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February 14, 2023



Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day!


Is this going to be a Birther thread?


Finders keepers, losers weepers.

Appears you have the keys to the kitchen, Clarice.


I was hoping to get a chance to thank TM for his hospitality and putting up with my hairbrained posts all these years gone by. Thank you TM, I'll miss this place and everyone who made it special!

And it's great to hear from Tk!


Me, too, Rocco. And I hope he's well.


Thanks, Clarice, for all that you do. And thanks to all the JOMers who have created an amazing community. Thanks to TM for making it all happen.


Direct Messages's last week:

Tuesday by sbw to TM: “During the current quietude at JOM, I wonder if it might be time to thank you for your past efforts. You managed to connect an incredibly diverse and fine group of people that otherwise might never have met.”

Thursday reply by TM: “Well thanks very much. I seem to be doing a cold-turkey withdrawal from Twitter as well as blogging and reading the news. Kind of relaxing. I have no idea if this is a long-term thing, however.”

Thursday reply by sbw: “Good idea to break from time to time. Therapeutic. Do take care and check in whenever you feel like it.”

Dave (in MA)
    Is this going to be a Birther thread?
A Brady thread.

If you get lonely when you are left out in the cold for days on end as news breaks all around, JOM2 awaits.

jamesd at elevendayempire dot com is who lets you in.

If you are having any problems navigating the site when you first arrive, post them here and I am certain plenty of help will be available to get you onboard.

James D.

What anonamom said. Email me at jamesd at elevendayempire dot com and I’ll help you get set up at JOM2.

There is a registration process but I get 25 bots trying to join every day so it’s easier to email me to set you up on the site.


Thank you Amom and James D. I'll try again.


Yes, pls come to JOM2!
And thanks to TM for starting things off ... and paying all the bills. Who knows? He may be back.


I also thank TM for his many years of hosting us rabble. Good times…

jim nj

World's oldest Hebrew Bible could fetch $50 million at auction

The Codex Sassoon, dating to the late 9th to early 10th, is believed to be the earliest and most complete Hebrew Bible.

Apparently no known Hebrew Bible exists in between this manuscript book form and the earlier Dead Sea scrolls.

jim nj

Bing: “I will not harm you unless you harm me first”

Absolutely hilarious satire on the new AI Bing Chat or is it real reporting? Is anyone else reporting on this? Well, yeah:

What's Up With Bing's New AI Chat, And Why Are People Saying It's 'Unhinged'?


Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered Bing argues with users, reveals confidential information
Bing Chat is off to a rocky start in its limited preview period.

So we've got all these people Turing testing the new AIs and I have to wonder if we should posit a new test if the AI passes - can you then logically argue it to kill itself?

What would happen if you were to pit a seemingly sentient AI against a homicidal psychopath?


jim,nj:I have no intention of stealing this site from T M and running it in his absence, but I and a number of regulars were baffled by its apparent hibernation and , unable to reach the owner, sought an explanation. SBw has kindly provided it.


Thank you, Clarice!

Thanks also to SBW, anonamom and James D. I will try to access JOM2. I miss all of you!

And many, many thanks to you TM!!! JOM is a special site, with a family of friends thanks to you. I do enjoy your essays and appreciate all the work that goes into them. You’re part of this family as well and I so hope to hear from you again!
All the best, Barbara


One reporter asked Biden if he’s compromised by his family’s corrupt business dealings with China.

“Come on, man!” Biden said to the reporter.

Strawman Cometh

Best ad in the Super bowl, Raleigh plumbers:


Massachusetts Lawmakers Propose Reducing Sentences for Inmates Who Provide Bone Marrow or Organs
.. perhaps we could require all politicians to donate an organ in order to be elected. Could serve as a replacement for 'term limits' .. they only have so many organs.

Dave (in MA)
  • Funny!
  • I don't remember seeing it.
  • There were 5 second Super Bowl ads?

U. Richmond School of Law’s Namesake Descendant Demands Return of $3.6 Billion Donations After ‘Woke’ Name Change

Williams was a wealthy 19th-century businessman who owned tobacco companies, a graduate, and trustee of the University of Richmond.
William’s family donated $25,000 to fund the law school following his death.
However, despite Williams’s estate regularly donating to the university, the T.C. Williams School of Law was stripped of its name.
“The university’s endowment is $ 3.3 billion. Since you and your activists went out of your way to discredit the Williams name, and since presumably the Williams family’s money is tainted, demonstrate your ‘virtue’ and give it all back.”


I've been hanging around here about 15 years or so.

I'm happy to see the boss take a little time off.

Thanks Tom!


the ouroboros should be the state symbol



well thats a given https://www.eugyppius.com/p/whether-hygiene-insanity-has-displaced


oh never mind then





There Is No ‘Trumpism’ Without Trump
by Gavin Wax
Feb 19, 2023

"Accepting Trumpism without Trump, succumbing to the controlled opposition propaganda, and going quietly into the night with America First is a national suicide pact. In essence, there is no turning back. The war is already on. The escalations are too much to ignore. We are in an existential fight for our society, our values, our civilization, and our very reality. We will rise and fall with this man..."


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