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March 01, 2022



Russian problems? How does anyone know what is happening on the ground… all we see is a propaganda war (including the linked article).

Meanwhile we have the Schwabites’ front man Biden getting ready to lecture us on globull warmening, the evils of voter ID, and the need for national ID to facilitate social credit systems.



You are the perfect person to start the Zuckerberg lawsuit!


Vladislav Davidzon
Ukrainians are taping looters all around the country to lamp posts and telephone poles using rope and tape.


Please alert me when they get to the politicians, thank you in advance.


Ukrainians are taping looters all around the country to lamp posts and telephone poles using rope and tape.

Coming to a city near you?

Sounds good to me.


Politicians? Let me know when they tape Hunter up.


Happening in Houston. This voting location is closed to Republicans voting in the Texas primaries today, but NOT Democrats. pic.twitter.com/pn4CCt5h0h





My 4:30 by Lord Monckton on how the Russians communists infiltrated the environmental movement and deplatformed, and dsicredited their critics.


I can’t believe it’s legal for a sitting congressman like MTG to take a $15k speaking fee for an event.

Like how it’s illegal in many states for a criminal to profit from their crime.


There’s a lot of tape on Hunter, henry, but you might want to cover your eyes.


EXCLUSIVE: Van Taylor Accused of Extramarital Affair With ISIS Bride, Abuse of Power,(sex act) Text

Tania Georgelas was previously married to American-born ISIS member John Georgelas, who was killed in 2017.

PLANO TX has a huge muslim population and has a CAIR center.



BODY CAM FOOTAGE: Dominion Executive Eric Coomer Cuffed and Arrested in Colorado – Video Appears to Show He Drove Truck into Bar, Fled the Scene and Lied to Police

Eric Coomer is the former Director of Security and Product Strategy for Dominion Voting Systems. After the 2020 election debacle, where votes in at least five states had very suspicious results while running Dominion computer systems, center-right journalists made common-sense observations that the results appeared rigged. One journalist, who had infiltrated a conference call filled with Antifa-sympathizing callers, remembered that on the call “Eric from Dominion” was going to ensure that Trump did not win re-election.


matt - deplore me if you must

Just imagine the entire DC bureaucracy taped to telephone poles!!! They would stretch all the way to Cincinnati!!!

What a great idea. Far kinder than tar & feathers. Throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes is optional.



Lord Monkton’s article is fascinating. Thanks for linking it!


Russian forces strike US DoD Biolabs, confirmed by two sources:

now three sources

add the Guardian to the list





May help further show why Russia was worried about US Biolabs in Ukarine.



Putin changed the Russian constitution so he could be president for life?

Well, as long as he did it LEGALLY.


fascinating story, clarice, I didn't see that detail about thatcher in the deception book, only about the blood libel about pope pius and the jfk


Wow! Clarice! That’s one hell of an article!


when putin met obama and or harris, he was probably reminded of plu recruits, who apochrafly include Carlos the Jackal, and Ayatollah Khamenei,

Rick Ballard

The NRO writer does a decent job but he neglects to mention that some of the reluctance to advance may be due to the Ukrainians being "neighbors". How ruthless would American forces be with Canada as a foe?

They will overcome the reluctance in short order but the first few days have little to do with the outcome. Ukraine is about 90% the size of Texas as well. It's going to be awhile before this is over.


if Canada had starved a third of your population two generations ago, you might learn to handle whatever the local pointy object, might be,


Raging bull: Video shows dad protect son from charging beast at rodeo. By MaryAnn Martinez
February 28, 2022 2:23pm Updated



Any more reports on that long column of military vehicles?


good question,



About that freighter with the electric cars……



that insurer is going to take a bath,



Should be outside the paywall.


That is what remains of family owned manufacturing/ software in the US. Ugh.


Ask and you shall receive.


[Many of the vehicle ran out of fuel.]



Woke Professor: U.S. Went To War With Japan In WWII Because Of White Supremacy

by Warner Todd Huston And Jeff Dunetz | Mar 1, 2022 | Military





From ACE

"Bret Fucking Baier: "The science has led us to this moment, where the chamber is maskless."
Posted by: Jane D'oh "


Found at Althouse

"March 1, 2022 "Last weekend, I cannot decide should I buy games to play on my PlayStation. Today, I have to decide should I have to fight Russian army to my death. It's a pretty drastic change."



I second jane doh's motion,


Vertical pets:



No one should fall in the river (20) Bloody hell!



