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Let me be the first to congratulate you on the new blog. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.



Russert/NBC may have overstepped
making her enemy - don't you think
she has access to lots of gossip-
wonder it Libby's lawyers will
want to call her.

They wanted a circus - they are going to get one - only not the
people they wanted wearing the clown noses!


NBC News refuse to publish its ethical guidelines, claiming that they are an internal document?)

Look, I know NBC News and Russert would much prefer to debate hoary charges against me rather than the real issues at hand. So let me remind them what those issues are.Russert refuses to come clean with his audience about his role in Plamegate. He is a participant. He was interviewed under oath by Fitzgerald. But he continued to report on Plamegate as if he were a disinterested observer rather than a major player. And he still refuses to come clean and explain why he fought to keep from testifying in front of the Plamegate grand jury about his fateful chat with Scooter Libby -- even after Libby signed a waiver allowing him to do so.Plamegate is the perfect segue to another unanswered question. How can someone with these ethical issues go and speak on ethics in the media, as Russert is about to do at Ripon College in Wisconsin next Thursday? And why is NBC refusing to disclose what his speaking fee is?

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Tom Maguire

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

A groan would probably be about right. But I do want a place to organize this stuff.

James Malcolm

I read all the Libby stuff and still can't figure it out. The press reports that the judge claims he doesn't know whether or not Plame was "covert" (I mean in the sense that it would be illegal to out her). If she wasn't "covert" what was a Prosecutor doing calling a Grand Jury and collecting sworn testimony. How can a prosecutor interrogate people for the hell of it without alleging that a crime was committed. I think we have a phony witch hunt here. And then of course we see endless examples of selective memory and selective memory failures.
This is a crooked trial and I am beginning to wonder about the honesty of both the Judge and the Prosecutor.
Thank you, Jim Malcolm

John Evans

Valerie Plame was a covert agent. This has been confirmed. Not only was she outed so was Brewster Jennings, her cover company, which in turn outed any other agent that used that company as a cover. She was involved in WMD Intel and this set us back. This was the administration abusing power and covering up the lies they were using to sell a War for profit. The media would like you to think this is not a big deal. It is called treason.

C. Bowers

Valerie Plame was ONCE upon a time a covert agent who was outed by her husband Joe as part of a Democrat Party scheme aimed at hurting the Administration. She was involved in WMD Intel and that is why we had such crappy intel. It set us back. The media were a part of the plot. Kristof was a part of the early scheme planning with Wilson. All the lefty press hacks are lying on this. Treason is rampant in the MSM and Democrat Party nowadays. They all need to get over Florida 2000 and realize we are at war in a fight for our lives. United we stand - divided we fall. Time to get on board with the leader WE as a nation elected to President and Comander in Chief. If they had been supporting him all along we would have finished up in Iraq by now and Iran would be contained.


Don't forget that it was David Corn, not Novak, who made it public that Plame was covert (if she really was).

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