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March 21, 2022



Hard to trust the same sources that fluffed the Trump Russia connection, buried the Hunter Laptop, etc.

Too much propaganda floating around from all sides to know what is up.

The only clear thing about this war is that Ukraine is getting blown up, also Ukraine is not planting grains.

Is Russia losing? they may be on the verge of winning by surrounding an annihilating Ukraine's forces in the east.

Biden is fumbling.

The Euros are saying one thing then doing the opposite (see Germany and nuclear power).

the press is selling a story hard... not sure who is paying them to.


We’ll tie me to an ant hill & slap my face with jelly! Number 2!!!

Jim Eagle

Who woke up TM?

Putin “bungled”? Then what do you call Biden in his use of his basement as HQ for his strategy??


The Russian military performance is indeed not impressive. ISW has covered this well. As per usual, the Russians stink at maintenance of equipment, and excel at grifting from the public trough.Also not very strategic or flexible.

Buford Gooch

Thank you, TM, for the new thread.

Buford Gooch

I still stop by here once in a while. Not a lot of activity on here, but still worth coming back for a few of the long time commenters, such as Clarice, Iggy, and others.



More on the Russian military performance


A few things in Russia's favor:

• No one wants World War Three.
• Ukraine is as corrupt as it gets.
• China just told Joe Biden he's on his own, as has Poland.
• Americans don't want a war with Russia over terrain that prior to 2014 was part of its nation.

In fact, Americans, war weary after 20 years of George Bush's "generational war" in Afghanistan and Iraq, don't want any new war especially under this corrupt, demented resident.



Buford Gooch

Clarice, I see no reason to believe the people at the links you provide, or any information from this invasion. All sides are issuing propaganda as news. After it's over, we might be able to get a glimpse of what really happened, but we will still have to search hard, with bullshit meters finely tuned.

Rick Ballard

I would suggest a review of initially stated war aims with a side by side comparison of Russian speaking Ukraine and current Russian positions might provide some hint as to the rationale for lack of advance.

Kiev is being casually reduced by artillery in order to add impetus to Zelensky,s capitulation and the Russians are rather energetically disposing of the Nazis in and around Mariupol.

Additionally, spring planting seems to be delayed.


Dog Whistle for NSA to run a false flag cyber attack. I still think they will knock out the power in Cleveland and claim "Russian Hackers"

zerohedge @zerohedge




Today what is the value of the "opinion" of 50 former US intelligence officers? And they did this to themselves is the best part.



J.E. Dyer @OptimisticCon
This is what a lot of ppl are arguing over & it's a good moment for reflection.
"The media, intelligence community and DNC all lied in order to alter the outcome of an election."
Jeff C says exactly the right thing: we can't trust them now.
He does NOT say the wrong thing... 1/14

"Jeff Carlson @themarketswork
Replying to @themarketswork
13) The media, intelligence community and DNC all lied in order to alter the outcome of an election.

How can the corporate media, which repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to lie for political partisan gain, be entrusted to provide us with accurate coverage of...anything?"

...which would be that there's anyone to prosecute or any statutory crime here.
Two of the groups actually get to lie to alter the outcome of an election, & do it all the time. (Media & DNC.)
3rd group, intel comm, can lie as private citizens (what they did re laptop)...2/14



The Battle in Mariupol Is Intense and Filled With Western Propaganda – Russian Military Fighting Ukrainian Azov Battalions and Ultranationalists in Eastern Region

Keep in mind, the western narrative about the battles in Eastern Ukraine are all framed around calling the Ukrainian military, spearheaded by the Azov battalions and the ultranationalists, as the good guys. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to increasingly obvious reports, coming from ordinary citizens in/around Mariupol, the Ukrainian army has been using them as human shields and keeping them from evacuating.



Governor Holcomb just signed an EO mandating paper back-up ballots throughout the state of Indiana.





I’m comfortable assuming the Altlantic has no clue, but was well paid.


