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November 21, 2021






SBWaters. If you are going to carry a pistol. You had better practice removing it as well as shooting.


SBWaters. Additionally. I have a friend of mine who is getting the Ruger for his wife.


“Mr Biden, tear down this economy!”

Tom Bowler


No, the Dems can't uncorrupt themselves. The Democrats themselves don't think they can, and the media don't think so, either. Hence the gaslighting and the huge campaign to fight "disinformation." And the coming return of lockdowns where they can get away with it.

We're in uncharted territory.

This weekend will be an adventure for me with my two liberal sisters at Thanksgiving. Maybe I can get some insight into the mindset that will undo America unless some light can shine in. I'll be biting my tongue, I'm sure.



Did you see the food delivery guy in Philly vs Three Youths Jogging?

He did a mag dump and a nice reload.

One thing I read about in a John Ringo book is a character dropping the empty mag down inside the neck of his shirt so he didn’t leave it at the scene. I haven’t tried that yet.

One Ruger I looked at but have yet to buy is the .45LC/.410. Might still at some point.




OK, someone tell me this: why are all ‘self-defense’ rounds steel jacketed? I had some birdshot empty get hung up in my Beretta. I had to press the end of the slide next to the front sight against the porch and do CPR on it to get it to eject.


Re. The babies in Scotland. When was the climate change conference?


Have you been properly schooled on real American Heroes, Mr Davod?

Josey Wales-False Surrender @gagegrosskreutz



the arraignment judge assigned 5 million bail for that shred of human debris, and a court date of january 14th


the only thing he deserves is as many rounds as would fit in his skull



P&P. I will have to study the video more and practice before I can come close to Josey Wales moves.


is that too harsh, I don't think so,


Billy Chemirmir killed at least 24 White women.

He got a mistrial.

From a black judge.

Nothing to see here.



Ask Mr. Iggy, but I’m pretty sure you should only do that with SA pistols, unless death is on the line.

What is your take on Ned Kelly? I have the Joker Ned Kelly movie, I think it’s pretty good. Recently I saw a version where he was a huge homo and he got betrayed by a journalist or schoolteacher, as I recall.

There’s another movie that’s real good. It’s about a Bush Ranger who never killed anyone but he brought a guy into his gang who started killing Redcoats. You probably know his name.

They basically assassinated him.


Good God. Oh, my eyes...

Memo to Joe: Zoot Suits went out decades ago, fella.





Memo to everyone in every state East of Barstow:

DO NOT MOVE TO CALIFORNIA. It sucks. Power company just left message; due to risk of 'fire danger' they plan to turn off power OVER THANKSGIVING should winds pick up. Real reason: they don't want to be sued because they've been raising rates while channeling $ into profits rather than investing in line maintenance. Hence a little wind or rain and everybody's power gets cut.


Darrell Brooks Belongs to Black Supremacist Sect of Islam Called ‘The Five Percent Nation’, He Committed Vehicular Jihad





Wow, when the narciso began to fedpost lol.


how do you figure pin?



other then that, how did you like the play,



we're in good hands



sure tony



P&P. I have only seen the Mick Jagger version. It depends on the politics of the author whether he was a good or bad guy.



That Loomer piece is terrifying.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I'll be biting my tongue, I'm sure.

Posted by: Tom Bowler | November 23, 2021 at 04:55 PM

Why? Demand they shut their yaps if they start anything. I'm damned tired of walking on eggshells against the mentally infirmed. It's time for them to STFU.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Loomer can be a nutcase. Large grains of salt required.


Andy ngo and tim pool, has grokked the main elements as it were, its a rather poisonous stew,


they are everywhere, like vampires,






There’s a video clip going around from Lansing, MI on Sunday during their Christmas parade. A black guy in a red crossover seemingly being prevented from entering the parade route by armed White guys.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Why? Demand they shut their yaps if they start anything. I'm damned tired of walking on eggshells against the mentally infirmed. It's time for them to STFU.--



"Biden appears to read 'end of quote' from teleprompter during gas price inflation speech" -source, Fox News

A regular 1970's-style Ron Burgundy.

You stay classy there Wilmington.

Or is it Scranton this week.


they enjoy brandon's gift of more expensive oil, more expensive and less available food, more violent cities things of that nature


My eyes are going to stick with all this eyerolling::

Steve Herman
"They were planning all kinds of stuff, marches and rallies. Any conversation she had with the White House or Trump family took place on those phones."

Noah Shachtman @NoahShachtman
EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 rally organizers used anonymous ‘burner phones’ to communicate with White House and Trump family, sources say



So, what do they say at UVa, RS?


