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November 17, 2021



I’m worried. This seems like too long.

Old Lurker

Jack, I think MM was correcting the 25 year Pfizer lady to 15 years

Old Lurker

Jane "I’m worried. This seems like too long."

I LIVE worried.

Nothing political has gone the way I wanted since the day Trump got elected.

And no (per your earlier joke), Biden is not welcome at my house on Nantucket. A grouchy old man already lives there.


FBI actors in action outside the Kenosha courthouse.


Jane, re- another high profile' case, lest you forget:

One of the most shocking parts of the O.J. Simpson trial was the fact that the jury only deliberated for four hours. That's including a lunch break.

The verdict: Not Guilty.


Jane, I'm worried also. Did you have rain all day? I've been doing laundry, reading and keeping an eye on the trial all day.
I noticed that Justin of Canada visited Biden today. Why? British Columbia has a flooding disaster and Trudeau is here with Biden?

Jim Eagle

Off to the club for dinner. Keep this place hot!

Back in a while.

Let's Go Brandon!


Now snowing in Kenosha. Not accumulating, so the snowball fight option is off the table.


Brendan Gutenschwager
Police have just detained a man for carrying a firearm within 1000 feet of Reuther High School, across the park from the courthouse #RittenhouseTrial #Kenosha

https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status ... 7366683651


Neo, that megaphone guy’s hat and carhardt jacket are brand new…. definitely a fed.


Melinda, open carry is fine, just not at a school or airport. If the guy had a concealed carry license, he could carry open or concealed past a school. Wish I could read his tshirt, it had a novel written on it.





It was a knife he was carrying, not a "firearm".


A WI cc license covers “weapons”, not restricted to firearms.


It's the Federal school rule that tripped him up.


Meet the NBC Producer Trying to Expose Jurors to Doxxing in Rittenhouse Case



You have to know a school is there. Until the first guy got chased off yesterday, I didn’t know a school was there.


Kamala Harris' comms director Ashley Etienne LEAVES her team following reports staff are furious and the VP is being sidelined by Biden


after nice, this would be the new thing



cringe like this, can replace windmills


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Classic narcissist trait.
They don't really know or understand how humans behave so they try to mirror and mimic us as best they can.
They often are not too good at it.


The Blame Game:

Joe changes strategy after driving a $100,000 electric car his imaginary 'lunch bucket' throngs cannot afford; lambasts oil companies for high gasoline prices... not inflation... or Covid.

Always somebody else's fault for the malaise.

Welcome to the 1970s.

Dave (in MA)
You'd think that Mme. Etienne would have advised her boss against doing a wacky Frawnch accent in front of the frogs a week or so back.

cruel but fair


these are bolivia, venezuelan zimbabwe signposts,



Aren't we supposed to respect her pri-va-see?


'Kamala Harris' comms director Ashley Etienne LEAVES her team following reports staff are furious and the VP is being sidelined by Biden'

Maybe she wants to fill the gig at MSNBC after they fire Joy Reid.


Rain, rain rain Marline. I’ve barely been outdoors.

OL, where the hell would Brandon stay on Nantucket? I cant think of anyplace big enough. He should go to the Vineyard and stay with his director.



Breaking: The masked man in black bloc who was arrested while allegedly carrying a knife and gun outside the #Kenosha courthouse is Jonathan David Clark. He crossed multiple state lines to get to the direct action. #Rittenhouse



From Kentucky. Has pierced earlobes.


data had more empathy then these characters, heck so did roy batty




The Wauwinet, Jane. That would be my guess.

Chuck Callesto
BREAKING REPORT: Bank of America Initiates Pilot Program SEPARATING VACCINATED From Unvaccinated Employees...




the jury is now home until tomorrow am when deliberations will continue. The jury asked if they cold take their jury instructions home (over 30 pages), judge agreed.

hoping kenosha stays peaceful no matter the verdict, but hopeful for some kind of conviction.


30 pages of legal mumbojumbo? No wonder it’s taking so long.