Henry ^


Brookings, Inc. publication for external use.


sixty some years ago, young sloan coffin was dropping ukrainians behind the lines, where they were promptly tipoffed by philby, part of the macabre game in the early cold war,


the thing



you would think that dr cohen, would have a longer time frame with these matters,

but the complement of forces, was not sufficient for the objective, and he launched in unfavorable weather,


the Crimean War, that ended poorly for Nicholas 1st was somewhat better planned then they incurred the British French and Turkish wrath,


so when the soviets had their strategic rocket base in the crimea, but when the missiles were put in turkey, well you understand the confusion,


they skipped a generation or two,



ok then



narciso, was that Ukrainians, too? I know they did that with Baltic state men--Lithuanians, Latvians....


Ace Railscape: Six O'Clock, Winter, John French Sloan



"A Snowy Day"
by 9th.perception



It's his world. We're just living in it.🐈🤳😅 (22)



Partners in crime.. (11)



Because the world needs this (55)



I need one of these (10)



An attempt was made.🐈🐾🪢(18)



Meowgician trying to make the dog disappear.🐈🐾 (20)



200 IQ dog (48)



Run, run. The dog did it (7)



Pigs won this round (33)



Beautiful, intelligent and gentle creatures... (33)



A very rare solar halo appears over a mountain in Sweden! (26)



Ukraine is game to you? (48)



narc's 7:53 is excellent


‘We Were Surrounded’: AP Journalist Details Harrowing Escape From Besieged City Of Mariupol
By Virginia Kruta. Mar 21, 2022 DailyWire.com

"Unbeknownst to Chernov, even as he was sending out photos of the maternity hospital, Russian officials were creating a disinformation campaign claiming that the women in the photos were crisis actors and the photos of the bombing were staged."



Old TV I discovered tonight: AIRWOLF!!!

It’s so old Ghadaffi is still running Libya and no one has cell phones. Ha!


"...Chernov learned that the Russians, apparently angry that photos and stories were still getting out of the city, had a list of names and were actively hunting them. When a dozen Ukrainian soldiers burst into the hospital where they were hiding, wearing scrubs in order to hide their identities, he thought for a moment that they might instead be Russians in disguise.

“Where are the journalists, for f***’s sake?” they asked, and when Chernov stepped forward, they said, “We’re here to get you out.”

Chernov detailed the 15 Russian checkpoints they had to pass through to get out — and the mother in the front of their car who prayed out loud at each one.

“We were the last journalists in Mariupol,” he said. “Now there are none.”


PS. The article linked in my 9:50 P.M. talks about Russian snipers going after the journalists. However, that's where the Russian Naval Captain who got killed was probably located. I wonder if a Ukrainian sniper killed him?


PS. I still think Ukraine has to find a way to sink Russian ships because this is how they are reinforcing the Russian positions on the coast.


NEW: Video from @TxDPS. shows a suspected cartel gunman aiming an AK-47 at their helicopter from MX as it was patrolling in Starr County, TX in the RGV on Wednesday. This is the same area where the cartel has shot at Border Patrol from across the river in recent months. @FoxNews (2:44)



ACE landscape



You said we were going to learn division today?



Ace's good news story of the day.

"The UK’s most premature twins’ have finally headed home from the hospital—five months after their birth when they were given a zero percent chance of survival.

Little Harley and Harry Crane were conceived via IVF and were born at 22 weeks and five days.

Babies born after only five months of development are not classed as legally viable but the tough siblings clung to life, and have amazed doctors."



New Electric Boat Just Levitated Boating to a New Level, While Ending Fuel Leaks, by Andy Corbley - Mar 21, 2022


A Swedish shipwright has unveiled successful tests for a new fully-electric hydrofoil speed boat which it says will change the face of recreational boating forever.

The C-8, by Candela, can do 20 knots of speed and accommodate a half-dozen passengers while eliminating fuel leaks, motor noise, wake, and expensive trips to the fuel dock.



Ace streetscape



"A business graduate is taking tourists on adventure trips amidst the Scottish Highlands – in a New York school bus.

The 24-year-old came up with the idea after watching Expedition Happiness on Netflix, about a couple traveling across North America in a refurbished school bus."

https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/he-offe ... ed-hostel/


Re the old Crimean War. The allies lost a lot of soldiers to war and illness. More, if Florence Nightingale hadn't arrived.


