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October 16, 2021



Police in Melbourne check a guy’s coffee (21 secs).

If it was West Australia, they might have stripped him down to check for tattoos.



The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week, By Thomas T. Siler, M.D., October 16, 2021.

"...As a retired nurse from California recently asked, “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?...”


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

OMG Braves did it again. Another walk off in the 9th.



Head East, oh captain my captain:

“After my return to Great Falls I began to realize an important fact: while we were a pipeline to Russia, Russia was also a pipeline to us.
One really disturbing fact that brought this home to me was that the entry of Soviet personnel into the United States was completely uncontrolled. Planes were arriving regularly from Moscow with unidentified Russians aboard. I would see them jump off planes, hop over fences and and run for taxicabs. They seemed to know in advance exactly where they were headed, and how to get there. It was an ideal setup for planting spies in this country,, with false identities, for use during and after the war.”

*Footnote: “Major General Follette Bradley, USAF (Ret.), winner of the Distinguished Service medal for his pioneering of the Alsib Pipeline, wrote to the New York Times on Aug. 31, 1951: “Of my own personal knowledge I know that beginning early in 1942 Russian civilian and military agents were in our county in huge numbers.”—George Racey Jordan, ‘From Major Jordan’s Diary,’ p. 33


Still one might suspect McConnell blames Trump for that and may not be disappointed that he's gone.

He did indeed blame Trump and his supporters for the loss of the Senate -- which led to the unfortunate behavior to which I referred. He disregarded his usual wily ways and foolishly decided that it was the perfect moment to purge the party of Trump, and set out to do so.

Like many in the "Washington bubble," he completely underestimated the level of Trump's support. He figured getting rid of Trump would be like blowing over a house of cards.

I remember around the same time, the usually sensible Brit Hume stated on one of the Fox News opinion shows that after Jan. 6th, the only support for Trump came from his few remaining hardcore followers. That's the sort of thing one comes to believe when residing in an insular and non-representative community like D.C.

jim nj


China GDP disappoints, third-quarter growth slows to 4.9%

Gross domestic product grew 4.9% in the third quarter from a year ago, the National Bureau of Statistics said Monday. That missed expectations for a 5.2% expansion, according to analysts polled by Reuters.
Industrial production rose by 3.1% in September, below the 4.5% expected by Reuters.
“Since entering the third quarter, domestic and overseas risks and challenges have increased,” Fu Linghui, spokesperson for the National Bureau of Statistics, said at a press conference Monday in Mandarin, according to a CNBC translation.

The year over year GDP chart is interesting.


If you are a 14 year old in Israel you can consent to have sex but you need your parent’s permission to be proselytized by a Christian.

Talk about “twofold more the child of hell.”

jim nj


Virginia Parents Announce 'Not a Domestic Terrorist' March in Washington


jim nj


6:46 video

jim nj


Terry McAuliffe is misreading what matters to Virginia voters
by Salena Zito


'remember what happened to bond's section chief, in the prologue to casino royale?'

Remember what happened to Dr. Noah in the finale of casino royale? ;-)


This is where the 'NeverTrumpers' are at now:

"Jonah Goldberg and David French call for a “Reaganite” third party."

First, review the math:

74+ million voted for Trump– a tally that grew from the previous cycle. 80+ million voted for Biden. So 154 million voters [one of whom was French himself] cast their ballots opposing an ideology being proposed as a basis for a “third party.”

Which should lead anyone to conclude that these two losers are trying to peddle a pooch-poop sandwich on stale bread and will try anything to remain relevant.

But the tail no longer wags the dog. Thank God.

French and Goldberg may soon have to go out and actually make a living. The nation does need truckdrivers and longshoremen and waiters and burger flippers... etc.

Dead ideologue peddlers, not so much.

Jim Eagle

Big sleep improvement over last night where I got up at 11:30PM and stayed that way until I went to be last night around 8PM.

Today I woke at 0530hrs. read some, fed the Beagles, took them outside, read some more, had a cuppa and just know scrolled down all the news fit to submit.

Another pretty sunrise through low scattered crowds over the sea where you get these little slits of orange, pink and red.

So, Good Morning, Goede Morgen, Buenos Dias, Bonjour, Buon Giorno, Gunaydin and finally доброе утро (Dobroye Utro)in Russian.