So exited (9)



When the rotation speed of the helicopter propeller matches the number of images per second (fps speed) of the camera (13)



Demonstration of the rotation of our planet...(20)



Gravity doesn't work on kittens (5)



This is how food commercials are created to make them look fresh and appetizing! Whoa!! (2:20)



Eagle having a bath (19)



Not all heroes wear capes, some have paws n whiskers (13).



Perception of reality



My 9:19.

Althouse includes this among the comments:

"The reporter describes a bus full of Ukrainians leaving the country — men, women, and children. They find out that the men will not be allowed to leave. If they thought of themselves as refugees, they got the sudden shock of learning that they were deserting their country and leaving others to fight. The men were taken off the bus and sent back to serve as civilian defense, which seems to be focused on Molotov cocktails. 3/1/22, 5:58 AM "


State of the Union Drinking Game



Found at Instapundit

"Not elated with Disney’s move, author and investor Vivek Ramaswamy tweeted, “Disney was criticized for filming Mulan in the Xinjiang province of China where over 1 million Uighurs are enslaved and abused in concentration camps. Its response? Stop releasing movies in Russia where it makes almost no money.”


Speaking of Bret Fucking Bair. Saw him last night for about 30 seconds on the news flipping channels. First time in years.

Fat SOB.


Andrew Breitbart




I still say he manipulated Megyn Kelly into going after Trump and tanking her career. He bragged for several days that he and Kelly were rehearsing the questions, and after the whole thing blew up, he was quiet as a mouse. I quit watching him then.

And he seems to have put on more weight, I agree.

I didn’t watch one second of the SOTU speech. My blood pressure doesn’t need the aggravation.


Has the Taliban offered to send Ukraine weapons and helicopters yet?

They have Ef You money, in a manner of speaking.


Did you watch ‘Bombshell’ Miss Marple?

I think Kyle Chandler should have played Hannity, even though it’s better than he deserves.

That guy from Madmen carrying a cross draw revolver thru the office was pretty funny, I have to admit.

matt - deplore me if you must

In Japan and Taiwan and China restaurants have windows filled with beautifully crafted dishes to inform customers of the fare offered.

Realistic sushi or noodles or chicken cutlets, whatever it is. Loved the Whopper/Giant burger fake.

matt - deplore me if you must

Pin, you know who has lots of former Afghan AF equipment? Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan.



Nope. Watched a couple of episodes of Midsomee Murders on Tubi. English countryside, dry humor. Just the thing to take my mind off politics and current events.

Tomorrow I will be gone for most of the day packing up breakables at the other house so the people re-doing the floors dont break anything.

jim nj


Feeding the Bear: A Closer Look at Russian Army Logistics and the Fait Accompli

This is interesting.


Baier been hittin' it a bit hard, IMO.


Here's the error in thinking about Russian logistics as the weak point.

No one knows what the hard points of the opening missile salvo were and what is left.

Reporters incapable of asking not only quality First questions, but unable to listen, or even hear, to ask the natural, follow on, Second question, provides NO information as to what is left.

Weak gruel at best.

I'll wait for something meatier.

jim nj


Fuel and logistics problems frustrate Russian advance - analysis

I'm puzzling over some aspects of that 40-mile long Russian supply convoy headed for Kyiv.

jim nj


Ukrainian Resistance, Logistics Nightmares Plague Russian Invaders

"There is a large column of Russian troops and vehicles headed toward the city [Kyiv] that has not made appreciable movement over the past day. Part of this is the Ukrainian resistance, part is the logistics meltdown, the official said. The halt also could be "as a result of their own self-determined sort of pause in operations [and] that they are possibly regrouping, rethinking, reevaluating."

I don't know if logistics is THEE issue, but a 40-mile long convoy that isn't going anywhere fast puzzles me.

Is it a convoy or a traffic jam?

I'm wondering if the failure to capture the airports outside of Kyiv and the battle for Kharkiv slowed two out of three legs of a pincer movement on Kyiv.

So they have to send in a second wave toward Kyiv from Belarus at the same time they are re-supplying the first wave already outside Kyiv using the same, apparently, single road in. And they're all mixed-in in the wrong order, or something.

Or, since that main thrust at Kyiv is coming out of Belarus, is there something different, maybe worse, about Belarus logistics.


Be a real shame if a great fish swallowed Jonah Goldberg and spit him out in Iraq.

Paddan Aram: Ancient Kurdistan or rejected ‘Blue Moon’ lyrics?



I encountered Uzbeks for the first time working in Nashville. Other than having way too high opinions of their own driving skills, they almost universally tell Americans that they’re Russians.

