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November 24, 2021



Best wishes to all JOMers today

Especially Jib.

MM, I am kinda watching the parade in the background. I have seen every type of character shuffling down the street except pilgrims.

Can I have just one?

Also noteworthy for me, I know not a single celebrity performing.


Not a hoax?

OK. An insurrection.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Even after the authors of the hoax begin to be indicted and the evidence of its falsity is laid bare these bastards bitterly cling to their empty pop guns and their irreligion.
EFFEMALL as a friend once put it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Speaking of guys bitterly clinging to their guns and religion;
The First National Thanksgiving Proclamation via the Continental Congress;
November 1, 1777
FORASMUCH as it is the indispensable Duty of all Men to adore the superintending Providence of
Almighty God; to acknowledge with Gratitude their Obligation to him for Benefits received, and to
implore such farther Blessings as they stand in Need of: And it having pleased him in his abundant
Mercy, not only to continue to us the innumerable Bounties of his common Providence; but also to
smile upon us in the Prosecution of a just and necessary War, for the Defense and Establishment
of our unalienable Rights and Liberties; particularly in that he hath been pleased, in so great a
Measure, to prosper the Means used for the Support of our Troops, and to crown our Arms with
most signal success:
It is therefore recommended to the legislative or executive Powers of these UNITED STATES to
set apart THURSDAY, the eighteenth Day of December next, for SOLEMN THANKSGIVING and
PRAISE: That at one Time and with one Voice, the good People may express the grateful Feelings
of their Hearts, and consecrate themselves to the Service of their Divine Benefactor; and that,
together with their sincere Acknowledgments and Offerings, they may join the penitent Confession
of their manifold Sins, whereby they had forfeited every Favor; and their humble and earnest
Supplication that it may please GOD through the Merits of JESUS CHRIST, mercifully to forgive
and blot them out of Remembrance; That it may please him graciously to afford his Blessing on the
Governments of these States respectively, and prosper the public Council of the whole: To inspire
our Commanders, both by Land and Sea, and all under them, with that Wisdom and Fortitude
which may render them fit Instruments, under the Providence of Almighty GOD, to secure for these
United States, the greatest of all human Blessings, INDEPENDENCE and PEACE: That it may
please him, to prosper the Trade and Manufactures of the People, and the Labor of the
Husbandman, that our Land may yield its Increase: To take Schools and Seminaries of Education,
so necessary for cultivating the Principles of true Liberty, Virtue and Piety, under his nurturing
Hand; and to prosper the Means of Religion, for the promotion and enlargement of that Kingdom,
which consisteth "in Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost."
And it is further recommended, That servile Labor, and such Recreation, as, though at other Times
innocent, may be unbecoming the Purpose of this Appointment, be omitted on so solemn an

Sure sound like a bunch of agnostics, deists and pantheists to me.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sorry about the formatting.


Soooo true::

Laughable if it wasn't so true.

ᖇ. ᔕᑕOTT ᔕIᑕᗩᖇIO 2.0 @SicarioScott
Meanwhile.... Our MSM..... 🤣



speaking of a turkey, larger than a womprat, pinnette, now silva made the fiction plausible, le carre could not



I don’t know a single celebrity, either:


Let's wear that as a badge of honor MM.

Popular culture as it is being pushed isn't worth much.


ran into someone at the auto shop, who has met christopher walken in nashville, on several occasions,



More than 9 million smartphones infected with Cynos malware

Chinese smartphone vendor Huawei has temporarily removed 190 Android games from its official AppGallery app store after it received a report from Russian security firm Dr.Web that the apps contained an overly aggressive monetization library that was collecting extensive details from users’ devices.



how do you say shocking in mandarin?


Physicists have created a new type of diamond by crushing buckyballs

A new form of diamond created in the lab is as strong as natural diamond and better able to withstand heat



oh really,



Massachusetts did NOT host the first "Thanksgiving" 400 years ago.