Good morning!


Colin Powell dead ov COVID.


An interesting thing about Twitter. If Biden or a member of his cabinet get a bunch of critical replies, the critical replies get sorted to the bottom of the list and the replies supporting the commie end up at the top.

I happened to notice this today reading a tweet by a guy who was being critical of Buttigieg's appearance on CNN. There were all of these fawning replies at the top, and then after about 20 replies, criticisms and insults appeared and continued for a long time, all agreeing with the guy. It seems that Twitter has some sort of alert system to push critics of Biden and his minions down the page.


China denies report of hypersonic missile test, says tested space vehicle http://reut.rs/3pdvPbO



Includes Bill Gates and Jaime Diamond.


Video at the link.

"Stop treating us like animals and thugs, and start treating us with respect!"

NY Police Association head Mike O’Meara defends the honor of cops, tells media to stop “vilifying” police.

They put their lives on the line daily. Thank you #BackTheBluepic.twitter.com/0K2lWhzRsJ

— American🇺🇸Alley (@American_Alley2) October 18, 2021
Jim Eagle


I guess when you are 84, you don't have much of a chance with CoVid. Shame, he was a decent man who rose through the ranks. Not that easy back then in the early 50's and 60's.

May God rest your soul in peace.


Jane gave us the heads up this morning. Here's the story from The Hill:


He was fully vaccinated.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--"Jonah Goldberg and David French call for a “Reaganite” third party."--

As an outsider businessman and entertainer who turned to politics as a later forum, Reagan had more than a bit of the populist in him and, like a true conservative, adjusted his politics to the times in order to effect the maximum liberty and the most politically feasible limitations on government.
So I strongly suspect, were he alive he would be siding with we the Deplorables against these two repulsive grifters and their reptilian ilk.

Old Lurker

SBW "OL: The lesson is you have to be good at both.

Too glib, OL, for not describing the depth of mendacity of the Deep State that Trump was up against."

If somebody was glib, it was you, SBW. The mendacity of the Deep State, known to every poster at JOM for the last fifteen years to one degree or another, certainly from the era of the rise and fall of the Tea Party, should not have come as a surprise to the commander of a force attempting to change that, nor to the top dozen or so of his hand picked team of leaders assembled to do that. One man with enough strength of character can run a real estate empire bearing his name, but nobody can change the direction of the Deep State without a team of true believers helping him. It took 56 such "top men" to launch the Republic in the first place. Can you name, say, five leaders of stature who Trump could count on in 2016? 2020? 2021?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--He was fully vaccinated.--

Not sure whether to say "unpossible" or "son of a bitch, some selfish unvaccinated person musta got to him".
Considering his expressed views about people he disagreed with from our section of the political spectrum I'm less sure of his decency than JiB.


Manuel Bojorquez
has confirmed the FBI is on the ground assisting in the hostage negotiations in Haiti, per @jeffpeguescbs

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As a man despised for decades as "a short fingered vulgarian" by the likes of duck-tailed, ruling class, dandified fops like Graydon Carter I'm reasonably sure Trump was not caught by surprise by the hostility of the soft, slender fingered, poisonous lizards he found infesting DC.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Considering recent and not so recent events, can someone clarify which side the FBI is assisting?


former police sargeant barbecue is my best guess,

as I've said before, neocons lost the plot when they forgot military intervention was the first tool in the kit,


as if graydon carter, was a judge of anything, he was very good for covering up the money laundering scheme between wexner and epstein,



Miranda Devine skewers Buttigieg, Biden and Psaki.



I will try to find out. You're right; if I were related to those missionaries I would be a bit nervous.


R.I.P. Colin Powell, 84. Dead from Covid complications… HE WAS FULLY VACINATED.

‘First we’re going to cut it off. Then we’re going to kill it.’


Iggy- 'So I strongly suspect, were he alive he would be siding with we the Deplorables against these two repulsive grifters and their reptilian ilk.'

Agree. Never let the grifting ideologue-types forget: he voted for FDR.



Curtis Sliwa for NYC Mayor
· 13h
As NYC Mayor, I will do everything in my power to ensure that no building, statue, or street is named in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s honor.