Or they used to.


Yes, Miss Marple, you can’t miss with a good BBC production. I know I mentioned it before, but my wife and I just watched ‘Belgravia’. It had a lot of Upstairs/Downstairs intrigue and it was only six hour long episodes.


Margot Cleveland.


Jim Eagle

Good morning all.

Biden is mentally challenged. Change my mind.

What a sad SOTU speech.

Iranian v Ukranian


Trump is coming up on Maria Bartiromo’s show to critique!

Old Lurker

Mel "Reporters incapable of asking not only quality First questions, but unable to listen, or even hear, to ask the natural, follow on, Second question"

They are all mere dumb actors standing on their marks reading their scripts while pretending, but failing, that the words & thoughts are their own.

At least in the pre-woke days some of them were pretty...


Ex-U.S. Vice President Biden Asks Poroshenko To Accelerate Nationalization Of PrivatBank – Derkach Tapes

May 20, 2020


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

From my developer:

I called both Nataliya and Vlad - both are ok.

Although in Kyiv it's a very nervous state due to often air-strike alarms. Nataliya with her family lives in the part of Kyiv which is closest to the main invasion direction - but on the other hand, this invasion is stopped now. And the reason is - the streets on the nearest towns are jammed with destroyed Russian war vehicles. There is a high risk of the air strikes, but anyway, she feels much safer on the own home. And it makes sense for now - most of the victims we have now are people killed 'on the way'.

Vlad's home is far away from everything. So they can only hear some far explosions.


Wow. Imagine living there. Prayers for them.


gableman’s full report.


Review of vote fraud found


Old Lurker



No worries OL. Evers will veto any fixes. Won’t take two weeks.

Old Lurker

Henry, I was thinking how pussified humanity has become now that duct taping bad people to poles has replaced cutting off their heads and placing them on pikes at the town gates.

Old Lurker

...or along the roads leading to the towns for miles and miles.


Duct tape is for frat pledge hazing… lampposts and rope for bad people.


yes derkach was sanctioned for bringing the evidence of the extortion scheme, they did get around to slapping kolomoisky, but that was with a minnow


I only saw the first two episodes of belgravia, then my free epix gig ended, but it's reasonably faithful to the book, also by the downtown abbey,

even whales have a limit on what they can consume


Tucker interviews retired Col Douglass Macgregor who claims Russia's been real careful not to hit civilians and property in the first 5 days but things are about to get ugly. Prayers for your friends Steph...



yes blackballed his ambassadorship to Germany, because of his sage council, so instead you have burn loot murder apologist, who wasn't 'woke' enough for the mean gyrl who occupies the naval observatory,


aptly put,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Here's the error in thinking about Russian logistics as the weak point.

No one knows what the hard points of the opening missile salvo were and what is left.--

Logistics are logistics regardless of what was hit. Russia has always been methodical more than lightning fast. And while they have always been limited in their logistical abilities they usually seem to have a pretty good grasp of them and are seldom unwise enough to exceed them.


there is the cost in money, and lives of this imperial land grab, estimated at 30 billion a day (ballpark figure) it's not like chechnya, which was a wahhabi sanctuary, which the zachistas insured,


Germany signalled a U-turn in key energy policies on Sunday, floating the possibility of extending the life-spans of coal and even nuclear plants to cut dependency on Russian gas, part of a broad political rethink following Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.
In a landmark speech on Sunday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz spelled out a more radical path to ensure Germany will be able to meet rising energy supply and diversify away from Russian gas, which accounts for half of Germany's energy needs.
"We must change course to overcome our dependence on imports from individual energy suppliers," he said.
Germany is also weighing whether to extend the life-span of its remaining nuclear power plants as a way to secure the country's energy supply, the country's economy minister Robert Habeck, a member of the Greens, said.


Funny how US President Joe Biden didn’t mention any these ideas in his State Of The Union speech last night.

matt - deplore me if you must

The images of Pelosi and Harris behind Biden were very disturbing. Pelosi was out and out creepy, while Harris looked like she was about to hurl.

Harris' pre-school explanation of the war in Ukraine takes the cake for just plain stupid.

Back in the day, in my travels in Eastern Europe I would pass by various East Bloc units. I was especially interested in the unit markings and numbers and types of vehicles and where they might be going.

A big part on intelligence is knowing who and what you are facing. A simple unit crest on a BMP or tank identifies the unit and usually we then knew what we could expect.

