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March 08, 2004


Glen Reynolds

I’ve been linking to scores of cheap accusations against Kerry, and my pal Mickey (I’m a Democrat) Kaus, is doing his part, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve linked to Naders donation page, and Mickeys endless slagging of Long John, yet Kerry seems to be getting stronger….hmmm….

What is happening to my omnipotent blog? I used to refer to myself as the NYTimes of blogs (heh), but now I’ve become just another smug hypocrite, slipping into yesterday. I’m a Kingmaker I tell you, a Libertarian, and a law professor no less. Someone rather snarkily put it that my 15 minutes are almost up, and that a win by Kerry will show what little influence I actually have.

Never mind record federal deficits, incompetent economic leadership, Halliburton gouging us in Iraq, blocking stem cell research, or John Ashcrofts Gestapo. Didn’t you see my breathless links to Drudge and the intern stories? Ralph Nader, bigger and better? Flip flops & waffles? I’ve got the goods… hear me roar!!!
Heh indeed.


Oh my! When did John Ashcroft get a 'Gestapo'? The problem with mindless left wing blather like the above comment is that it is not grounded sufficiently in reality that it is completely unpersuasive. You hurt your cause through your own ignorance.

But Back to Kerry's flip flopping. It is not just the flip flops. He has major substantive problems with the current version of his opinion on most issues. Chief among them is his waffling on Iraq. Failure to recognize that moderate voters see security as an issue and to address his Senatorial record of voting against weapons systems and against CIA funding is going to hurt him. He needs to do more than chant his Vietnam mantra. He needs to reasure voters that his record does not represent his current positions. Honestly saying he was wrong when he cast those votes would be a great start!

I think you nail him in his weakest area when you describe him being willing to bend to whoever is pressuring him. His position on issues is not nuanced, it is merely parroting back whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear. This is not leadership on issues, it is politics at its worse. Whatever special interest group gets to him last, has his support.

Was this the best we could do?


Just curious - are you trying to split the Democratic base, or are you trying to appeal to the undecided independent? Lets face it - the Democratic base is more diverse than the Republican base, but this divide and conquer strategy seems to keep missing the note by a half step - its either too sharp or too flat. The strong melody that I keep hearing is the unease about jobs and the economy, and, despite unhesitating support for our troops, the sense that the administration isn't quite sure what it is doing about the war in Iraq or on terror outside of Iraq. The VRWC “Vast right-wing conspiracy :)” seems opportunistic, but clumsy.

"If this wont work, lets try that."

"No? Well how about this?

"I think the first one may have worked better."

"How about we try something completely different?"

“I know, he’s a liberal!

No, he’s a waffler!

No he’s a friend of Jane Fonda!


I always thought Rove was a better choirmaster than this.


I've never figured out why any particular campaign manager for a winning Presidential candidate should become a "big brain" just because his candidate won, let alone Karl Rove. Since one of the two *had* to win, maybe the manager of the winner was just less dumb than the other guy.

Sports Bar

"I’ve been linking to scores of cheap accusations against Kerry, and my pal Mickey (I’m a Democrat) Kaus, is doing his part, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve linked to Naders donation page, and Mickeys endless slagging of Long John, yet Kerry seems to be getting stronger….hmmm…."--Glen Reynolds

Have you really changed the spelling of your name or has some desperate Kerry groupie attempted a really lame spoof? Heh.

Alan Furman

John Kerry reminds me of the love ballad from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "You are my everything/You're everywhere."

For the next eight months I am going to hear that replaying in my mind, over and over and over...

Glenn Reynolds with two ns

Sports Bar:

Desperate and lame, I'm afraid. It's not me.

Steve Smith

Puzzling links? Is that an insult?


"Puzzling links" could be taken as an insult to Blogger, I suppose - the perma-link to your specific post didn't seem to work properly, which is a problem I see a lot with Blogger (I say that as a recovering Blogspot user).


I don't think the JOBS issue is nearly as big an issue as a bunch of wishful Democrats would dearly like it to be. (5.6 unemployment rate was the rate during the first-term Clinton Admin.) The rate is like to be even lower by November (5.1 - 5.2% at its current rate of improvement) Basically the economy is improving rather rapidly from the recession and doom looms on the Democrat horizon in November. I know many Dems are wringing their hands over this economic improvement, just as they were wringing their hands over the steady improvement in Iraq.

You need to keep whining about jobs lost three years ago but you will running against the economy in November not the economy last year or two years ago. You will be running against the Iraq that exists in November not the Iraq that existed a year ago. Running on issues that do not exist has never been the ticket to victory.

steve kitchens

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