He has destroyed our City for the past 8 years, as well desecrated statues of our founding leaders.

Mayor de Blasio’s legacy is a disgrace.
Joel Fischer
Just for this reason itself you should vote for @CurtisSliwa.


I once stayed at a friend's compound in France where the Powells were also guests. I found him very engaging. I think he was less so as Sec of Defense.


Powell was incredibly well liked on both sides. That seems to be a rarity.

French and Goldberg have pretty much lost any credibility I think. I would be surprised if they had any followers. They certainly destroyed NR.


like akhenaton, was that the story, re mayor bane,


"They Lie. About Everything."

"Four calls. That’s what led to an avalanche of hyped-up media reports on ivermectin."



Small, but important, detail.

Mathew Ingram
Seeing a lot of news alerts and headlines saying Colin Powell died of COVID while vaccinated, but virtually none of them mention that he had a massive co-morbidity: multiple myeloma, or blood cancer. This kind of thing is part of the problem



An upstate New Yorker bearing an uncanny resemblance to Brian Laundrie had a rude awakening when US Marshals on the hunt for the fugitive pulled their guns on him during a nap on the Appalachian Trail.


their version of haley





Former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad forced to leave UAE - report


Ronald Kelly
We’re facing a supply chain crisis and this has nothing do to with Covid. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California handle 40% of US-bound container ship cargoes and under the new California emissions standards, trucks cannot be older than 3 years

Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 @mtgreenee
The Reconciliation bill is the Green New Deal & that’s how we should refer to it.

It’s climate scam socialist programs, green energy that won’t keep the lights & heat on, and CCP supplied EV batteries.

It’s America-last & will hurt the poor the most & make everyone more poor. twitter.com/jsolomonReport…




day ending in y



why would you ever let him in,


"I'm reasonably sure Trump was not caught by surprise by the hostility ..."

Before his candidacy Trump was not a Rush style "conservative" and probably a member in good standing with the "Elite".

When they turned on Trump like rabid dogs, it would surprise me if it didn't surprise him.

For me it is a better explanation ... because for all the bullshit about how we here at the JOMs could see how bad it was, that is hindsight blindness. I was very fukin surprised at how bad it really was and I thought it was very very bad at the time.


Virginia Parents Announce 'Not a Domestic Terrorist' March in Washington


Is it me or is ti true that Maryland nuclear engineer, Jonathan Toebbe, looks like Trotsky


I don't think you look like Trotsky at all Neo.

So I'll have to go with Toebbe.


Knowing what I know now ... would I have ever voted for McCain or Romnney?

Would you?

It is simply not rational to say or imply that "everybody knew".


Those unintended consequences

Pakistan's own Taliban movement, which had in years past waged a violent campaign against the Islamabad government, has been emboldened by the return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

They seem to be preparing to retake control of the tribal regions that they lost nearly seven years ago in a major operation by Pakistan's military. Pakistani Taliban are already increasing their influence. Local contractors report Taliban-imposed surcharges on every contract and the killing of those who defy them.


Wow. A LOT to digest:



DHS Whistleblower going public at noon eastern…






COVID vaccine causing AIDs

Gee I’m shocked -not.


In the interview, Steele insisted that his claim that Michael Cohen, then Trump's self-described fixer, traveled to Prague in 2016 for secret meetings with Russian officials is true.

C​ohen denied the claim and the FBI found no evidence of a meeting. ​

Cohen, who has since broken ties with Trump, told ABC News that "I eagerly await his next secret dossier which proves the existence of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and that Elvis is still alive."



Rick Ballard


It is best to read Port of Long Beach Statistics thoroughly prior to examining political claims regarding the number of container ships at anchor in SoCal waters. The YOY TEU count increased by 24% this year.

I'm quite sure the California Green Death initiatives will continue to destroy the California economy but I don't consider the Long Beach parking problem to be indicative of much more than poor scheduling. The logistics really isn't rocket surgery.


Are the extra two years just to learn all the pronouns?

Eric Bott @BottAFP

.⁦@WPR⁩ and ⁦@UWMadison⁩ shifting the Overton window to make us believe that graduating within 6 yrs is a good thing. It’s not. It puts students into greater debt and deprives our economy of needed talent.