Avik Roy
Did you know that this year is the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving? Great piece by @baseballcrank on 1621. nationalreview.com/2021/11/the-fo…


The first Thanksgiving was actually in Virginia


Les Nessman

Happy thanksgiving all.



The real dilemma is where to locate his library.

It'll be housed in an Amtrak passenger rail car of course.

But will it be parked on a siding in Wilmington--- or Scranton? 'Course they could trundle it between each town monthly.


'MM2- 'I have been watching the Macy,s parade with my grandson. It is too PC for me.'

Too NBC for me.

All they ever do is hype their shows.





From Ace:

This thread is brought to you by the other white meat - fish:



“In order to have a democracy in society there must be a dictatorship in power.”—Anatoly Chubais


I ran into Christopher Walker in Nashville. He was getting his watch, his watch, his father’s watch cleaned.



👆New phone, who dis?



Wow, Sidney Greenstreet, born in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Lol, Direct TV has some real bugs in the system. THIS Sydney Greenstreet is English. Maybe they’re thinking of Sydney Greenbush? No, those twins were born in Hollywood.

If you’re feeling bad just think about how THIS Sidney Greenstreet that was in Casablanca and, apparently, The Velvet Touch, didn’t start his film career until he was 61.

And I know for a fact you can trust Wikipedia when I say that.


Morning, all! Just checking in.


Good morning. Crisp 15 out today.


Hi, henry!

21 here now.


Smitty Caesars CIA-Simulation Warlord 🇺🇸🌶🍕🦈 @zerosum24
🚨🚨BREAKING - First case of Nu variant B.1.1.529 recorded in Belgium. Europe’s first case as well.

Replying to @zerosum24
There is no test for this right? They are so full of shit.



I am so over this.


42 here with 18 mph wind


Snowed here last night.

Neighbor is leaving for Fla. in his RV today. Might have to stowaway:)


Melinda. Test? We don't need no stinking test!



Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 @julie_kelly2
To get ahead of their pending firing by Fox News, Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes took a parting shot at Tucker Carlson—the 82-second trailer for Patriot Purge so outraged the pair they decided to quit before their contracts weren’t renewed.

So brave! amgreatness.com/2021/11/25/new…

using January 6 as the pretext to launch a domestic war on terror against the political Right.

I have just some of the receipts here. Your move @thedispatch




Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I for one welcome our new overlord, Nu.
If it is as described it proves, even to some of the "yes I will happily COMPLY!" imbeciles that every frickin thing done in the last two years has been at best destructive stupidity by fools, but mostly evil tyranny by power hungry, would be dictators.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Love Julie Kelly but I'm so sick of the trendy use/misuse of "receipts".


feig ling (biscuit barrel) the quack nutritionist is on the case, he punished fear porn, while she shipped his kids to austria (where the fear toxin had not spread yet) jordan schachtel has his number


indeed pin, greenstreet started his career at 60 with the maltese falcon, he did casablanca, panama, mask for dimitrious in short order, ended his career in 1951, died about 8 years later,


its rather striking how prepossessing he comes across from the first frame, they say he inspired marvel's kingpin,


dimitrious is an interesting tale, I remember reading the original, about balkan intrigues in the 20s


the usual suspect



John Tuld

The Actual Spike:

Morning Star @M0rn1ng_5tar
Replying to @BradHuston
I live in SA. Absolutely stunned at the world media's reaction to this. Ain't nothing happening down here.



chart at link.




the turkey in chief squawks


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Tis the season for one of Greenstreet's best movies Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan. Great light hearted Christmas flick.

Was also great as a bullying mogul in an underrated one with Clark Gable and Ava Gardner about the advertising world, the name of which escapes me at the moment.


the hucksters, even though he had only debuted in film in 1941, he had been on stage fairly continuously through his career,


real science



so it's feely fergusons farkup



Come on down Buckeye - although it’s only 75 here today!

matt - deplore me if you must

A constant state of war between Oceania and and Eurasia. Sounds like they are using the 1984 guide to governance with Covid as a substitute for actual conflict.

