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January 11, 2022


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I would posit that anyone who believes the Democrats would not and could not find a way to manufacture 40,000 votes out of 150,000,000 is a damn sight further down river of Delusion than Trump.
They have openly acted like a criminal enterprise willing to use any dirty trick to win for several decades on the national scene. And the urban areas where the theft obviously occurred have been utterly corrupt vote manufacturing machines for longer than that. Any rational person must suspend disbelief to believe people who use the FISA court, the CIA and the FBI to spy on Trump before the election and when they effed up and were too cocky, after the election as well. They, the Dems the intelligence creeps, the FBI the media, etc, used illegal leaks over and over to sabotage him and most of the "leaks" were not even true.
What can you say about someone who lets somebody piss on his head and not only believes them when the pisser tells him it's rain, but that anyone who tells him it's piss is deluded?



More of that unifying talk.


More BS from TM. I stay for the residents, not the owner.


Ignatz. Please!!! My Republican friend says there was no voter fraud. Hence, there was no voter fraud. He should know. He worked as an election observer once. He also once said that there is no difference between the Dems and Reps - They all do it!


This is a non COVID comment.

The Socialists think the US is terrible and could be much better. We have rioting, arson and murder in the streets, followed by institutionalized election fraud. We have political prisoners in solitary confinement, and now we have unashamed nepotism in NYC.

The Congress is sending out a new secret service to spy on the citizens and report to the speaker.

What more do they need?




Hint to McGuire: i LIKE President Trump. I am not embarrassed by him and I think he is far smarter than the media lets on. The only ones even close to gaining my support would be DeSantis or Joe Kent.

I am a college grad and I would bet cash money that I could clean up classier than you. So please drop the snide comments. Thank you.

James D.

TM, with all due respect, you are embarrassing yourself.


My trash service sent me an e-mail at 4:40 pm telling me today's service was delayed.


The had better not do this tomorrow as I have to put out a heap of folded cardboard boxes, and I won't be able to pick them up once they are on the ground.


TM is in the information vacuum of his own choosing. The shock coming might prove entertaining.

Clarida's accelerated tap out was a superb example of how many have absolutely no idea that there's even a pipe outlet in front of them.

Who's the best trader in Congress?

It isn't Nahncee......

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
Many are shocked that schools and universities are abandoning educational standards (i.e., grades) in a Quixotic quest for “equity”. Primarily, these misguided efforts involve eliminating objective measures of the performance of racial minorities because those minorities, as a group, tend to underperform as compared to the majority – who tend to be white students.
I have been thinking a great deal about this and how it relates to the comfortable ignorance of a large percentage of our population and how ignorant of just how horrifically ignorant they truly are.
The apparent ignorance of Justice Sotomayor, someone who sits on the highest court in the land, the power of which can change American life in a matter of days through a single majority decision, is a prime example of how, for decades, racial minorities have been able to fail up, all with the assistance of white people who are either too afraid or feel so much generational guilt, they are afraid to point out the lack of intellectual qualifications of a person, especially if they are a minority.
The sprint to the least common denominator is an outgrowth of the bigotry of low expectations, excuse making and racial cowardice, combined with the heft of the federal government and programs like affirmative action and its contemporary woke incarnations.
Pursuing a liberal education (once called liberal arts) once meant that one pursued a variety of intellectual pursuits, better preparing them for a specialization later in their educational careers – today, it just means students are indoctrinated and inculcated to become a liberal (or a progressive or leftist, if you prefer).
I say this because there are brilliant black businesspeople, scholars, and politicians. There are black CEOs out there who sit atop organizations that outperform corporations run by whites. Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas are intellectual giants of economics and jurisprudence. There are brilliant black politicians – and even though I completely oppose just about everything he did and does, I include Barack Obama in that group. Of course, he is a thousand miles wide and an inch deep, but he knows how to reach people the same way in which Bill Clinton did.
Compare Obama to just about any black or minority Democrat today – Stacy Abrams, Jim Clyburn, AOC, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Sonia Sotomayor or former NY representative Hakeem Jefferies (one of the impeachment managers for President Trump’s first impeachment) and others, even those who hold law degrees, seem to be radical, sullen dullards.
You wonder how some of these people were even admitted to law school, much less completed it. For an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to say she doesn’t understand why the states have powers the federal government does not should be a total embarrassment to Yale Law School.
By and large, these dullards are highly credentialled. They have the right papers from the right institutions (Sotomayor, for example, has degrees from Princeton and Yale), and they are experiencing substantial career success, at least when measured by the positions they have attained.
And yet, to use a phrase coined by F.A. Hayek, the worst are getting on top.
It should be no surprise that after a half a century of the inverse relationship of elevating people while lowering standards that we are where we are. Basing career progression based on minimum achievement of educational and experiential standards and a person’s racial identity pretty much assure we will have people at the top, even sitting on the highest court in the land who has absolutely no business being there.
Minorities lead the way, but it is not just minorities who are harmed by this idiocy.
The lowering of standards affects everyone. I recall a study from a few years ago that noted students were dumber after attending college than before they went in. School curriculums are littered with unfalsifiable subjects – courses with no absolutes so that anything the instructor says can be interpreted as “right”, subjects not based on objective outcomes, rather how someone “feels” about something. Schools have become Marxist incubators, birthing people incapable of organized, independent thought and entirely dependent on the contemporary zeitgeist for their direction.
Such a system produces credentialled people with dubious credentials that are virtually worthless outside the leftist bubble. This contributes to the Dunning-Kruger Effect, where low performing people see themselves as high performers. There is no doubt that people like AOC see themselves as stars, little do they know they are more like black holes.
Another consideration is what we lose as part of this “equity’ drive is the aspect of qualified candidates being excluded from positions simply due to their identity.
This is a system and a process designed to produce failure.
Lowering standards and promoting people beyond their competence only increases the calls to lower the standards even more, producing even more incapable people, at least until the system can no longer operate and collapses.
As a nation, we are doing this to ourselves.
And by “we”, I mean the leftist guilt trippers.
The people who think they are helping minorities by taking this path are only serving to destroy them – and are destroying the greater society in the process.