Canada Bans Public Employees from Using 'Let's Go Brandon'

Instead, they would like Public Employees to concentrate on fulfilling the quest to "Drink Canada Dry"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I agree with the Canucks.
I say "Let's Go _____!" should be locale specific.
For instance in the Great White North it should be "Let's Go Justin!"
Here in CA, it's "Let's Go Gavin!"
Who would you like to encourage in your area with a hearty "Let's Go!"

Old Lurker

You weren't running for POTUS claiming you knew how to fix it, were you Boris?



matt - deplore me if you must

What I find interesting is that every death of a "non-compromised" unvaccinated individual is reported as front page news.

"Mom & Dad tell children goodbye and regret not getting vaccinated" seems to be the general tenor of the stories.

And the media have yet to do a comprehensive deep dive into the statistics after 19 frigging months. Don't you find that odd?

After 19 months they should have dialed it in and yet up until Saturday Fauci the Grinch was warning against spending time together at Christmas. I guess that didn't poll well. One mask? Two masks? Red mask? Blue mask?

Was in a fancy restaurant in LA on Saturday with the kids and a big show of staff mailing but everyone else in the place was unmasked. It's all a farce.

We still don't know what we don't know and the farce continues. China has completely and very successfully stonewalled any and all efforts to get to the root cause of the epidemic, for which they should be banned from polite company.

We seem to have become a complete two tier society where the elites do their thing and ever more forcefully attempt to subjugate the proles to tyranny.

Heil Biden!


I am just saying trump could very well have been unaware that the 'Sacred" U.S. government would break their own laws and defile the constitution to take him down.


boris, who could have predicted the amount of perfidy in the Deep State? Last week's DOJ action on McCabe shows it continues.



Old Lurker

My bet is he knew it, but thought he could build an ice rink in a weekend and a skyscraper in a week, all the time surrounded by crooks and government foot draggers and every stage of the process.


Based on what happened with the economy, the border and the Middle East under Trump ... he apparently was able to do what neither Obama nor Brandon could or can do.

I think your thinking on what he was thinking might be more derisive than warranted.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

After the Tea Party elicited spittle flecked reactions and long knives from both sides of the aisle, no rational person thought intense "hostility" was not going to be a factor.
The meteoric plunge of our culture into open, nutbar Marxism and the ludicrous lengths to which the swamp would go to derail him and us however must have surprised just about everyone, conspiratorial nutbar Marxist progs included, I bet.

Old Lurker

Boris, great as those things were and they were, he did them outside of normal (before Obama at least) procedures, leaving the swamp in place with every critter in it plotting how to eat him.

And I do not mean to be derisive of him or his efforts and will vote for him a third time, but the world is as the world is.

Clarice, from Obama and the Clintons, it was seen how corrupt were the DoJ, FBI, IRS, State, EPA, and etc, and how quickly and energetically they had all been weaponize away from their Constitutional fences. So he went in knowing what the lady was..., he thought he could negotiate a better price.

Old Lurker

And of course he knew from J. Roberts ObamaCare creativity what a sham the Courts were.

Old Lurker

Iggy "The meteoric plunge of our culture into open, nutbar Marxism and the ludicrous lengths..."

Tru Dat. That width and depth of THAT was a shock...and is still a shock.




Powell had multiple myeloma.

Multiple myeloma is also known as Kahler’s disease and plasma cell neoplasm. It is a type of plasma cell cancer. Plasma cells are a type of white blood cell that produces antibodies to fight against infections in the body.

This is probably one of the worst possible co-morbidities


Multiple myeloma is a death sentence by itself, though people can live 5-10 years with it before it kills them. But probably not 84 year olds.



The Port Authorities on the west coast, and unquestionably Miami as well, have restricted both truck access hours, and requiring long waits on site for loading appointments, so long that driver hours are wasted sitting versus the allowed daily hours permitted by the Electronic Log Book.

Who’s swinging at anchor is a readily checked data point on the Marine Map.


The Supremes just doubled down on Qualified Immunity for law enforcement.

This is what a STASI relies on. (A certain Capitol policeman comes to mind).


'no rational person thought intense "hostility" was not going to be a factor'

How intense? Zero ? No, but aside from hostility, it's been a level of law breaking, sabotage, and perfidy unseen in our lifetimes.