More and more people in power are expressing their support for Taiwan. I just hope it stays calm.Between the idiot in Belarus, Putin, the Ayatollahs and the Chicoms they are rattling their swords more so than at any time in recent memory.

#1 box office in China is a Korean War movie showing the Chinese kicking American ass. Several years ago I took the time to visit their war museum in Beijing and they had all sorts of captured American tanks etc lined up. Sometimes one might think MacArthur's idea in 1950 would have helped avoid a lot of trouble.

Now we have perhaps the single most arrogant dictator in the world at the controls with the single most incompetent American president in office. Not a good combination.


Matt. Look for support for Taiwan to mostly disappear as soon as China gets angry.


From Ace - Cancel Culture, or not:



From Ace - How Unusual:




WHO labels newly identified Covid strain as Omicron, says it's a variant of concern


but of course:



Extremely rare footage of a stork delivering a baby:



From Ace - You only have time to grab one rifle:

It's the L1A1 for me.


Dave (in MA)


      WHO labels newly identified Covid strain as Omicron, says it's a variant of concern

      Posted by: henry | November 26, 2021 at 02:20 PM

    PotatoMashed Bidens & Gravy@k_ovfefe2·

    There has to be a better way to force everybody to learn the Greek alphabet


just call it Lrr from Omicron Persei 8


Any updates from JIB today?

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

Dave (in MA)

The media told me over a year ago that this was racist so I’m sticking to the narrative they established for the sake of consistency: this is racist and the admin should apologize immediately. For shame. https://t.co/5KGtoS53lg

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) November 26, 2021
      The Boston Globe @BostonGlobe
      The US will ban travel from southern Africa, joining the European Union and other countries in instituting travel restrictions over new COVID variant.




Narciso. Labor says the civilian part of Defense has risen by 2200 since 2015 whereas the full time uniformed force has been reduced by 5000.


so it's not originating in botswana



this fellow,



not surprising



34 with a 14 MPH wind. It feels much colder.


Just a reminder, that if you go outside in the freezing cold don't start eating hot soup as soon as you come in. You will burn your throat.


Hot Soup? Best to marinade your throat in antifreeze (26 yo barrel proof single malt seems to work) before attempting soup.


I forget who was writing about Ned Kelly the other day, but here is a link I just received to a company that includes Ned Kelly t-shirts, among its products. They also have some pretty colorful patriotic t-shirts.



CRT says the most white people can do to make up for the sins of their ancestors is give up all their power.


“Sins ?” I thought there was separation of Church and State


Thanksgiving - The day after:



Neo. If it's good enough for the Salvation Army?


Henry. Thanks for the suggestion. It's now on the shopping list.


From Ace:
Howdy, Y'all, and welcome back to the Happy Fun Thread, Day After Thanksgiving edition! You can stop eating now! Well, right after you make the post-Thanksgiving sammich I invented.

Weasel's Turkey Sammich
2 slices squishy white bread with every possible nutrient removed
Some leftover turkey
Duke's mayo

Turkey, mayo and S&P go betwixt the bread slices. Prep time: < 2 minutes. Enjoy


Doesn't, "there is another Covid variant", sound like the yearly catch 22 battle to manufacture the right kind of flue vaccine, before you actually know which variant will predominate?

matt - deplore me if you must

If the Biden Library is going to be a rail car, it would be a lard tanker.


Remember those ridiculous trust your fellow participants exercises?