Criminal Complaint for Darrell E Brooks in Waukesha: "This was an intentional act to strike and hurt as many people as possible." [ Source ]

▶️ Join https://t.me/midwest_intel



Wow, Mick Jagger. Cultural appropriation much?

The last one I saw was with Russell Crowe. Like I said, it’s pretty gay.

Ben Hall was the guy I was talking about before. That guy was very interesting, and the eponymous movie was pretty good.


Maybe someone could ask Laura Loomer what a Christmas Parade has to do with Jews.


Melinda, sources say Biden poops his pants daily (explains the funny walk), and sources say Hunter sold our SPR to China in a package deal with other stuff. We gotta believe what sources say, or so media tells us.


Heading to bed.


matt - deplore me if you must

You home yet, JiB?

Biden was on the radio babbling about how difficult it is transiting to the green economy but he feels our pain and released 50 million barrels . The man is an absolute disgrace. Pushing a complete bullshit agenda while screwing the middle class.


Antifa even has a pet offshoot:



Apologies for the length of the post, would love a legal opinion on the law signed by the KS governor today.
Would an employer who has already initiated a C-19 vac requirement (defined within the law) without exceptions violated section 1(c)(1)?

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
Section 1. (a) Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, if an employer implements a COVID-19 vaccine requirement, the employer shall exempt an employee from such requirement, without punitive action, if the employee submits a written waiver request to the employer stating that complying with such requirement would:
(1) Endanger the life or health of the employee or an individual who resides with the employee, as evidenced by an accompanying written statement signed by a physician or another person who performs acts pursuant to practice agreements, protocols or at the order, direction or delegation of a physician; or
(2) violate sincerely held religious beliefs of the employee, as evidenced by an accompanying written statement signed by the employee.
(b) An employer shall grant an exemption requested in accordance with this section based on sincerely held religious beliefs without inquiring into the sincerity of the request.
(c) (1) An employee aggrieved by a violation of this section may file a complaint with the secretary of labor alleging that an employer failed to offer an exemption, improperly denied an exemption request, took punitive action against the employee or committed any other violation of this section.
(2) (A) The secretary of labor shall promptly commence an investigation of each complaint filed pursuant to this subsection. The secretary shall complete such investigation and issue a final order within 60 calendar days after the filing of the complaint. At a minimum, the investigation shall determine whether:
(i) The employer imposed a COVID-19 vaccine requirement;
(ii) the employee submitted a written waiver request in accordance with this section; and
(iii) the employer committed any violation of this section. ...


"...Some people still don’t believe this, but Prop 47 is a law — deceptively titled ‘Safe Schools and Neighborhoods Act’ — that reduces many felonies to misdemeanors and provides for the early release of certain violent offenders and sex offenders. One of the most unbelievable provisions of Prop 47 is one that makes it just a ticketable offense to steal up to $949 worth of goods from any given retailer on any given visit. That’s right- visit. You can clean out the deodorant section at Walgreens, go back to your drug den, then come back an hour later and hit the diapers and feminine products if that’s your jam..."


Dave (in MA)

Best Buy sent out a notice offering their employees counseling services after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict pic.twitter.com/a3RRmLvmxl

— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) November 24, 2021
jim nj

Dave (in MA),

That's odd, apparently Best buy employees are also subject to other terrors.


Best Buy Co.'s shares tumbled Tuesday after the nation's largest consumer electronics chain posted a decline in gross profit margin for the fiscal third quarter, citing organized theft and increased promotions compared to a year ago.

“We are definitely seeing more and more particularly organized retail crime and incidents of shrink in our locations," Best Buy CEO Corie Barry told analysts during a conference call. "This is a real issue that hurts and scares real people."

She noted that the company is hiring security guards and working with its vendors on creative ways to stage the product. Barry told reporters during a separate call that the company is seeing organized theft increase across the country, but particularly in San Francisco.

Best Buy is one of a number of retailers calling out increased incidents in organized crime. On Monday night, a group of thieves smashed windows at a Nordstrom store in an upscale mall in Los Angeles."

It must be confusing for the employees that they work for a "Woke" company and are targets anyway.



Tom Bowler

Why? Demand they shut their yaps if they start anything. I'm damned tired of walking on eggshells against the mentally infirmed. It's time for them to STFU.

Posted by: Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma | November 23, 2021 at 08:09 PM

In my exasperation I'll be the one most likely to say something insulting, Stephanie.