But hey anyone can say Trump shoulda known. Unconvinced and unpersuaded am I.

What happened to the Tea party was telling in hindsight but not really comparable.

Most here voted, however reluctantly, for McCain and Romney as did Rush. IMO anyone who did is fooling themselves if they now say they new back then how bad it really was.


... knew back then ...

matt - deplore me if you must

Never before have the worms come out of the woodwork as they have done over the past 20 years.

When the establishment aligns itself against mom and Uncle Bob in the Tea Party and begins inquisitions of Tea Tary organizations all bets are off. They then compounded it with the greatest propaganda campaign ever in this country beginning the day Trump announced his candidacy.

They were terrified that a lot mouthed real estate developer who could get things done was taking on the old boy/old girl network. As long as he was contributing to their campaigns things were fine but the moment he actually enunciated a pro-America policy that might endanger their gravy trains the long knives were out.

The layer of Marxist coercion was always there but wasn't noticeable by most of us until they all came out of the closet in 2015-16. Even then, is was more the Bill & Hillary cabal of corruption that we were fearful of.

Now we see the natural evolution of their demented philosophy.


Veritas Drop.

BREAKING: @DHSgov Insider Who Exposed ‘Reasonable Fear’ Migrant Asylum Loophole GOES PUBLIC!

“This is going to be the biggest change to immigration policy in my lifetime. It’s being done without anybody knowing” – Aaron Stevenson

#ExposeDHS pic.twitter.com/YLub803lTT



the huntress triggered their donald sutherland reflex from body snatchers,

btw the ending doesn't make sense, he was on the run, apparently reemerges in san francisco, observing everything then goes all white wraith shreak,


honestly legoland and the box, mi6 and mi5 have lost the plot



well more about the beat cop, who were the target of susan rosenberg's wurlitzer,


the qualified immunity bit, so I guess they will double down on 'defund the police'


the likes of christopher steele and tomlinson who burned him and their box associate, shayler who turned into a transgender 9/11 denialists suggest there is something seriously wrong in the british security services,


like the proverbial 'trying to teach french to a pig'







mortars vs tear gas, let me see



another surprise for the security services,



well you can't blame them, they saw the pipeline hack, and guess you can get a 'piece of the action'


Can you name, say, five leaders of stature who Trump could count on in 2016? 2020? 2021?

OL, I think we are both going to have to plead guilty to being glib. But, while Jommers that the Deep State was mendacious, I don’t believe we all appreciated the breadth and depth of depravity.

For that, we must all compliment Trump for knowingly or unknowingly plumbing the depths and mapping the terrain.
For that, we must all compliment Trump for knowingly or unknowingly plumbing the depths and mapping the terrain.

matt - deplore me if you must

VDH has a scathing article in American Greatness today on our unaccountable and politicized military. typed won't let me link.


for the win:


Old Lurker

"OL, I think we are both going to have to plead guilty to being glib."

Copy that, SBW, especially your last paragraph.

It is fair to say, as to "glib", that stems a lot from having discussed these things over and over again with each other for so many years that we could easily communicate by my saying X and your response would be Y - I meaning really saying "X" and you reply "Y" and we would both know the discussion we just had, knowing that X stood for my three paragraphs and Y stood for yours.

So we only seem glib to newbies unfamiliar with the code.



UK Sprinklegate.
" e says the decision is a huge deal for his business and also “very f***ing annoying.”

Customers often ask for raspberry glazed donut cookies or a “Birthday Bruce” (a towering slab of 12-layer chocolate cake), Myers said. Both of them prominently feature the outlawed sprinkles.

The doughnut cookies, Myers added, “are not only our best-selling cookie, but they’re utterly sensational.” But for now, they’re off the menu.

“It is HIGHLY unlikely that we will find any legal sprinkles that we will use as a replacement,” Myers wrote. “British sprinkles just aren’t the same, they’re totally s*** and I hate them.”

He added: “I am extremely passionate about sprinkles.”

The State is extremely passionate about saving people from trace amounts of Red No. #3."



we are in the stupidest timeline davod



in the opening to casino royale, bond takes out the section chief, who one assumes is working for spectre, in real life, tomlinson, resigns the service, burns 150 of his colleagues including steele, and his future fusion hireling burrows,

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