There once was Prez in Nantucket
Went there on a Thanksgiving junket;
The turkey with glee;
Did call NBC;
To jokester with Roker 'bout drumsticks

Dave (in MA)

I'll take Most Famous White House Sharters for $400


Think about FAUCI and the EXTREME LEVEL OF BULLSHIT HUBRIS. Fauci is about to turn 81. He has been working for CDC/NIH for as long as BRANDON has been in Washington. THE NIXON ERA????
So we the world and AMERICA gets wind of a VIRUS, and the consensus is that it came out of CHINA. The very early days of knowledge of a storm on the horizon. TRUMP takes action to stop travel to and from CHINA. Biden calls him a RACIST and XENOPHOBE. Since those days nearly 2 years ago, each and everyone on of "we friends" at JOM, have endured LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE from BIDEN and COMPANY. What POSITIVE ACTIONS, prognostications, epidemiological forecasts have been accurate in ANY WAY?????
None is your answer. Fauci is nearly 81 and he needs to be GONE. Maybe he could be replaced by LEGS UP HARRIS. Perhaps as the LEGS UP CZAR, she could get to the ROOT CAUSE of COVID 19.


I didn’t realize that John Wayne directed ‘The Alamo.’

I feel like if we asked a Congressman from Tennessee these days to take a metaphorical stand at The Alamo they would take a literal Ozzy Osborne on it.

In the words of Col. Travis: “Stay temperate, vote Republican.”


Matt, The CHING CHONG CHINESE have already primed BRANDON'S "BIG GUY" pump with a SHIT TON of pay to be a CLOWN (ZOBO THE CLOWN) at Penn. Biden is such an OBVIOUSLY compromised criminal, it is hard to fathom. The RAIL CAR, will be an AMTRAK CAR, with BIDEN'S pretend pal ROCHESTER, or CORN POP as he is commonly known, hugging JOEY, as BIDEN rides the rails and puts HIS KID on the AMTRAK BOARD.

it is disgusting.


Davie Crockett and Jim Bowie, must have been WHITE SUPREMACIST/EXTREMISTS. Obviously JOHN WAYNE and TRAVIS need to be cancelled. Just like ABE LINCOLN @ UW-MADISON.

jim nj


John Schroeder

"Struggle to overcome difficulty can be a good thing. As a society we have not been allowed to struggle with covid. We have been told to stay inside and behave lest we get sick."

And from my perspective it's totally scripted that on Thanksgiving we were alerted to a new Covid variant. Don't get your hopes up yet folks. And the media and certain politicians took drastic unneeded actions to reinforce the fear today.

Flog that vaccine even more. Because we need the herd immunity that the vaccine doesn't provide.

I think the irrationality of it all is what bothers me the most.

jim nj


Losing Confidence in the Pillars of Our Civilization
Victor Davis Hanson

"Millions of citizens long ago concluded that professional sports, academia, and entertainment were no longer disinterested institutions, but far Left and deliberately hostile to Middle America.

Yet American conservatives still adamantly supported the nation's traditional investigatory, intelligence, and military agencies - especially when they came under budgetary or cultural attacks.

Not so much anymore."

I'd add in the FDA and CDC too now.

jim nj


Plans for restoration of fire-damaged cathedral will be 'as if Disney were entering Notre-Dame'

Despite the fact that all of the art inside the cathedral survived, there are now plans to update the interior in ways that one critic suggested were akin to having Disney take over the design:

"Under the proposed changes, confessional boxes, altars and classical sculptures will be replaced with modern art murals, and new sound and light effects to create “emotional spaces”.

There will be themed chapels on a “discovery trail”, with an emphasis on Africa and Asia, while quotes from the Bible will be projected onto chapel walls in various languages, including Mandarin."

Some evil French state official doing his thing? Nah, some Catholic priest.