Sheesh Melinda. I’ve been to Nantucket at least 100 times and never seen that - that I recall. Where on the island isit?


well then



it cobvolutrex, there shouldn't be more than a page or two of instructions,


that occurred to me



The holdup is the jury president. See full thread.


First question I want answered -- who is Juror 54? Profile as pro-pros. or pro-def? What has demeanor been during trial, especially when Rittenhouse testified and during pros. closing.



North Sconset, closer to Sankaty Head.


This place, Jane:



I don't think he'd choose The White Elephant, but I could be wrong.


a deep dive



BenjaminT /Boycott 2022 Genocide Olympics
Guojie Zhang, a BGI (funded by Gates Foundation) employee, worked with a PLA lab on research exposing MONKEYS 😡 to extreme altitude to study their brains & develop new drugs to help Chinese troops operating on high plateau borders.


Reuters @Reuters
Exclusive: A Chinese professor at the University of Copenhagen conducted genetic research with the Chinese military without disclosing the connection, the university told @Reuters reut.rs/3DB8KV6 via @KirstyLNeedham @StineBuch




The difference between Zac Stacy and JoJo Rosenbaum is that the latter rushed in cubits.



Juror 54 is just the person speaking for the whole jury elected by the jury. The writing looks like that of a woman.


Reuters Legal
CORRECTION: U.S. prosecutors announced sex-trafficking charges alleging that girls and young women were coerced to have sex with Apollo Carreon Quiboloy, the founder of Kingdom of Jesus Christ church reut.rs/3cpuXt5 (we deleted an earlier tweet with the wrong photo)



Matthew Schafer
Project Veritas obtains prior restraint against NY Times.



If they convict based on that video - which we’ll never know ,it should be a mistrial.


Like I said, I don’t usually comment on sports ball, but everyone could see that Zac Stacy would eventually be picked up by the Tennessee…

Bureau of Investigation and US Marshals.


who was the one who was caught striking someone in an elevator





Move the decimal point to the right a few positions.


and if you believe that's all it will cost...



oh really





very interesting


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Something I forgot to reply to a couple of days ago;
clarice, the tribe of Levi did receive cities and pastureland from the other tribes but not large blocs of land because they were the tribe of priests. Aaron's descendants were a clan within the tribe of Levi.
They also were given a chunk of the tithe because they were the priestly tribe.


Well, I've neither received my portion of the tithes nor any pastureland. who so I sue?


who Do I sue?

Dave (in MA)


— Dave (in MA) (@DaveinMA) November 19, 2021
matt - deplore me if you must

Clarice, I believe the government department that handles African American reparations and Pigford might be a good place to start. The other option is the department that writes $450K check to illegal aliens. I hope that helps.

I wonder if there is a Department of NINA for all us Micks.

matt - deplore me if you must

The tribe of Levi also got the denim concession and did very well out of it.


At my son’s!





No one is sure what’s causing these spells, according to my son.

This is why a large portion of IU’s geriatric practice was in my room today. My son thinks so, anyway.

I will go to bed now and read on son’s iPad for a bit. Might check in from time to time. Got McCarthy on tv now.



Read narc’s 8:47 thread. Interesting contracting by Kenosha DA.



Yes it is . Hmmmmm.


You can look at this if you wish. I know it’s become pervasive over the last 10 months.



I'm pretty sure the video--the clear one--was taken off a Fox news program and the prosecutors simply erased the Fox chyron. How they got a blurred version I've no idea.

jim nj

I suppose it's not unusual for a company that knows how to do something well thinks it can transfer that knowledge to a related business. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


"This Is Code Red": Here's How Zillow's Home-Flipping AI Triggered Judgement Day For Real Estate Firm

"In the spring, Zillow execs and managers huddled for a tense meeting, according to a person who attended. While the company was making more money than anticipated on flips, they were on track to miss their annual target for the number of homes purchased - falling behind top competitor, Opendoor.

"This is code red," said Joshua Swift, senior vice president of Zillow Offers, during the virtual meeting.

Following the meeting, Zillow hatched "Project Ketchup," designed to speed up the volume of home purchases by purchasing more homes on an accelerated basis - and making offers which were well above what the company's own algorithm predicted as a fair market value, according to people familiar with what happened."