My needs are not this complex.



I’ve been doing some research on weathering the coming financial storm. I’m afraid I’ve got some Bad News. Side Note, is Tyrrhenus that dude from Gutfeld:

"The Lydians use almost the same customs as the Greeks, except that they prostitute their daughters. They were the first people we know of to use gold and silver coinage, and the first to become retail-dealers. They claim to have invented the games that are now played both by themselves and by the Greeks. These games are said to have been invented at the time when they colonized Tyrrhenia, an event of which they give the following account. During the reign of Atys, son of Manes, there was a severe famine throughout Lydia. For a time the Lydians bore their affliction as patiently as they could, but after a while, when it persisted, they looked for ways to alleviate their misery, an array of which were devised. It was then that they invented dice, knucklebones, ball games, and all such games, except checkers, which they do not claim to have invented. They adopted the following plan to endure their hunger. On one day they played games all day long, so that they would not think of eating; on the next, they stopped playing and took food. They lived like this for eighteen years. When their suffering continued and even grew worse, the king divided the population in half, and determined by drawing lots which half should emigrate and which should remain at home. He appointed himself as king of those whose lot was to remain in Lydia, and his son Tyrrhenus to command the emigrants. The lots were drawn, and those who had to emigrate went down to Smyrna, where they built ships, put aboard all their household goods, and sailed away in search of a new land in which to make a living. Journeying past many peoples, they reached Umbria, where they settled and live to this day. And there they changed their name from Lydians to Tyrrhenians, after Tyrrhenus, the prince who led them there."--Herodotus, ‘Histories’ Book 1

jim nj

One assessment of the Ukraine war (the other two aren't available today):



Amphibious Operations in the Russo-Ukrainian War SITREP

jim nj


When Will the War End?

jim nj


Conspirators in Their Own Words
Noble left-wing ends always justify odious means, in this case projecting one’s own conspiracist efforts by smearing innocent others as conspiracists.





Umbria is not a bad place in which to live.


About That Russia Attacking a Shopping Center Story

Yes, when a war is taking place and you use a shopping center as an area to conceal heavy armor and armored vehicles, you turn that shopping center into an authentic target for attack. If a military hides amid a civilian population, they are putting the civilian population at risk.

This is not to say Vladimir Putin was justified in his decision to invade Ukraine. However, it is also not okay for western media to claim a moral high-horse and then conceal how the facility was being used by the Ukraine military.



Living "there" will soon come with certain "Conditions"...

"New rules on the validity of EU Digital COVID Certificate and the coordination of safe travel in the EU

As of 1 February 2022, there are new rules in place that establish a binding acceptance period of 9 months for vaccination certificates, used for travel within the EU .

Member States must accept vaccination certificates for a period of 9 months following the administration of the last dose of the primary vaccination. For the Johnson&Johnson vaccine this means 270 days from the first and only shot. For a two-dose vaccine it means 270 days from the second shot, or, in line with the vaccination strategy of the Member State of vaccination, the first and only shot after having recovered from the virus.

Member States should not provide for a different acceptance period for the purposes of travel within the European Union. The standard acceptance period does not apply to certificates for booster doses.

These rules apply only to the vaccination certificates used for the purpose of travel in the EU. Member States may apply different rules when using the EU Digital COVID Certificate in a domestic context, but are invited to align with the acceptance period set at EU level."



Elliot Dordick
"Foldi, you've written a very important piece of journalism lately..." @HolmesJosh

"...I walked over 10 miles, in cowboy boots, just taking pictures of closed House and Senate Democrats' offices..." @MatthewFoldi

Today on @RuthlessPodcast:




Byron York
How things change. Daniels owes Trump money, and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, is in prison.

Washington Examiner @dcexaminer
.@StormyDaniels owes former President Donald Trump $300,000 after a federal appeals court rejected the porn star's effort to overturn a lower court's ruling in her failed defamation lawsuit.





StormyDaniels owes former President Donald Trump $300,000 after a federal appeals court rejected the porn star's effort to overturn a lower court's ruling in her failed defamation lawsuit.

