundantly clear to anyone willing to look past the hashtags and the jargon.

It begins by stipulating that the forces of justice and progress are in a war against backwardness and tyranny. And in a war, the normal rules of the game must be suspended. Indeed, this ideology would argue that those rules are not just obstacles to justice, but tools of oppression. They are the master’s tools. And the master’s tools cannot dismantle the master’s house.

So the tools themselves are not just replaced but repudiated. And in so doing, persuasion—the purpose of argument—is replaced with public shaming. Moral complexity is replaced with moral certainty. Facts are replaced with feelings."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It’s funny how ignorant Americans never ask folks from the Soviet Union what they thought about breadlines. In my experience, there’s a lot of nostalgia for the sense of community they fostered. The bread shortages themselves were nbd.--

This is not satire?

jim nj


The supply chain crisis and US ports: ‘Disruption on top of disruption’
Biden administration announced measures to ease bottlenecks and shortages but problems are deep-seated

A good overview.

They are not going to fix this anytime soon. It's not just that the CARB diesel pollution standards limit the number of trucks that can service the POLA and POLB ports. It's that the truckers are there to pick up specific containers and they have to wait up to 12 hours to do so.

Even if the CARB rules were lifted for s short while to allow more trucks to service the ports they aren't efficiently using the already available trucks.

Even if they could come up with a faster means of clearing the ports it doesn't mean the containers would actually get to where they are supposed to go any sooner.

They'd just be stuck somewhere else.

mike in houston


Texas poised to redistrict Jackson Lee or Green out of Congress



"I would choose DeSantis or Pompeo."

Both those guys will and have drawn the spotlight. Trump won't go with them. And he's not going to have trouble too much trouble winning Florida or Kansas either.


Not a lot of people know this, but a Black and White show from the 50’s was a metaphor for Gentrification:

Burn it down, tear it up, drive em out, buy it up!

Drive em out, tear it up, burn it down, buy it up!

Buy it up, RAW-HIDE!!!!


Jim, this is emblematic of exactly who the POLITICAL LEFT/DEMOCRATS have always been. Name anyone on the left who has any management skills.
Are we to believe that PETE BUTTIGIEG, has even a modicum of skill set at managing a situation that requires brains toughness and experience???
SERIOUSLY. This shit is serious. My 20 year old and I have discussed the GREAT DEPRESSION over the years. "how could this happen Daddy"?
It happens when a GOVERNMENT or a BUSINESS or and INDUSTRY, and it's leaders, ARE NOT LEADERS.
This shit is OBVIOUS to me and many others here.
Elect a mentally diminished dishonest and corrupt man. (I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT BIDEN WON ANY ELECTION). Biden wins, and has no skills. The entire focus of Biden, was to push BIDEN to the side, and rule from the HANDLERS. Again, this is obvious to me. Every single fucking thing that Biden touches or drools about, including the shit he had on his chin, indicates his lack of control, his lack of knowledge, and his lack of intellect. WHEN HAS JOE BIDEN EVERY BEEN CONSIDERED a smart, decent, honest, capable or honorable man???? Has anyone here ever worked for a company that didn't have CRISIS MANAGEMENT SKILLS??? A CRISIS, generally is do to lack of planning, and lack of skills to put out a fire, and save the day. GOVERNMENT is not conducive to that. All of it, is in RESPONSE to lack of skilled managers with any sense of the JOB they were given. PETER BUTTIGIEG??????????? For fux sake, the dude is a NOTHING. In government, and the SWAMP, nothing is expected of those picked and assigned to lead. TRUMP WAS DIFFERENT. YOU DO NOT PRODUCE RESULTS. YOU'RE GONE.


“There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties.” – George Wallace
Posted by: DCSCA | October 16, 2021 at 04:46 PM”

You’re so old, I bet you sold apples for the dime with the Mercury on the front and the fasces on the back




You know, Mr Iggy, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the main difference between Messers Mussolini and Schwab is that the former was actually voted into and out of power. But it bears repeating.