"Code red" and "Project Ketchup" seem appropriate names for the subsequent blood-bath that resulted. "Hey the AI is working, we just need to move a lot faster, right?" Meanwhile, some lower-level employee is thinking to himself, "I'd never pay THAT much for THAT house."

So let's see how CVS does.


US chain CVS closing 900 drugstores to focus on health services

"CVS, one of the largest pharmacy chains in the US, is planning to close 900 shops over the next three years.

That represents nearly a tenth of its outlets.

Its remaining stores, which sell a wide range of consumer goods and snack foods, will be beefed up to offer more in-person health services.

Through the pandemic, Americans have grown increasingly accustomed to accessing advice, testing and vaccinations at their local drugstore."

Hmm. I hope CVS doesn't know something about the booster shots that we don't. Yeah, CVS is convenient to me, being right across the street, but going there for primary healthcare seems a stretch. And, yes, they now own a healthcare insurer and may be looking for some synergies by pushing people into the stores that way, but...

OTOH, with the shoplifting problems at drugstores in California, and elsewhere, they probably already have a list of stores that will never again be profitable that will be top candidates for closure.


CLARICE, this horse shit if earlier than ANY 101 LAW CLASS. Criminal case DESTROYED by KENOSHA CLOWN CIRCUS INEPTITUDE. Numerous CASES of PROSECUTORIAL malfeasance/and obvious CASES OF MISTRIAL w) clearly clearly PREJUDICE. The FBI/KENOSHA CLOWN SHOW STATES OFFICE/KENOSHA D.A.Little BOY, Not able PROSECUTION malfeasance, is EPIC.
The JUDGE "SCHROEDER" may indeed be holding the 4 requests for MISTRIAL WITH PREJUDICE, but this whole SHIT SHOW is embarrassing.

jim nj

"No one is sure what’s causing these spells, according to my son.

This is why a large portion of IU’s geriatric practice was in my room today. My son thinks so, anyway."


I'm sorry to hear that, but I think your son's impression is probably correct.

I wonder if you're a Covid long-hauler now. I remember you mentioning that you thought you had been exposed to it. Is that possibility in the diagnostic mix?

jim nj


Booming Retail Sales Don't Necessarily Signal "Strong Economy"

I was thinking of this a few days ago.

"First, retail sales aren’t inflation-adjusted. The data just reflects the amount of money Americans spent on retail goods. It is as much an inflation indicator as it is a sign of strong buying patterns."

The raw number doesn't indicate if people are buying more stuff or just paying more for the same stuff, or even less stuff.

"The Wall Street Journal claimed retail sales rose “despite high inflation.” No. Retail sales rose because of high inflation. And clearly, buying less and paying more isn’t great economic news."

I concur.

jim nj


Is The US Shale Patch Refusing To Pump For Political Reasons?

OPEC tried to bankrupt these people by increasing production and driving the price of petroleum products down. And the over-leveraged ones did fail.

Some investors and banks lost their investments.

And banks, pressured by "green" groups, cut their funding for shale production.

So, no, it's not political.

The remaining producers, after the game of "whack-a-mole," bought out what reserves were left and they're not going to produce at prices that they can't profit from.

It's economic. If they ramp up production quickly they can expect OPEC, the banks and the "greens" to come after them again.

They'll produce what's profitable and leave the other now known less profitable reserves in the ground until the price goes up and stays up.

jim nj

A year or so ago I noticed, while riding a bus past, that an established downtown McDonald's was being razed. Odd I thought, that place was popular, I wonder what they're going to build in its place.

And it's diagonally across the street from White Manna, a burger joint that can trace its origin to the 1939 NY World's fair.


So they put a second one in Hackensack in 1946. It's dinky. Maybe they have ten stools around the fry space. And McDonald's across the street lost to them and got razed?

Nah. I was downtown today/yesterday and
found out that the replacement for the McDonald's was a new McDonald's. At least that's what the signage indicates.

Go figure. Good luck trying to staff that sucker now.