Not enough hours left in her lifetime to “earn” that $300K.

Maybe the media will take up a collection on her behalf.

Thomas Collins

Three hundred grand? At Stormy's rates, probably about 60 champagne rooms, more if she reports the cash for tax purposes. Even with tips for the bouncers, at the most three months of hard work will do it.


Komsomolskaya Pravda, the pro-Kremlin tabloid, says that according to Russian ministry of defense numbers, 9,861 Russian soldiers died in Ukraine and 16,153 were injured. The last official Russian KIA figure, on March 2, was 498. Fascinating that someone posted the leaked number.

Thomas Collins

By the way, henry, I guess I'm still an optimist. I still think western Ukraine will keep some semblance of independence, although under Russkie strong influence.

Thomas Collins

Perhaps Hunter Biden would pay Stormy $10,000 a "pop", and she could work it off with 30 rooms.


Getting desperate? Really? Bioweapons?

FRANCE 24 English
▶️ Risk of chemical warfare: Biden says Putin weighing us of bioweapons f24.my/8UHu.t


[Prove to the world you (NWO geeks) were developing bioweapons in Ukraine "off the books" without actually advertising it.]


Meanwhile, at the exact same moment, this::

Anthony Capaccio @ACapaccio
We break: Pentagon’s Information Restrictions Questioned by Senate Panel
The Senate panel that authorizes defense spending is questioning whether a new designation to protect sensitive data is being abused by the Pentagon to suppress public disclosure of important information.

In written questions submitted to LaPlante, the committee said it was “concerned the designation could be abused to limit public dissemination of critical cost, schedule and performance information.”

In advance of a confirmation hearing on Tuesday, the Senate Armed Services Committee asked William LaPlante, President Biden’s nominee for chief weapons buyer, to review the increasing use of the new “Controlled Unclassified Information” -- or CUI -- label by the Pentagon



And last, but not least, the Durbin PR campaign::

Curtis Houck @CurtisHouck
Durbin: "Could you tell us what was going through your mind at that point [listening to Josh Hawley]?"

Ketanji Brown Jackson: "Thank you, senator. As a mother, and a judge who has had to deal with these cases, I was thinking that nothing could be further from the truth."

Ketanji Brown Jackson says "there's a statute that tells judges what they're supposed to do" and "Congress has decided what it is" they're to do in cases concerning child sex predators and doesn't tell them to "impose the highest possible penalty for this sickening...crime"

This is important stuff from Ketanji Brown Jackson and she's exactly right about the horrors committed against young people by child sex predators and how the damage changes their life forever....but that doesn't excuse her light sentences.

Blaming Congress? Wrong answer.

Here again, all well and good b/c child sex crimes are particularly heinous.

But, to repeat, that's not the point.

Durbin cites Jackson's words at sentencing in one of the cases regarding a child sex predator as if to rebut the actual sentence THEN he has the GALL to say the laws were written years ago and that everyone has "computer access to", sadly, "voluminous amounts of material"

Unbelievable: Ketanji Brown Jackson defends her soft record on child sex predators by arguing a "guideline" along with "specific directives by Congress" forced her hand because laws were more geared toward child pornography "received in the mail" versus online.

Coordination: Dick Durbin cites the liberal media's so-called fact-checks of Josh @HawleyMO and even quotes from one of the articles to defend Ketanji Brown Jackson's record.

He then cites judges in Hawley's state....but 69% were Democratic appointments

Durbin: "[I]t seems that [Congress] at least shar[s] the burden by your interpretation as to define the statute in modern terms and in terms of technology as it exists today."

Jackson agrees, saying it's on them to establish "penalties" for child sex crimes. (8/8)



Glenn Greenwald

It is just staggering that the liberal wing of the US corporate media has spent years smearing as "Nazis" all Americans who wear MAGA hats, oppose vaccine mandates, protest school curricula, etc.

Then they find actual, literal, real-life Nazis in Ukraine, and celebrate them:


matt - deplore me if you must

Remember when Hillary Clinton approved the sale of U.S. uranium assets to Rusatom? Now we are finding that our uranium supply may be in jeopardy per the WSJ.

Actions have consequences.

