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October 16, 2021


Old Lurker

Mel, and in DC-speak, GOPe will say "we got $600 raised to $10,000, aren't we GREAT" because words, day mean nuthin.


Looks like they may have found Brian Laundrie’s body. No confirmation yet.


Global Society of Idiots Day.


Today on International Pronouns Day, we share why many people list pronouns on their email and social media profiles. Read more here on @ShareAmerica: go.usa.gov/xMzhX.


JUST IN - Senator Joe Manchin is reportedly considering leaving the Democratic Party - reports.



Since his state is republican, Manchin would be smart to do it. And just like that - the majority is gone!

Old Lurker

Naw, Jane, the Dems will take Romney and one other undesignated R in trade, just to teach lessons all around.



And for the extra cynical, the Manchin chatter will be seen as a fundraising scheme aimed at Schumie.


Look who wants another chance at the brass ring!

Bloomberg Politics
Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants a new investigation into allegations that he sexually harassed nearly a dozen women trib.al/VdZbTMZ


Link goes to tweet with a BBerg story that's obviously paywalled.

Jim Eagle

Let's put it this way: There are more RINO's in the Senate than DINO's (Manchin and maybe,perhaps, Sinema).


My earlier comment about Super Horse before superglue, was related to old horses being turned into glue.



Would you rather have Manchin or Romney?


"Buttigieg says supply-chain issues will ‘certainly’ continue into next year"

Just in time to be resolved before the next elections.


Manchin says he will become “independent”, not Republican. I assume that keeps Schumer in charge.

I think it’s a fundraising scam — grab easy MAGA money while enabling progs.


Davod- yes, got it -re super horse to suepr glue.

My reference to 'Super Duper' refers to $2000 is $1400, 100% is 90%, lyin', 18 wheeler-driving you-know-who in and from Scranton this week.

Not Wilmington- until the weekend. ;-)


46-46 new polling Data on the VA race.

We shall see…


'Manchin says he will become “independent”, not Republican.'

He represents the second poorest state in America and lives on a $700,000 yacht named 'Almost Heaven'-- [how far is WVa., from DC???]

He outta change the name to 'Indecision.'

matt - deplore me if you must

A $700K yacht in DC is probably a reasonable alternative to the ridiculous home prices. Besides, he can sail up the river to Harper's Ferry for constituent services if need be.


New thread.


Matt- not really- look at a map; WVA ain't much of a train ride from DC. And sharing a place in DC works. Iy's not like he's from CA.


It's an endless source of amusement to read some other conservative ideologues 'pontificating' with whines on another outlet over what a lousy POTUS swamp creature Biden is when they were warned but still abandoned their party's nominee and voted for him because they didn't like The Donald's persona.

They bought him; they own him. Republicans cnnot allow these conservative ideologues- the French,, Goldberg, Will, Charen, Cheney, neocon-never-Trump-NR types etc., anywhere close to helming the party. Their time has passed. Pragmatic Populism rules; the ideological tail no longer wags the dog.


What? Was no one going to herd us to the new thread? How rude!

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