It seems that Putin has not committed his elite units, but what is he caliber of the ones who are fighting? Same with the aircraft shot down. What units and what level of capabilities?

That 40 Km convoy seems to have run into some serious defense of crossroads and key intersections. Why haven't they used their scouts and basic recon moving forward?

The Russians were very good at launching overwhelming attacks against the Germans in WW II but it was always about the correlation of forces. It seems that now they are blundering forward.

We are told about Spetznasz and their paratroopers, but even now it seems they are either not using their elite units or are being outfought.

The problem is that we just don't have much hard information.


Military units have incredible turnover.
The elite units of a few years ago are gone.
Russia is trying to re-become an empire on the cheap.

Rick Ballard

Russia's ban on fertilizer exports which began in early February will probably be extended for a while. Germany needs to figure out how to make wind mills and solar panels produce ammonium nitrate.

With China declining to participate in the awesome display of the power of sanctions on a relatively self sufficient economy, the vast impact of the sanctions may require some time to become apparent.

matt - deplore me if you must

Interesting to see the countries supporting Russia so far; Cuba, Myanmar, Venezuela, Syria.

China, India, Brazil and many others are neutral despite all of their own nationalistic bombast about self determination.

So we have the navel gazers supporting Ukraine, a few whacked out states supporting Russia, and the majority of the world's population with no dog in the fight.

Fukuyama f'd up. It's a whole new world we're living in.

Rick Ballard

China sees a market opportunity.
India needs Russian wheat.
Brazil really needs Russian fertilizer.

Altreality is hard to play on an empty stomach.

At least Americans are able to easily calculate sanction costs every time they buy gas.


“If you liked all the things I didn’t get passed last year, you’re going to like them even better when I don’t get them passed this year.” — Joe Biden avatar


India is a big user of Russian military hardware to boot. They are dependent on them for equipment, especially air and naval. I doubt they wanna break that link when they are looking over their shoulders at the ChiComs.

Jim Eagle

Fukuyama f'd up. It's a whole new world we're living in.


How so? What is different from, let's say 48 hours ago?


.Message from Ukrainian Tax Office:



PS. The IRS wouldn't be so forgiving.


The long convoy was from Belurus. I did wonder whether it wasn't a faint, with few troops and supplies, designed to draw off the Ukrainians and have them waste precious munitions.


The science moved.



Stonehenge. It looked better the last time I was there.


Jim Eagle

He's such a demented fool and has been since he was 16.


There is a real dearth of information on what is currently going on.

We hear about the 'Ghost of Kiev', the valiant defenders of Snake Island and a stalled out '40 mile convoy' due to Russkie incompetence.

Snake Island? Really?

Sound like a Scooby Doo espisode to me.

Despite all the gas lighting, here is where I think we are.

In the north, the Russians have encountered heavy resistance at Kiev. They have edged up to the city on the east. To the west of the city the Russians continue to move towards Zhytomyr which could produce an envelopment of the city.

In the south, reports of Kherson being taken and Mariupol under attack indicate the Russians are making good progress. It's hard to tell at this point if they are looking to isolate Odessa or if they will plunge north to close a pocket and cut off Ukranian forces in the Donbass.

In the Donbass, where the Uks have concentrated forces thru the years, heavy fighting has been reported. The Ukranians are heavily dug in in this area and it is unlikely we will see anything dramatic happens here unless the Uks have to withdraw. The Russians have advanced towards Kharkiv just to the north and are inching closer to it.

Anyone who thinks the Russians would blitzkrieg thru the Uks in 48 hours and are facing defeat now for failing to do so is silly.

The stall in front of Kiev at this point does appear a failure of Russian plans though. A week into the operation I would wager the Russians thought they would have enveloped the city.

I think the 'stalled convoy' is the Russians regrouping after the heavy resistance they have encountered and they will soon resume their advance. I believe by Sunday they will have resumed their advance and encircled the city. Doctrine would point against a wasteful, direct assualt on the city though heavy and debelitating artillery and air attacks will proceed.

In the south, I do think the Russians seem to be making good progress. Doctrine would dictate they will drive north and close the pocket behind the Donbass forces. Investing Odessa would be a costly affair but a valuable bargaining chip in any peace negotations.

If the above is true, the Uks will have to decide what to do in Donbass. Staying place ensures that any Russ attack will take terrible losses. Staying also means the Russians could complete a pincer movement to cut them off to the west. Retreating would potentially subject them to whithering air assualt.

The above is based upon various, including pro Russian info, and is the best guess of an Arm Chair General.

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