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April 24, 2022


jim nj

Two assessments of the Ukraine war:




I don’t know who needs to know this (Donald Trump), but if your ‘Normie’ Twitter account got got, all you really need to do is go and get a new email account and a Google Voice number and pick an ‘At’ that’s unrelated to your ‘rekt’ account.

When it sends your new phone number a confirmation text you go to the menu in your Google Voice menu and choose ‘messages’.

There you go Mr Trump. If you go down, go down for being spicy and subverting the so called ‘Conventional Wisdom’.

Try not to be a retard.


*redundant ‘menu’

Always Be Correcting the Record.



Durham says the research firm sent hundreds of emails with unverified dirt on Trump to reporters. He has them and they say this undercuts the Clinton campaign’s campaign that the emails should be protected by attorney- client privilege.


When you print more money it means there are more dollars chasing the same amount of goods and services, which causes prices to rise. In just the past three fiscal years, federal spending has swollen to nearly $7 trillion a year, up from about $4.4 trillion in fiscal year 2019. Spending was $6.6 trillion in 2020, and $6.8 trillion in 2021.

If we want to put this into perspective, we can take a look at the monetary supply at the beginning of 2020, which showed just $4.0192 trillion in circulation. By January 2021, that number had jumped up to $6.7 trillion — but this was only the beginning.

By November of last year, that number climbed to $20.354 trillion dollars in circulation — meaning that since January 2020, the United States has printed nearly 80% of all US dollars in existence.


Account Deleted

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Alison. Thanks for letting me know.


New thead.

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