Jim nj. I have a 30 plus year friend, who is BLACK and a pretty good guy. He is TYPICAL of most URBAN BLACK MEN. He hated TRUMP, he hates anything that the MFM tells him is RAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSISSSSSSS.
I do not debate him, because he is UNARMED.
He wore a mask for ever and forever and forever.
A couple months ago, he got sick and was positive for BRANDON DISEASE. He is 59, and is relatively healthy. He got over the FLU/COLD quickly. WE ALL HAVE OVER OUR LIFE SPANS.
Now, he is just finishing his second (heh heh) JAB to be VACCINATED. AFTER HAVING HAD COVID.
EDUCATION, SOME SORT OF KNOWLEDGE of how HUMANS have become immune or less susceptible would be a very good thing for him to understand.
THE SHEEP have been purposely led to believe that THEY MUST TAKE THIS DRUG. So he, as most black people, did not get vaccinated, yet he was very concerned and thought a MASK would save him.
He contracted THE FLU....errrrrrrrrrrr COVID, and he, after a week, was FINE.
So NOW, in his infinite wisdom, he feels that his NATURALLY ACQUIRED IMMUNITIES, are SECOND to some VACCINE, that did not work.

jim nj

Change of pace.


9 Fast-Food Chains That Are Phasing Out Dining Rooms

It's in that annoying slide-show format where you have to click to advance to the next part.

But it's interesting to ponder what goes into the thinking of their new construction models.

After nearly two years of Covid is this the new paradigm they see, more drive-through lanes and smaller dine-in areas?

You can probably shed an employee to bus the dine-in area. Maybe devote less space to bathroom facilities. Arrange part-time employee hours around peak drive-in times?

Discourage the homeless from camping out?

I mean what are they thinking?

I'm sure there are some valuable lessons to be learned from the Covid experience, but I wonder if they are all valid.

Dave (in MA)
    Paul Nuki@PaulNuki ·
    A WHO source confirmed the letters Nu and Xi of the Greek alphabet had been deliberately avoided. Nu had been skipped to avoid confusion with the word "new" and Xi had been skipped to "avoid stigmatising a region", they said.

    All pandemics inherently political!

I added the link as a reference.

jim nj

Hey Gus,

Yeah, I don't understand that either.

Having gotten Covid, and then the resulting issue of high blood pressure and peripheral artery disease (with no history of either before), presumably from the exposure to the spike protein, makes me want to NOT do the spike protein exposure thing again.

Once was enough. I don't care what Faucci, et al, say at this point.


Did you guys see the picture of Uncle Joe shopping in the Hardware Section of a store? Did you see that?

Someone told him he needed to reset his router.

Either I’m going to have to explain to someone what a router is or what a router is, so I dedicate that joke to Mr. Iggy who I feel confident knows exactly what I’m talking about.

No Homo.


Sounds like they’re saying Xi shhhhhh, Dave.


Oh look, he’s Black as well. Don’t take my word for it:

"Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks’ release on just $1,000 bail weeks before the deadly attack prompted Milwaukee’s district attorney to announce an investigation into his own office’s request for such a low sum.

But it was a court commissioner, not a low-level prosecutor, who agreed and cleared the way for Brooks' release.
Court documents identify Cedric Cornwall as the commissioner present at Brooks' arraignment."



This variant has been around at least since JULY. If it was bad, we would have known it long ago.


Stacey Rudin
They’re starting to make mistakes.

WHO just said that “Omicron” was first reported by South Africa on 11/24/21.

However, WEF reported this EXACT same “variant”—B.1.1.529, out of South Africa—way back in July.




Well that's an inconvenient data point.


Good morning!

34 here with sun. Trying to keep up is hard with my phone and without my desk top.

Biden’s cast of clowns is going to result in everyone ignoring all forms of authority. It may take a generation, but I foresee roving bands of brigands controlled by war lords.


While we laud government medical advice, on more big one. They pushed this along with eat carbs, not meat or fat.

In a study of nearly 31,000 people at risk of developing heart failure, the team found that aspirin users saw their chances of a heart failure diagnosis go up by 26 percent. Researchers defined “at risk” as anyone with a pre-existing health condition.



these people started taking aspirin, what was the dose, what was the control group?

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