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May 07, 2022



The dems are losing this battle, for all the right reasons.


Thanks for the birthday wishes (from the last thread)! Wet, dreary day here in the northeast.

I’ve been arguing that overturning Roe, apart from being the right thing legally and morally, will be bad for the Democrats. Once most states keep it legal but only up to some limit like 15 weeks, Ds will be put in the position of defending late-term abortions, a view that is not widely shared except among their extreme base in deep blue states.


Hope you have a good one jimmyk!


happy birthday jimmy,

honestly bill doesn't like this democracy, he insisted we have, even at pain of a recession,

Jack Lillywhite


Happy Birthday to a very nice guy

Now doing here in Florida, the not-so-sunshine-state, we are forgoing Mint Juleps for wine watching the Derby.

I have to go with Happy Jack! Natch😉

Jim Eagle

Interesting, as many jockeys from France as from Mexico. I counted 4.

Jim Eagle

Interesting, as many jockeys from France as from Mexico. I counted 4.

Jim Eagle

Talk about a long shot!! How bout those red apples


Daggone it! I forgot about the Derby!



SBW, Oneida County NY is lucky to have a family like yours publishing the Sentinel!

Bubaooni, congrats to your son on his college admission and also for your new family business

JimmyK, Happy Birthday, hope it's a great one.

Rarely do I stay on the threads topic but my parish has a history with the pro abortion crowd.



Phoebe Morgan, editorial director at HarperFiction, revealed on Twitter that someone has been using a fake HarperCollins account and claiming to be her. She said the impersonator has been using her photo and background information, but could be identified as a fraud by the email address, which replaced the two "l’ letters in HarperCollins with the number "1".


For Mother's Day



Thank you, Rocco!

jim nj

Three assessments of the Ukraine war:




jim nj

I've seen some of these videos before, but this article links them together.


Ukraine's Attacks on Snake Island Hint That Russia's Black Sea Fleet's Influence on the War May Be Over

Repeated drone attacks on the island are taking out the Russian's air defense weapons, then two patrol boats and a landing craft.

jim nj


Russian Armor Losses Validate Marines’ Decision To Dump Their Tanks Says General
If the Marine Corps should find itself in need of support from tanks, their plan has a familiar ring. Send in the Army.

jim nj


Ukraine’s New Heavy Artillery Will Cause Russia a World of Pain

Defense contractors in the West have spent decades making artillery smarter and more lethal. Here’s how Ukraine can use it against Russia.



This is a great story about yesterday’s Derby.


Good morning, JOM! The Derby long shot winner is a better story than even SeaBiscuit.
This week's column:https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/05/the_emroeem_demonstrations_where_did_they_get_that_idea.html


Solid article, Clarice, saying it more and better than the #MSM.




Great Pieces, Clarice! Your description of Schumer was perfect!
Have a Happy Mother’s Day to all JOM moms out there! 💕


Tom Fowdy


As Austria is not part of NATO their military leaders are able to speak openly about the conflict, and this assessment is damning. He accuses the western media of wantonly suppressing the reality from the public, whilst Ukraine are blowing their aid supplies very, very quickly

Jos Quinten @TaranQ

Austrian Colonel Markus Reisner: The West has made a serious miscalculation in Ukraine

Austrian colonel and military expert Markus Reisner declared that Western countries are seriously mistaken in relying on large arms supplies for the Ukrainian army. According to …1/10


https://twitter.com/Tom_Fowdy/status/15 ... 1843019776

Total TaranQ:

Austrian Colonel Markus Reisner: The West has made a serious miscalculation in Ukraine

Austrian colonel and military expert Markus Reisner declared that Western countries are seriously mistaken in relying on large arms supplies for the Ukrainian army. According to …1/10

Markus Reisner, ''the Russian army continues to make solid progress in its offensive against Ukrainian positions in the Donbass, and it will be victorious in the region. This is evidenced by the fact that most of the territories of the DPR and LPR, including large cities, .. 2/10

are already under the control of the Russian army. Russia also controls important facilities in southern Ukraine, on the shores of the Sea of Azov. Austrian colonel also added that in the West they try not to talk about the obvious advance of the Russian armed forces ..3/10

and the Western media make a lot of efforts to hide the obvious successes of the Russians, which is a serious mistake. Markus Reisner stressed that He is following the situation in Ukraine from various sources, and concluded that the West is deeply mistaken in relying ..4/10

on large military aid supplies for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the colonel, it takes a lot of time to send weapons, and these weapons are spent literally in one day. And more often than not, these Western weapons do not even have time to fall into the ..5/10

hands of the Ukrainian military on the front line. According to the US defense department, the weapons that the West sends to Ukraine during the week - runs out within a day. This means that Western weapons are immediately used by the Ukrainians and most of these ..6/10

weapons are captured or destroyed by the Russians. The Russian army seizes a lot of weapons'', - said Markus Reisner. The Austrian colonel also drew attention to the high professionalism of the Russian special forces, which opposes the Ukrainian troops. According to ..7/10