For those of you who have forgotten about Australia (3:00).

[If you have problems with the language barrier, you can always turn on the cc]

Australian Lamb: The Lost Country of the Pacific



Education needs to be distilled to the very basics. That way, the teachers will have more time to study the basics.



Re. the Australian Lamb video. Watch out for my home state West Australia to make a cameo appearance at the end.

Sammy Small

1.Dems already run most large city election commissions.
2.Dems are perfecting their cheating schemes during each election, even though some scrutiny is emerging
3.Dems are pushing for the end of the filibuster to lock in corrupted voting procedures at the national level
4.One party political rule is just around the corner, joining Wash DC, academia, government workers, hollywood, big tech, and media.
5.Republican passivity will complete the burial.

jim nj

Two takes on empty shelves:

US shoppers find some groceries scarce due to virus, weather

Here's why grocery stores are struggling to stock their empty shelves

Some of it makes sense. I know in NJ Walmart has closed roughly seven stores at times over the last 2-3 weeks for "re-stocking and deep-cleaning" for 2-3 days with little advance notice. While Walmart says it's not due to outbreaks, I doubt that. Considering the quarantine regime in place they don't need all of their employees infected, just enough to touch off a cascade of required and precautionary isolations so that the store can't function.

Now Walmart, like most employers, pays their employees for that quarantine time , so it's not hard to imagine employees rushing out en mass for testing when they hear of some other employee being infected, hoping to qualify for an unexpected vacation.

It's probably unsurprising that Walmart, after the CDC suggested that a five-day quarantine was enough, quickly conformed their quarantine pay policy to that.

jim nj

So there are issues with supply to supermarkets that may show up more easily where the virus or the weather exacerbate deliveries or stocking locally.

And if you have a bad weather forecast it's not unusual for shoppers to engage in precautionary shopping that helps to strip shelves bare temporarily. That's a known thing.

People drop their "just-in-time" shopping habits and go full-force "just-in-case" shopping around here when a a snowstorm is predicted.

But I don't think the empty shelves and the food price inflation are just a supply or scarcity thing, I think there is also an increased demand component that is being missed in most articles, as AP puts it:

"The average U.S. household spent $144 per week at the grocery last year, according to FMI, a trade organization for groceries and food producers. That was down from the peak of $161 in 2020, but still far above the $113.50 that households spent in 2019."

That is what I would call a static analysis, "ceteris paribus" (with other conditions remaining the same), that does capture the idea that people are eating more at home than they used to, but misses food-price inflation, that dining out has increased from its lows and that the huge increase in the food-stamp subsidies over the last two years may have added competitive buying power to lower-income families and individuals that may have allowed them to trade up in what they buy at the market.


Is Wordl the new mass delusion? Why is it being pushed everywhere all of the sudden? Did it exist a week ago? That much advertising ain’t cheap, and I don’t see how you monetize it. /rant

jim nj


Wordle? Not Wordl?

What Is Wordle? All the Details on the Viral New Word Game—And How to Play It

If so, it looks like Jumble without the cartoon.