Jim Eagle

I have no idea why I can't sleep past 0200hrs but I can't but I am so tired I could fall asleep if only I could:)

Big story is about a pile of bricks:


jim nj


Go look at the moon. Lunar eclipse happening now.

jim nj


Can't believe I stayed up this late to look at the moon.

Jack Lillywhite

Too cloudy, Jim.


I have a full moon here. No eclipse that I can see.

Another Bob

When did it become legally OK to pass evidence around on mobile phones, and sites like Dropbox, and process it with tools like Handbrake that are specifically intended to alter that evidence?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The eclipse was between 10 and 2 this am.


The videos Pelosi is trying to hide.


Another Bob

Oh, for some color…

Handbrake is video transcoding software. Used primarily to rip DVDs to files playable on a computer, and to convert between video formats.

If you need your video to meet some specific requirements, Handbrake does require some know how, and you can make your video quality worse in the process.


There were TWO video editing software suites on the DA's evidenciary laptop, Handbrake and another one.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The old joke about making your losses up on volume presumes you're losing money in the first place and proceed to lose even more, usually because you have a bad business model and won't or don't change it.

Zillow's special genius was to be making money but wanting to keep up with the Jones's so bad they knowingly changed their profitable business model to a losing one and were astonished when they didn't make the new losses up on volume.
Who knew that losing large amounts of money to prospectively gain market share in a business niche you have little experience in contained considerable risk?
My catchphrase grows ever more useful in these times of mass idiocy;
What did they think was going to happen?


"Format Factory"

And go read narciso's link at 8:47 PM, last night.

Rittenhouse's defense lawyers need to see this now.


Camera Catches Video Conversion Software 'Handbrake' and 'Format Factory' on Prosecution's Laptop

A video compression software can be seen installed on a laptop used by the prosecution during closing arguments of the Rittenhouse trial.



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think the epithet "Nifong Jr" has already been slapped on someone, though I can't remember who, but it should have been reserved for this Laurel and Hardy tag team of Kenosha DAs.


Ayers got off on less egregious prosecution mistakes.



Someone tagged Kraus with the hashtag "Fatlock". Still can't decide whether "Lunchbox" or that one is the funnier one.


there is no chain of custody with that evidence, yes ratcatcher, that was gillen's other role in maze runner, is as apt,


This looks nice.

THREAD - Food Supply Collapse

My family are currently in positions of plant manager and quality assurance manager in poultry plants. I can say for certain that the current situation is more dire than most people think- and we may see a near total collapse of the food supply.



wow that was an extraordinary stupid move, but this what happens when skynet does the buy orders,


yikes, is this the soylent green plan


the beck explanation of gain of function, is exactly what the villain did in I pilgrim, splicing mouse genes into an smallpox sample, neutralizing any antibodies,


this is why norma doesn't want the tapes released,



Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
The country's level of awareness has changed dramatically in the last few years. Examples:

We used to think it was only the other side's news that was fake.

We used to think official data was mostly honest and sufficiently accurate.

We used to think "never again" was serious. China taught us it was only a slogan.

Many people thought the 2nd amendment didn't offer any real protection from our own government. See Australia.

We used to believe some humans make decisions based on facts and reason.

We used to think courts ensured fair elections. Now we know they don't hear those cases. (The Left still thinks they do.)

We used to believe in an objective reality, but now all evidence suggests none of us can see such a thing if it exists at all. We see our own movies.

The "Fine People Hoax" and the "Covington Kids Hoax" and the "Drinking Bleach Hoax" taught us that a devious video edit can reverse the speaker's meaning and easily dupe the public.

The Russia Collusion Hoax taught us there is no limit to government corruption.



Melinda, for the militant vegans that run FDA, shutting down meat processing is a victory.


Jim Eagle. I rarely sleep for more than two hours at a time, so I took to watching films and TV shows in bed on my IPAD (I have a hospital bed and place the IPAD on the over bed table).

It is a chicken and egg thing with me. Do I lie in bed waiting to fall asleep, or do I watch something? If I watch something, will I stay awake instead of nodding off.

It was only when I was re-watching a movie later that I found that it was like watching a new movie. The first time I watched the movie, I must have slept longer than normal and missed a large part of the film.

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