Markus Reisner, Russian special forces successfully track down groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and neutralize them. This means that the supply lines for the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in the Donbass are not damaged. He also noted the well-coordinated ..8/10

work of the infantry and artillery of the Russian armed forces. ''The Russian offensive in the Donbass is currently slow but steady and thorough, with significant artillery and infantry support. This is not a sign of weakness. ..9/10

Rather, it shows that the battalion tactical groups interact more closely with each other and are controlled centrally'', - said Austrian colonel and military expert Markus Reisner. 10/10

Hetzelfde verhaal door oud UN wapeninspecteur en US Marine Corps (Cyber) Intelligence officer Scott Ritter ;



Didn’t Roberts and his wife adopt twin sons from Ireland? If so, how was that enabled? Were Irish couples skipped over? Did money change hands? Who would have had access to the records?

My apologies if this is something I have gotten confused. It just keeps nagging at me.



Jack Lillywhite

Happy Mothers Day. Also Happy V-E day. My Dad came home 6 months later.


Happy Mother’s Day! The kids took me out to this excellent Italian restaurant established in 1951. Here is their web site:


If you look at the photo on the page I linked, you will see in the center a HUGE wisteria trunk with many stems. The roof is covered in blooms. Interior decor is dark wood paneling with gobs of black and white photos, all the way from Rome right after WWII to Sophia Loren and Gina Lollabridgida. Food is out of this world.

The menu is on their web site.


I remember bussing tables in high school and IIRC, Mothers Day was the busiest day of the year.

That's a beautiful restaurant MissM and the menu looks awesome.

Happy Mothers Day all!


Happy Mothers Day.


This is kinda cool!



See 2000 mules for free here:https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/2000-mules-watch-the-full-movie/


Ace lighthousescape


jim nj


Salena Zito


I don't think the Sun likes Putin. They call him mad Vlad.


Found this link on my Facebook page:

.Roo & Crew.

WALL ART -Deluxe prints of my [Katy Carlson] original watercolor paintings - they're slightly glossy, fingerprint resistant with high image quality and detail. Inspired by the Australian and South African native flora and fauna.

[They look great]


jim nj

Two assessments of the Ukraine war:




"...Ukraine is not a paragon country (i.e., a democratic nation without corruption and well organized). There’s no doubt that fundamental criticisms could be leveled at her government and the leading elites. Currently, though, this is irrelevant. Ukraine is valiantly fighting against the worst enemy our civilization has seen since Hitler and Stalin..."

https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/20 ... ar_iv.html


Is the Pentagon Planning a False Flag to Start WWIII?


[Is this Administration that desperate? We will see.]


more fake news,



carried over



lorraine hobbs to the white courtesy phone,


Dave (in MA)

Everything is worse than before January 21st, 2021.

Who could have seen this coming on November 4th, 2020?


i know maura healey is the wrong lizard, is baker the right one



welcome to the party hap



Should there be an unforeseen opening on the Supreme Court, how convenient that we have a confirmed nominee all ready to be immediately seated before the end of this term without further discussion or controversy, so that she can fully participate in any decisions not yet handed down.
Don't tell me you haven't thought of it.


Thanks #nevertrump.


The risk of electricity shortages is rising throughout the U.S. And electric-grid operators are warning of rolling blackouts during heat waves or other peak periods as soon as this year.


In the US, Senators make over 3x more than the average worker. Does anybody seriously believe Senators in this country work 3 times harder than the average American worker? I don't think so.


“…abortion is generally forbidden by law in Germany. If you jump through a bunch of hoops (get counseling from medical professionals encouraging you to keep the child, none of whom may be the doctor performing the abortion) and the pregnancy hasn't progressed past week 12 you can apply for an abortion, but on demand abortions as they do them in the US are not a thing here. It's also illegal to advertise for abortions here, too."—anon


Media Head Fake: Western Press Virtually Silent About Fact That Ukraine’s President Zelensky Was Offered Peace Deal but Refused.