"Jumble is a word puzzle with a clue, a drawing illustrating the clue, and a set of words, each of which is “jumbled” by scrambling its letters. A solver reconstructs the words, and then arranges letters at marked positions in the words to spell the answer phrase to the clue. The clue and illustration always provide hints about the answer phrase. The answer phrase frequently uses a homophone or pun."


Jim, yeah. That’s the thing. When NYT, WSJ, and big tech all push the same thing I get annoyed.

jim nj


Never heard of it before you mentioned it. I had to look it up. Sounds like Jumble, without the cartoon, adapted for mobile phones.

It must be a big deal for all those people who have never bought a newspaper. I mean Jumble has only been around since I was a kid.

And I'm pretty good at it, although I'd often be lost without the suggesti9ve cartoon.


Kinzinger tweeted about Epps:

4) He didn’t enter the Capitol on Jan 6, and was removed from the most wanted list because apparently he broke no laws. I’m pretty sure the FBI wouldn’t be dumb enough to put their own agent on a wanted list. Ray Epps has cooperated with the Jan 6 committee and we thank him

To which walkafyre responded:

It’s a lot more damning that Epps DIDN’T enter the Capitol, even though he was telling everyone they needed to enter the Capitol for 24 hours beforehand. Your narrative is crap.

Quite an incisive observation.

jim nj


Nice to see you.

Yeah, right, EPPS didn't enter the Capitol himself, he's cool, even though he agitated to do so.

It's like I know my limits. Or, at least, my handlers did.

Can't do that, but the rest of you should.

Jim Eagle

I love the media finish: We found Epps. He lives a normal life in Arizona ( just like the dark services would envision in creating him.)


A former DARPA official claimed in a letter to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense last summer that “a synthetic spike protein chimera” was created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to inoculate bats in caves, but it escaped from the lab before it was ready, causing the COVID-19 pandemic instead.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

People HAVE been charged that didn't enter the capitol building, so his excuse is bullshit.

Brandon Straka for one never entered and was charged.




I think TM hosts this blog these days so he can taunt people.

Dudes gotta problem.



That is a great video !



I think the ads provide a nice supplemental income and he doesn’t want to give it up. Also, it is hard to admit one was wrong.

Dave (in MA)


Old Lurker

Clarice, I don't think anybody on the left even has a conscience and they certainly have no concept of "guilt".

At the root of the problem, the reason even Iggy is now joining me (objection to that characterization coming in 3...2...1) in my long running pessimism regarding the difficulty (if not impossibility) of reversing our demise short of the next Dark Age, is that a critical mass of our population has lost all connection with Judeo-Christian teachings about right and wrong. Without THAT (or some other compelling maker of fundamental Ten Commandment like rules), we are not now in sufficient numbers apparently the "good people" the Founders said was essential to the success of the system they designed.

Dave (in MA)
    Kurt Schlichter@KurtSchlichter·
    What are inflation’s pronouns?
Jim Eagle

Geebus! Now Canada is off limits, eh?

CDC guidance.


Liz Cheney Is Using The Jan. 6 Committee To Persecute An Activist Running A Super PAC To Unseat Her— someone completely unrelated to J6 events! thefederalist.com/2022/01/12/liz…




When President Trump threatened to send in the feds to deal with antifa in Portland and Seattle, all you heard was autistic screaming about what a fascist dictator he was. Antifa, a group who declares anyone they don't like a Nazi.


so called antifa, neo


Dave (in MA)

The "Anti" in "Antifa" will never fail to make me chuckle.


what could go wrong



FTA:So, why the media blackout? Because the news media know that any coverage of the FBI-concocted plot to “kidnap” Gretchen Whitmer will bolster suspicions that the FBI played a key if not primary role in the events leading up to, and including, January 6. After all, the Justice Department continually ties the two events together, describing both as acts of “domestic terror” and blaming President Trump for both.
My spidey sense tells me the R's are about to explode the FBI involvement in 1/6..and for this I think the IT community deserves credit.Sifting through the videos, tracing people like epps..My spidey sense is rarely wrong.



It's a known spelling error.



Politician Stock Tracker
Forty members of Congress used insider information to beat the market in 2021. These congress members beat almost all top performing hedge funds. There has been zero coverage from the mainstream media on this. Complete blackout.



Antefasciste, is the closest cognate, but they hate middle class people, cops small business


Doping-U.S. charges therapist with giving performance enhancing drugs to athletes for Tokyo Olympics



no lasers, they aren't even trying anymore


Old Lurker

Mel, Congress should launch its own Hedge Fund so we can all send them cash to invest for us. Pelosi can run it.


New thread



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