“In the Criminal Code of 1926 there was a most stupid Article 139–“on the limits of necessary self-defense”—according to which you had the right to unsheathe your knife only after the criminal’s knife was hovering over you. And you could stab him only after he had stabbed you. And otherwise you would be the one put on trial. (And there was no article in our legislation saying that the greater criminal was the one who attacked someone weaker than himself.). This fear of exceeding the measure of necessary self-defense led to total spinelessness as a national characteristic. A hoodlum once began to beat up the Red Army man Aleksandr Zahkarov outside a club. Zahkarov took out a folding penknife and killed the hoodlum. And for that he got…ten years for plain murder! “And what was I supposed to do?” he asked, astonished. Prosecutor Artishevsky replied: “You should have fled!””—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, ‘The Gulag Archipelago’


The hell with the law, we have a fake climate crisis to deal with!


'Either we kill it, or it will kill us': The fight to dismantle a shadow court system threatening climate goals @smeredith19



They'll probably go ahead with it anyway....

Janie Johnson - America is Exceptional
FDA nomination slips after Biden admin fails to send papers to Congress - POLITICO politico.com/news/2021/11/2…




Andy McCarthy
Thanks Bill, for this and especially for doing what you could as U.S.Attorney to fight the damage the Progressive Prosecutor Project has done to your great state.

Bill McSwain @McSwainPA
.@AndrewCMcCarthy is right. This is how progressive prosecutors destroy our society - they put the woke agenda first and don’t regret it one bit, even when it means putting innocent people in harm’s way. Which it always does.




At least McCarthy knows Chisolm is the Milwaukee DA and not the Waukesha one, right?


It’s 100 degrees below zero in Florida today! I even have socks on. How rude!


Nice try. Evers would veto, same as last attempts to reign in lax prosecutors and judges.



How rude? I still have five Daylillies to plant that arrived last week, snow is on the ground, and it’s 21 degrees "climbing" tp 41. Sigh.

The new recumbent bike that was delivered two days ago, keeps pausing because the flywheel won’t engage the sensor. No maintenance manual and nothing on the web. Double sigh.

And we’ve cleaned the sh*t out of the house for the three generations of people (just 12 this trip, not 42) that arrive tomorrow and somehow I am now the patriarch. How did I become the aged relative so soon? Triple sigh.

And yet, all is good!

Tom Bowler

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


John Kass interviewed by Megyn Kelly.


As Megyn got less "woke", she got more cancelled.

Old Lurker

SBW, I would say a recumbent bike that does not work is a good sign.



I hope you aren’t on Nantucket. How horrible!


Good morning! Sunny and cold here.


Good Morning!j Jane, I've been sitting in the lanai in my jammies. :) The sun is so warm. The daughter is here, so we're enjoying her visit.
MM, hope you are feeling better!


I am experimenting with copy and paste on my phone.

My god man,
has turned into the business section of Teen Vogue. What an unserious shit show of embarrassment.


Yay! I did it!


day ending in y


I call them bagehot's (after the founder) regret,


Henry, this will be the kind of ad running if Evers dares to threaten another vetohttps://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/258861822_10226413770119438_7866624155497871662_n.jpg?_nc_cat=104&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=zcHKCmSzZvMAX8drWMP&_nc_ht=scontent-iad3-1.xx&oh=e78f50e53041a8847e930f820de28a8a&oe=61A28BF1

(Sorry--best link I can find for this Ramirez cartoon)


what would we do without experts,



correct me if I am wrong it was some 50 years between the mayflower and king phillips war right,


And the brainwashed tictoc crowd clap.


THIS IS JUST SO BIZARRE: Democrats and media are SELLING inflation as awesome.



eloi got to eloi, henry,

john travolta was in a smaller bubble,


the shameless is high, though



they put the best spin on the murderers release business,

Old Lurker

Acela to NYC, Jane.

YL2's for TG.

Tom Bowler

I believe you are correct Narciso.

Tom Bowler

About King Philip's War.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Partly this is due to the Magical Thinking school of economics known as MMT.
Rather than pretend, as old fashioned snake oil salesmen would, that there will be no bad side effects, the MMT vendors are smart enough to include a prog-heaven escape hatch when inflation arises.
You get to spend and print unlimited quantities of money for as long as you can until inflation arises. Once it does that is a signal, voila, that taxes are too low.
So you don't have to put the brakes on debt or money printing at all. You keep the government gas pedal to the metal and with your right foot you reach over with the long leg of the law and stomp on the private sector's brake pedal.
Result? Guaranteed prosperity and two chickens in every garage.
Or to put a little less facetiously; you'll own nothing and like it.



I actually turned on the heat about an hour ago. I’ve become a complete wus. At least it’s Sunny outside.

OL, have fun. Say hi to YL2.

jim nj

new thread


Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃

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