Just days before he ordered the “Special Military Operations” in Ukraine to commence on Feb. 24, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz offered the Ukrainian leader a brokered peace deal, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to Truth Seeker, the German chancellor was well into brokering a peace deal and told Zelenskyy during his visit to the Munich Security Conference Feb. 19, just days before the invasion, “that Ukraine should renounce its NATO aspirations and declare neutrality as part of a wider European security deal between the West and Russia,” and that “the pact would be signed by Mr. Putin and Mr. Biden, who would jointly guarantee Ukraine’s security.”



I lived there, what you wrote about abortion protocol in Germany is true. Before the end of the first trimester, a woman seeking to end a pregnancy must have an exam and a consultation with a doctor about the physical and psychological ramifications of the procedure (Schwangerschaftskonfliktberatung). The doctor must then sign a certificate that she has been made aware. Only then, barring signs that (in the doctor's estimation) she is a poor risk for the procedure, and a three day waiting period, can it be scheduled. All abortions are performed by a doctor. Google Paragraph 218. Of course in case of rape these rules are seriously relaxed. Outside of the law as expressed in §218, abortion is illegal.
I can't say of my own knowledge, but I've been told France is even stricter.
Someone should really tell all these shriekers that even if control is retuned to the states, it would still be easier to get an abortion in the US than in the EU.

jim nj

seen elsewhere:

If Batman was real he'd be the world's least weird billionaire.

jim nj


Ferdinand Marcos Jr on cusp of winning landslide in Philippines elections

Dynastic - and he's running with Duterte's daughter as his VP.

I knew there was an election. I didn't know who was running.

pull quote:
"Journalist Maria Ressa, the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner and president and chief executive of local media outlet Rappler, told CNN a Marcos win shows "not just Filipinos but the world, the impact of disinformation on a democracy."

It's Trump's fault.

jim nj


Spygate Judge Tries To Protect Hillary Clinton In Latest Pre-Trial Rulings

jim nj


The Exasperated American
Will the voters channel their furor at this regime of lies into an unprecedented turnout at the polls in November?


jim nj


Homeland Security's "Disinformation Board" is Even More Pernicious Than it Seems
The power to decree what is "disinformation" now determines what can and cannot be discussed on the internet. It is now in the hands of trained disinformation agents of the U.S. Security State.

jim nj


From court packing to leaking to doxing: White House yields to a national rage addiction

jim nj

Two assessments of the Ukraine war:





Excellent column.



In terms of actual legislation enacted, Indiana is one of the least socially conservative red states. But the economic results have also been underwhelming to poor for the state and its people. The Indianapolis GOP elites and their truce both effectively disenfranchised and impoverished the state’s Republican voters, while the left, which never agreed to any part of a truce, made significant advances on its own social policy agenda in the state.



Thanks for posting that article. Very accurate, and a constant source of frustration to many rank and file GOP. It is also why Trump was so popular here.

By the way, Dick Mourdock and I worked in the same department for a couple of years.

Pence is not as popular here as the author seems to believe, however.

matt - deplore me if you must

I thought that most educated folks knew that abortion In Europe is generally more restrictive. It was voted on in each country and they came up with sensible law, much of which recognizes the human rights of the infant. This has not stopped them from having very low birth rates.

As to corruption, can you really say that the US today is much better than Ukraine. Hell, the president's own son was involved in Ukrainian, Khazak, and Chinese corruption.

Why do you think every major defense contractor now has their HQ in metro DC? Or why K Street is more powerful than ever? Or how the media and oligarchs bought and paid for the last general election? Or why so many Senators and Members of Congress have enriched themselves?

It's only a matter of means and degree.



mike in houston

Since its 90 degrees here in Houston, I thought a little cool "Summertime" would be appropriate.


Dave (in MA)
    Matt: Why do you think every major defense contractor now has their HQ in metro DC?
The Beltway Bandits.
matt - deplore me if you must

So the new WH Press Secretary is an even bigger liar than Little Red Lyinghood. They really do live in the land of delusion. Polls not going the way the Dems expected after the SC leak. And CNN is going to take it on the chin again for allowing her Missus to continue reporting on the White House.

Gasoline and POL going higher and higher; the markets tanking, and the RE bubble about to burst.

Never underestimate Joe's ability to F things up.

Obama for once knew of what he was speaking.


Completely disregarding Candace Owens’ grifting POV: Do Blacks favor abortion so disproportionately because they (tend to) have such little regard for life or do they (tend to) have such little regard for life because they embrace abortion so disproportionately?