I find the interest in the Azov Brigades interesting. They seem to be the ones taking the brunt of the Russian assault. The funny thing about being invaded it that it clarifies your thinking. The peripheral falls aside to the essential.

One of the greatest bonds is with the men and women beside you in war. The Azov's are going to come out of this much weaker and perhaps wiser about a Yiddische guy who stood up to the #2 power in the world.

Id Komsolaya Pravda is reporting those casualty numbers, they are probably larger.

And how anyone-can look at the photos of the devastation and turn away, I don't get it. What, exactly, in Russia has had the same level of devastation? They are untouched to date.

We should be united in supporting Ukraine as best we can.


How much damage has Soros, a Jew, inflicted on Israel by supporting the Palestinians?

Just sayin


Matt. If the Azov brigades (I thought it was a regiment)is at the forefront of the fighting, doesn't that support the argument that they are now really a special operations force.


correction, there was another operative steve tanner, who worked with the banderistas, he went on to be a historian of note, coffin worked with the nts,


much as with the mujahadeen, or the ghavavat salafis in chechnya, most rank and file tribesmen in afghanistan and chechnya, wanted to be left alone, but Marshall Ustinov said no,


Narciso, Much like wokester Austin wants to do here.


darth austin, seems to be of that mindset,


the feeling is not mutually shared,



didn't you get the memo, we're on slide 23, the larch



Peter Cronau
ABC visits a school in #Ukraine that has just been turned into a military target.
“This school has been made into a massive military warehouse,” says ABC reporter.
Ukraine military has allegedly been using schools, hospitals & public buildings.



now much is made of the azovs, just like some elements of the somozan national guard was used to discredit the nicaragua resistance, chris dickey, (where has he been hiding lately) based one account on a certain comandante suicida, joel brinkley made one the provocateur in his novel,


oh he passed on two years ago, oops

brinkley pere was invited to my alma mater around the time that cair got their debut, and we were considering air strikes against the serbs,





I’ve been watching the hearings on the SC nominee. She presents herself as charming and reasonable, which is not the case from her rulings and writings.


and goose graham doesn't come off terribly well


You can't make this up.

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin is defending the White House/Media narrative on sentencing guidelines for what he calls "kiddie porn cases."

"People who committed these crimes would order individual photos and get them...through email...this was all pre-internet."

matt - deplore me if you must

One of the other factors in this war is that for all intents and purposes the Ukrainians are rRussian and vice versa. A lot of intermarriage and close personal ties.This isn't Afghanistan or Chechnya.

So as the casualty numbers filter out and the carnage filters into Russian awareness will the Russians themselves have had enough? It's very clearly a war of aggression but against one of their own. Russian dark humor and skepticism are legendary.

Deprivation, alienation from the rest of the world, opprobrium and condemnation; these will all filter through.

And then comes rage. So who will be the target? Ukraine or Putin?


"So as the casualty numbers filter out and the carnage filters into Russian awareness will the Russians themselves have had enough?"

There was a Ukrainian woman from one of the Ukrainian 'want to separate from Ukraine' areas explaining that she talked to her mother in Moscow, and said that her mother wouldn't believe that Russian troops were attacking Ukraine.

matt - deplore me if you must

True, davod. Putin's propaganda is nonstop.

But when sons don't write home or they write from military hospitals or the bodies either disappear or are returned home, families will find out.

Russian casualties are already approaching the level of Afghanistan, which helped topple the Soviet Union. How much longer?

Hom much longer will Russians stand the loss of their consumer culture?

Russia has a nasty habit of losing wars. The Russo - Japanese War caused a revolution in 1905 and we know what happened in 1917.

Stalin only succeeded with massive aid from the United States. Otherwise he would not have been able to mount his offensives.

The days of Hungary or the Prague Spring are long over. Whatever happens without a major withdrawal and peace treaty will be very costly in many ways.





One of the comments on the 1945 site

"I’m concerned there aren’t enough ads on this site. Your content takes up way too much real estate."


Matt. Don't forget that the Brits sent much needed weapons and supplies to the Russians.


PS. I meant to say the Brits needed what they were sending to Russia.




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