Meanwhile, on the Western Front:

“Colonel Gardner arranged for my transfer from Newark to Great Falls. My orders designated me as “United Nations Representative.” Few people realize that although the United Nations Organization was not set up in San Francisco until September, 1945, the name “United Nations” was being used in the Lend-Lease organization, as early as 1942, as in my original orders to Newark.”—George Racey Jordan


The main problem with Biden is that Kabbalah Ha’aretz told him he has a picayunary obligation to the United States.


Here’s the thing, GUS, it’s a controlled demolition of America, like Building 7.

“Pull it!”


Pin, you don't mean BUILDING 7, THE LEZ CHENEY FILES??


Good morning, JOM!!

Jack Lillywhite

I'm with you on this, Clarice. I wonder if school boards were another target of Soros? I sure seems like they have become radicalized if Loudon is any indicator.

So far, with Frederick, we have been lucky: No public school but either private or parochial. Both Canterbury and Atlantic College demand self-discipline from their students. To me that is imperative these days.


School,boards, school board associations, state and federal departments of education are all part of the problem. The left first too over the school accreditation process - that is a whole other mess hiding in the weeds here.

Tom Bowler

Thanks for those Pieces, Clarice, and for your optimism about the adverse impact events will have on Democrats' midterm chances. I think you're right about that but I wonder if the impact will be adverse enough.

I recall Hillary's so-what-are-ya-gonna-do-about-it attitude as she sat before Congress and lied, hour after hour, about Benghazi. And how Comey threw the FBI under the bus by "exonerating" her. I concluded that the Democrats believed they had arrived, that Republicans had won their last election, that they themselves were politically invincible. Things haven't gotten better since then.

We await that preference cascade that gets talked about here at JOM from time to time. "Surely, now Uniparty abuse has been revealed and everybody will see it," we think to ourselves. But we can't really tell. Just when we thought it was happening, the cabal fixed a presidential election, and here we are, stuck with them again.

Now, as parents are called "domestic terrorists" will people see it this time? And if they do, will it matter? Glenn Reynolds used to say that Republicans had to win big because if the elections are close, Democrats will steal them. As we've witnessed in 2020, elections don't have to be close anymore, especially when big tech gets involved.

But as you say, there is reason for optimism. All signs point to a red wave in 2022. It depends on how well Republicans at the state level can defend our elections. And those Republicans have been busy.

Jack Lillywhite

Steve Inman at his finest::




How did this movie even get made?



Tom Bowler

This is from a couple days ago, but I get a kick out of Joe Biden as The Hollowed Out Shell of a Once Mediocre Man.



Judge approves class-action lawsuit against feds' $85 million seizure of safe deposit boxes


Both those guys will and have drawn the spotlight. Trump won't go with them. And he's not going to have trouble too much trouble winning Florida or Kansas either.

On the other hand, Trump will be 78 in 2024, and will probably (and should) have someone who will continue the fight should he be unable to finish out his term. That's a mark against someone like Haley.

And if Trump is going to run, I hope he makes clear that he understands the mistakes he made in his first term and learned from them, especially his letting scum like Fauci handle covid.


Tom Bowler,

I had missed that great article. Thanks!



Things I didn't know, even though I am a confirmed political junky:

1. How politicized the FDA, CDC, NIH, FBI, CIA, DOJ, Defense, Treasury, Education, etc. are.

2. The people who should have advised him on appointments were traitors.

3. How much the CCP had their tentacles into everything including the media and Silicon Valley.

I know Navarro and Bannon are aware of this. Navarro routinely calls Pence a traitor and Bannon wants GOP Senate primary candidates to pledge to vote for someone else to replace McConnell in leadership.

I really think that DC should be pensioned off and new workers should be drawn out of a hat at Trump rallies.


it was an inside job,


Tom Bowler

You're welcome, Miss M.


'woke' is the wrong world, it suggests they have a clue, in fact they are eloi, ready to be consumed by the morlocks, who they think are us,





Were you a reader of Classics Illustrated comic books? I was, which is why i recognize your references to the eloi and morlocks. H.G. Wells was prescient.

We are the time machine travelers.

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