And before you get up on your high horse and inb4 NAXALT-just go ahead and take a look at FBI Table 43.

It’s so bad the government stopped compiling it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Do Blacks favor abortion so disproportionately because they (tend to) have such little regard for life or do they (tend to) have such little regard for life because they embrace abortion so disproportionately?--

Thomas Sowell argues it is cultural and that not even a traditionally black culture. "Black Rednecks" makes a pretty compelling case it is.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--As to corruption, can you really say that the US today is much better than Ukraine.--

No I can't. And just as I would not fight in nor support a war to protect and defend the corrupt, criminal scum that has risen to the top of DC, I don't think the US should protect or defend the corrupt, criminal scum of Ukraine several thousand miles away.
That Russia is also ruled by corrupt, criminal scum strengthens the case we should stay the hell away from the whole mess. That those corrupt criminals also own the largest nuclear force in the world should put the final nail in the coffin of the "Let's go fight another war" brigade.


Ig, add in the rest of Europe to the corrupt, criminal scum ranks.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

True henry.
I might give Hungary a break, and maybe Poland, but I'm not sure I could name another country in the world not run by some form of Codevilla's corrupt "Ruling Class".
Taiwan seems decent.


Single Round From A Firearm’ Shot Into Window Of Republican Virginia Attorney General’s Office

jim nj


Premieres Wednesday, May 11, 2022 from 9-11 p.m. with encore Sunday, May 15 from 2-4 p.m. on KPBS TV + May 15 from 9-11 p.m. on KPBS 2 / On demand with PBS Video App

NOVA: DINOSAUR APOCALYPSE explores how a wealth of newly uncovered fossils may provide a never-before-seen glimpse of events on the day an asteroid struck Earth, ending the age of the dinosaurs. Viewers follow host Sir David Attenborough and a team of scientists as they try to reconstruct a detailed picture of one of the unluckiest days for life on Earth in two back-to-back, one-hour episodes, "Dinosaur Apocalypse: The New Evidence" and "Dinosaur Apocalypse: The Last Day."


Not sure I want to watch something so depressing.


I am now at my sister’s (retired teacher) and will be until Sunday. Won’t be posting much except maybe late at night. Going to watch a movie now.

Oh, Biden’s inflation plan isn’t really anything except blaming everyone else and spending money. Pfft!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Not sure I want to watch something so depressing.--

The dead dinosaurs, or the dead dinosaurs of Europe, shooting at the VA AG or the new WH press secretary?


Misty Beechwood, Spain, Nick Rinaldi



When you sneak your friends into the house after your parents went to sleep and they won't keep quiet..🐈🐾🧸😂😂



Under cute attack..🐈🐾🤸😅



Sooooooooooo busy dad! ❤️😂😂



Methane is beautiful, I tried explaining to her countless times.



This squirrel.. 😅



So sorry but... 🤣🤣



Now you see me.. now you don't..🐈🐾🪟



The best furry alarm that every child should have..🐕🐾⏰😍🤗😅



That was a close call..🐶🐾🐈😅






No car, dog accident! 😂😂



She is not impressed! Poor guy! 🤣🤣



Let's pretend I'm linking this for the lizard.



Orphaned kangaroo joey practicing his first hops..🦘



Mommy cat hugs kitten having a nightmare..🐈🐾🤗❤️



They’re all mine.. 😂



the dalmatian is definitely the referee
(jukin media)



Ace late-night landscape



Ace's feel-good story

"Sherry Noppe, 63, was found at 3 a.m. by a group of volunteers who were alerted by the sound of her dog barking.

Officials said she was a little shaken up and had cuts and bruises but should make a speedy recovery.

Her black lab, Max, is being hailed as a hero for helping signal searchers with his barking.

"Oh my God he saved her life," Noppe's daughter Courtney said.

"He's our hero," Noppe's son Justin added.

Courtney said it was around 3 a.m. when search..."


jim nj

Two assessments of the Ukraine war:



It looks like Ukraine is about to split the northern Russian front above Kharkiv in two.

jim nj

BuffyUK mentioned this site some time ago:


I keep it open in a tab and update it each day - it's like a mini-TWIP. It helps keep the news in perspective.

jim nj

A third Ukraine assessment - it updated an hour ago:


jim nj


An aficionado of legendary narrator Sir David Attenborough has created a lovely tribute to the BBC’s nature documentaries with a brief video that treats Russian tanks as if they were an animal species that migrates to Ukraine to die.


Looks like Discus has blocked me again .. but only here

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